Said YES to your calling and have taken inspired action to cultivate your gifts.

Have decided to take radical responsibility for your life and make your dreams happen.

Know deep in your soul you’re here to be of service and make a positive impact.


And watch out babe, because you're just getting started!



Maybe you’ve been trying for years to start your business but you’ve been making little to no money (so it’s become an expensive hobby).


Or what used to light you up is now totally draining and exhausting, and you know something needs to shift before you quit everything.


Or maybe you’ve been binging trainings and certifications for years, but you haven’t quite done anything with them, but now you’re done with staying safe as a student and ready to step into leadership.


Wherever you’re at in your entrepreneurial  journey, you know you’ve been holding back, but now you’ve made the decision that your dreams are freakin’ happening!

And love, this is SO possible!! Your business gets to be exactly how you want it.


Because let's be honest, if you knew how to transform this you'd already be at the next level.


So what's blocking you?


Here's what I see most often...

Sound familiar? I get it… I’ve so been there myself.


My guess is no… so let’s talk about how you can step forward.


Because you wouldn't be here if you didn’t have what it takes.


You’re ready to stop living your life for everyone else, and do what it takes to transform your limitations and powerfully put your soul work out there!


And you’re in the right spot, this is EXACTLY what my work is all about.



This is a 90 day deep dive program to help you start the business of your dreams from ALIGNMENT instead of hustle.



I created this 1:1 support system to help creative entrepreneurs like you transform fear, uncertainty and self-doubt into unshakable confidence and easeful income.


So that you can share your gifts, get paid for who you really are, and live a life of freedom that’s fulfilling AF


 You were crystal clear on your message, offerings and branding

 You knew what you do and who you serve so that marketing came naturally

 You were easily attracting soul mate clients and customers through energetics and magnetism

 You had an amazing money mindset that felt easy and fun and like you just got paid to be YOU daily

 You had a simple system, strategy and structure that felt good and didn’t drain you

 You didn't have to sacrifice self-care, family, relationships or fun to be successful

 You grew a community and audience that absolutely adores you and loves to pay you

 You always knew what actions to take next so your business felt fun, in flow and easeful

 You had an experienced guide to support your in your deep inner healing work while you put yourself out there


This is what Launch Your Aligned Business is all about!


This program is about empowering the Divine Feminine AND Divine Masculine in business. And growing something that feels sustainable and freakin’ awesome!


It’s about transforming your energy FIRST and honouring alignment over hustle, so that you can FEEL how you want to feel NOW, which manifests miracles, quantum leaps and income.


This isn’t about 10 steps you “must take” because the marketing “gurus” or I said so. It’s about empowering your intuition to  guide you while you create a vehicle to express your soul’s work, then watch as the Universe pays you.


It's soul healing, manifesting and mindset PLUS inspired action, systems and strategies... that's where the magic happens!


And inside this coaching container you’ll get just that, completely custom and tailored to where you’re at and what you need the most support with.


Are you ready to say YES to your true calling?



"When I saw Amy I was feeling really stuck around who I want to be serving as well as being visible on social media. Most coaches would say, just get over it and just put yourself out there!

 Amy’s methodology and approach to being a successful entrepreneur pays reverence to the fact that tending to one’s internal game is just as important as external action.

The powerful inner work that I did with Amy helped to illuminate and release the patterns that were keeping me stuck. After our time together, I feel SO much more free to create content and reach my ideal clients! 

I would recommend Amy to any conscious entrepreneur who is ready to overcome the internal challenges that are stopping them from unapologetically expressing themselves in the world."

– Stacy Michelle, Sex and Intimacy Coach

"I've been working towards opeing Unpacked Shopping with my Higher Self in the driver's seat (so to speak) and it is feeling like the easiest, most fun, creative and blissful expereince EVER!!! Of course there are challenges and a lot to do, but I'm in such deep flow and trusting myself completely, so it hasn't felt challenging or stressful at all.

The is beyond what I thought was possible and without Amy's support, example and help, I think I would be feeling super overwhelmed with all of this. I'm just so grateful for her and all that she's taught me. Thank you!"

– Britannia Willes, Founder of Unpacked Shopping

"I started having sessions with Amy after walking away from my ‘dream’ profession as a tarot reader, and feeling completely lost.

Everything, including my identity, was completely crumbling away from my life. I felt drained, emotionally blocked and detached from what I thought was my destiny.

She was so intuitive with my process of self discovery, and asked me questions that made me look at my situation in a completely different way. 

Even just after a few sessions, I left feeling more connected to myself, confident in what I truly wanted and where I dream to go next.

I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone who is currently feeling lost or disconnected from themselves or their life purpose. You already know the answers within, and during these sessions Amy provides you the key that opens that door.” 

– Haley Jane, Life Coach


Specialized coaching helps you transform inner blocks and embody the next level version of YOU now.


Creating an aligned action plan from your higher guidance that feels good, in flow and energizing.


You'll get custom support on what tools, tech, templates and systems I use to make online business feel easier.

This program is so much more than just how many sessions you get.  It’s a full energetic container to help you uplevel your identity which will transform how you show up in the world through your EMBODIMENT.


Plus you’ll also have a soul-led biz guide who’s cheering you on so you don't have to feel alone in this journey.


There’s nothing more powerful than tailored 1:1 support. How many times have you taken a group program or online course and felt like you lost momentum or didn’t find the clarity you were looking for on your own?


They’ll be none of that here. I'm sooo hands on that you won’t stay stuck for long!


What is it worth to you to have the confidence and clarity you need to launch your soul-led business ASAP, so you can get paid now waaaaay before the 90 days are finished?


That's the transformation you're investing in!


But since you asked, here's how it's all laid out 😊...


11 - 60 min coaching calls plus 1 - 30 min Completion Call (12 calls in total). This is your time to ask questions, transform blocks, find clarity and get feedback.


You'll be given foundational energy practices to do throughout our time together, plus personalized homeplay that relates to what comes up in our sessions.


You get crystal clear on what your next steps are and be accountable to commit to what you want to do before our next coaching call.


You'll have unlimited access to me via email and Whatsaap for questions, guidance and feedback. I also send follow up notes from each session and an audio recording.

Sound like the support you’ve been calling in?!


Now’s the time to take action!


Have questions? Then apply now and we'll jump on a FREE call to see if we’re a good fit!


During these powerful call you're going to:


 Get super clear on EXACTLY what your Big vision and dream business (and life!) looks like.

 Uncover the hidden blocks stopping you from getting paid easily, and putting yourself out there.

 Discover a plan of action to close the gap on where you are to where you want to be.


And if it feels aligned I'll share the next steps you can take to enroll in the program (there's zero pressure though!).


I'm so excited to connect!



"Amy is an intuitive, deeply caring powerhouse who has been walking the walk ever since I’ve known her.  She has the kind of trustable compassion that is hard-won, and she is a deep well of embodied wisdom. I have seen her face into her challenges head on, over and over, and bring that same kind of love and commitment to her private clients."

- Jordan Gray

Sex & Relationship Coach, Jordan Gray Consulting

"Amy is an incredibly talented healer.  Her ability to guide her clients into the deepest place of vulnerability while holding a strong stance of pure love is exceptional. I’ve never felt such safety in my body as she guided me through healing modalities that helped me heal my inner child.  I’m forever grateful for her brilliance and her support in my transformation." 

- Samantha Skelly

Entrepreneur & Emotional Eating Expert, Founder of Hungry For Happiness and Pause Breathwork

"I was getting overwhelmed with my work and working with her really helped me to recenter and find answers.

I was drawn to working with her and I’m happy I trusted my intuition. It was exactly what I needed.

I would definitely recommend working with her if you want to transform your life and business!"

- Nina Luka

Psychologist + Sex, Love & Relationship Coach





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