Right now the world needs A LOT of help. And I know as a creative, coach or visionary leader that your message, your service, and your gifts can make a HUGE impact to help transform the suffering on this planet.

Not only that, but YOU deserve to live a life of freedom, abundance and fulfillment. 

This is what I can help you with. I help soul-led entrepreneurs, just like you, find radical clarity and confidence.

I offer branding and website consulting through Kajabi to get everything you need set up FAST. This means your email list, web hosting, brand visuals, payment systems, and course platform in ONE. So that you can skip the tech and design headache, and just stay in your zone of genius teaching, coaching and creating content.

And if you're struggling with the fear of being seen, overwhelm, and feeling not enough? Well then that's where my coaching work comes in. As a trained women's empowerment coach I'll help you master the inner game that you need to show up as the Soulful Boss version of you who's here to lead.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to take your gifts and share them with the world!

So that you can get paid now, doing what you love, and live a life a freedom that's fulling AF!


To learn how, let's jump on a FREE Soulful Strategy Call.


"When I saw Amy I was feeling really stuck around who I want to be serving as well as being visible on social media. Most coaches would say, just get over it and just put yourself out there!

 Amy’s methodology and approach to being a successful entrepreneur pays reverence to the fact that tending to one’s internal game is just as important as external action.

The powerful inner work that I did with Amy helped to illuminate and release the patterns that were keeping me stuck. After our time together, I feel SO much more free to create content and reach my ideal clients! 

I would recommend Amy to any conscious entrepreneur who is ready to overcome the internal challenges that are stopping them from unapologetically expressing themselves in the world."

– Stacy Michelle, Sex and Intimacy Coach

"I've been working towards opeing Unpacked Shopping with my Higher Self in the driver's seat (so to speak) and it is feeling like the easiest, most fun, creative and blissful expereince EVER!!! Of course there are challenges and a lot to do, but I'm in such deep flow and trusting myself completely, so it hasn't felt challenging or stressful at all.

The is beyond what I thought was possible and without Amy's support, example and help, I think I would be feeling super overwhelmed with all of this. I'm just so grateful for her and all that she's taught me. Thank you!"

– Britannia Willes, Founder of Unpacked Shopping

"I started having sessions with Amy after walking away from my ‘dream’ profession as a tarot reader, and feeling completely lost.

Everything, including my identity, was completely crumbling away from my life. I felt drained, emotionally blocked and detached from what I thought was my destiny.

She was so intuitive with my process of self discovery, and asked me questions that made me look at my situation in a completely different way. 

Even just after a few sessions, I left feeling more connected to myself, confident in what I truly wanted and where I dream to go next.

I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone who is currently feeling lost or disconnected from themselves or their life purpose. You already know the answers within, and during these sessions Amy provides you the key that opens that door.” 

– Haley Jane, Life Coach

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