Are you a creative, coach, healer or soul-led entrepreneur that wants to create a personal brand that looks and feels like you?


🤩So you can stand out online?

💥Attract AMAZING soul mate clients within seconds?

🌈And easily sell higher priced products, services and offerings?


Then babe, you're in the right place!

But so far, visual branding hasn't been that easy for you...


 You've wasted tons of time messin' around with colour palettes and fonts, only it never looks good. 


 You have no clue how to make your photos look consistent.


 You want variety in your posts, but when you try to add in different fonts and filters it looks amateur and there's zero coherence anymore.


 So you end up going with a simple black font on a white background because you don't know what you're doing... and it looks boring and blends in with everyone else.


And babe, I get the frustration!


Hey, I'm Amy - a Copywriter & Personal Brand Consultant.


 I created this course because I get it.


I started blogging about personal development back in 2015, (even before we had Canva and all that!) and let me tell you somethin'… as a creative fresh out of college I did NOT have $1,000-$50,000 kickin' around to invest in professional brand consulting and graphic designer!


So I had to learn to do it myself.

(Everything you see on my site is my own work)


Luckily, I had some schooling on it. I graduated at the top of my class in Fashion Business and Creative Arts, which focused on teaching us a lot about the art and science of packaging an offering and creating a brand around it.


But I was never really the techy-type girl. 


I knew I didn’t want to learn the depths of Photoshop, Illustrator or Lightroom to make things look good.


But now there’s TONS of simple editing apps out there that make branding SO much easier, without having to be an expert designer or super tech wizard.


Even if right now you don't believe it can be easy for you because you've wasted SO much time fiddling around, and you're on the verge of spending thousands of dollars to hire it out, let me tell you - you CAN do it yourself and have it be easy and look incredible.

I've had student after student claim they "sucked at design and tech" go through the course and be AMAZED by their own results and how easy it was.


I’ve created a process that's so simple to set up your brand basics, that even the most design-challenged people can follow it and see massive results!


So if you like what you see in my branding, I’ll be teaching you the EXACT steps I go through anytime I’m starting from scratch (and what I teach my private clients).


Plus l'll be giving you the inside scoop on all my favourite apps, tools and shortcuts.


(And I promise to keep it as simple, yet thorough, as possible. DIY branding doesn’t have to be complicated to look amazing.).


Sound like a skill set you're looking to learn?


"I LOVED Uplevel Your Brand so much, where to even begin!!

For the longest time, I felt frustrated and inadequate about all things branding and design. I always thought I was just “bad” at the visual side of things, period. I had no idea where to start with putting together a visual identity that 100% felt like me. The worst part about it was that it would hold me back from posting content and sharing my message. I have so much to say, but the graphics were always a huge bottleneck. I would literally spend hours messing around with quote templates, photo filters, and color palettes, but I was never really able to turn it into something cohesive.

When I saw Amy’s branding, I just fell in love with it, and 100% thought she was either a pro designer or hired one. In this course, she revealed every single step of how to create your own branding from scratch, and how she did it as well. The way she explained everything made it SO simple for me, and it was a huge relief that I didn’t have to become a Photoshop Pro at all. I now have a real brand identity and visual style incl. colors, fonts, logos, photo filters, etc. that totally feel like me. And I’m SO excited that I was able to do that myself with simple tools.

I feel like this course saved me a lot of time and money because I now no longer have to fiddle with this stuff for hours when I have something to share or offer. It's a great feeling! The course is both deep and super practical, as she helps you to dive into your core message and offerings (the essence of your soul work) PLUS shows you how to use all the tools you need to translate that into a coherent visual style. This was honestly the most FUN program I’ve ever done, I was looking forward to the content every week. Thank you so much Amy!"


Anja Eve- Singer, Songwriter, Producer


“Uplevel your brand is a super delightful course that makes creating a personal brand easy.

I was able to take my brand from looking super meh to super sparkly without pulling my hair out and trying to figure out the tech (which I’m not great at).

There were things that I learned in this course that I had never thought of, noticed or appreciated before about brand aesthetic. I’m so grateful for this knowledge because I certainly wasn’t figuring it out on my own and I didn’t have money to get someone else to do it for me.

I now really enjoy creating designs for my brand (I do so with ease) and I’m in love with how my website and social feeds look.

Plus Amy is such a gem. It’s clear she really loves teaching the material. Her clear guidance and creative genius make this course a no brainer!”


Kristin Wright - Love + Intimacy Coach



Upleveled Brand Results




Client Attraction Results

(Below are screenshots from intake forms that resulted in signing up new clients or students)



◉ You could MAGNETIZE soul mate clients within seconds of seeing your work.

You were saving hours a week because you didn’t have to design something from scratch every time you had an inspired idea to share.

You attracted a larger audience because people often said they loved your vibe and just felt drawn to your energy.

◉ You were able to charge more as a premium brand.

◉ You could build trust (and more sales) because your social platforms were cohesive, authentic, and super recognizable!  

 ◉ You no longer felt embarrassed to share your work and instead you felt excited to promote your business!


Sound amazing or what? That's the power of incredible branding! 


And I want to help you create just that...



Biz Foundations

Get clear on your brand’s core message, values, offers and soul mate client, so that you can you can attract the right people to serve who love to buy from you.


Learn the basics of editing, filters, and stock images. Plus how to prepare for photoshoots. So that you can make the best first impression and draw people to you.


Discover the transformative power of colour psychology, and create an emotional experience with your brand's palette that will impact your soul mate people instantly.


Learn the basics of font psychology and how to pair them in a way that looks professional and not too busy, so that you can communicate your message and reach more people.


Create consistency across all platforms and charge more with professional visuals. Plus you'll create a simple logo, brand style guide, and template bank that saves you time while designing.


Tired of Instagram embarrassment?  I'll teach you the simple tech tools, layouts strategies, and systems I use to plan my feed. Plus how to optimize your page for more soulmate followers.




"I had been struggling with branding for a few years. Seriously, I had “website embarrassment” AND I knew that my true essence was NOT showing up there. Nor on social media. 

To make things worse, I felt that I “wasn’t techie”. And wasted hundreds of hours trying to design things only to feel SO frustrated that I wanted to throw my laptop out the window and cry😭

And brand colours/visuals? I searched in vain, desperate to come up with the missing pieces. I finally settled on a few elements but knew in my gut that something was STILL missing.

When I came across Amy, I was immediately SPELLBOUND by her brand and energy. I devoured her emails, her Instagram, website and free offers.⭐ (I was on her like white on rice)

Then one day, I had ENOUGH. I was like “No more suffering! I’m buying the Uplevel Your Brand course now”.  Even though I had previously said to myself “No more courses!” 😂

I dove into the lessons immediately and consumed them rapidly. The very first module was the foundational and fun work which I recognized was VITAL in creating a brand that goes WAY beyond just colours. Amy brought to my attention many important aspects that, quite frankly, are missing from other branding courses👍🏽

The videos were clearly made with love and expert instruction. They were also mostly very short videos which supported the viewer into taking action - without feeling stressed out. I was BLOWN away by what Amy covered in Uplevel Your Brand! She literally shows how to do everything. And I mean EVERYTHING💯

Self-belief about what was possible for me in terms of branding and conveying my true essence skyrocketed :)

That I could actually have a brand that showed my vibe and would have my soulmate clients KNOW instantly they were in the right place immediately. 

Everything FEELS so much easier now and looks so much better. It’s a work in progress and I can’t wait to reveal it all in a few weeks. If I had to choose a few words to describe this course, they would be: a freaking MASTERPIECE. And the result? 100% fully satisfied. Thank you Amy!"

Melissa Audrey - Dating + Love Coach




"I have worked privately with Amy, as well as have had her present branding in my programs and wow, she is next level with her wisdom, intuition, and knowledge about branding.

Not only does she have the knowledge, but she combines it with fun, play and lightness that helps you get into your flow and tap into your own inner wisdom. Something that is usually VERY overwhelming for me, became fun and I am IN LOVE with my branding and website.

She helped me own my branding unapologetically and created branding that so many people have complimented me on and then went on to work with her.

My inbox was flooded asking people who my branding gal was.

So many of my students were flourishing with their branding and created some amazing things to help their businesses sky-rocket.

I highly recommend Amy and this course as you will learn a lot and have fun doing it."

Brooke Yantzi- Intuitive soul coach & Entrepreneur




 BONUS #1: Six additional pre-recorded Q+A Calls from the last time I taught the course live.


 BONUS #2: Easy plug + play Canva Templates for your Brand BookStyle Guide + over 30 Instagram quotes.

 BONUS #3: The Brand Essence Meditation & the Clearing Limiting Beliefs Around Creativity Meditation. These two potent energy practices will help you get inspired and feel empowered around your abilities.

“I was able to journal 5 pages of inspiration about my brand after listening to the Brand Essence Meditation in this course. It gave me clear insight as to what my brand aesthetic was: colours, imagery, feeling, messaging, etc.... so helpful. If you lack clarity about how you want your brand to look and feel then listen to this meditation right now! Make sure you have a pen and paper handy!” 

- Kristin Wright, Love + Intimacy Coach

To Recap Everything Included...

Six Modules

Broken down into 35 digestible lessons, lectures, and video tutorials to easily create your visual brand step-by-step.

Bonus Q+A Recordings

Six pre-recorded Q+A calls for additional clarity and mindset shifts on pleasurable business and attraction marketing.

Bonus Canva Templates

Easy plug + play Canva templates for your Brand Book, Style Guide, and 30+ Instagram quotes.

Bonus Guided Meditations

Two powerful energy healing practices to get inspired and clear limiting beliefs around your creative abilities.

If you were to hire your full brand identity out, it could cost anywhere from $1,000-$50,000! (Don't believe me? Do a quick Google Search.)


Not to mention our personal brands grow and evolve as we do, so you'll probably want to re-brand every few years, which means paying someone to start from scratch all over again for you (or you could just do it yourself for free with the epic skills you'll learn in this course).


But if you sign up for Uplevel Your Brand it's just $47.


Once you sign up, you'll have instant access to these skills and resources for life, which are INVALUABLE on your entrepreneurial journey.


“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” - Steve Forbes


"I totally recommend this course if you want to put an end to your website woes and branding struggles. And the price is a NO-BRAINER. Seriously Amy you could double the price. What I get in "use value" outweighs what it cost in "cash value". This program MEGA overdelivers.

I KNEW this program was going to rock. But it rocked even more MASSIVELY than I expected. Would I recommend this course to anyone? A THOUSAND times YES!

It's worth way more than what you're charging Amy. WAY WAY more!  I have high standards. I've taken average courses, good courses and I can easily say that this course is an EXCELLENT course. The online entrepreneurial world NEEDS this course."

- Melissa Audrey, Dating + Love Coach


Ready to start creating?


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Pay In Full

$47 USD



  • Training #1: Brand & Business Foundations (value: $333)
  • Training #2: Photos (value: $97)
  • Training #3: Colours (value: $47)
  • Training #4: Fonts  (value: $47)
  • Training #5: Graphics (value: $97)
  • Training #6: Instagram (value: $97)



  • 6x Pre-recorded Q&A Calls (value: $1200)
  • The Instagram Quote Canva Template (value: $27) 
  • Brand Book Canva Template (value: $27) 
  • Brand Stayle Guide Canva Template (value: $27)  
  • Brand Essence Meditation  (value: $22)
  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs Around Creativity Meditation (value: $22) 


Total Value Over $2,000, Yours For Only $47!

YES, I'm ready to uplevel my brand for $47 now!

Pay Over Time

3 x $111 USD


  • 6 Core Training Modules
  • BONUS: 6 Pre-recorded Q+A's Calls
  • BONUS: Canva Templates - Brand Book, Style Guide, and 30+ Instagram quotes.
  • BONUS: Brand Essence Meditation + Clearing Creative Blocks Meditation

The 24-Hour Magical Money Back Guarantee

I get it, sometimes we need to experience something first before we know if it's the right fit.

I have full confidence in the quality and integrity of these trainings, and I want to make sure you feel confident in your purchasing decision too!

That's why I've included a 24-hour money-back guarantee. If you get into the content and realize it's just not for you (for any reason!), please email the team at [email protected] and we'll getcha a full refund pronto.

Amy Meraki is an Intuitive Business Coach + Personal Brand Strategist.

She works with soul-led entrepreneurs and feminine leaders who are struggling with self-doubt, burnout, and confusion and helps them align their energy to feel clear and confident to sell their offers. Plus she teaches them how to create a personal brand, so they can attract soulmate clients with ease. And ultimately make an impact and income doing their soul's work while living free.

For the last decade, she's been speaking, coaching, and teaching on feminine power, and has won top awards in college for marketing + branding.

She left her small town at 21 after being bullied growing up and moved to the city where she created her first successful go-go dancing company. It wasn’t long until she was sharing stages with world-famous talents like Skrillex and Afrojax, and living a life beyond her wildest dreams!

After that phase of her life, she started her current personal brand and coaching practice and has mentored hundreds of women to reclaim their pleasure, power, and purpose.

Now, it’s her mission to support the rise of Divine Feminine Consciousness on the planet, as a new wave of feminine leaders answer The Call. Women who are here to show humanity that there’s another way to live and thrive that doesn’t suck the life force out of us or the planet. A way that honours alignment over hustle, and serves the Highest Good of All.

You can find out more about her coaching, courses, and free content online at www.amymeraki.com.