Client Wins & Reviews

It's been such an honour to support these incredible rockstars! Below you'll get a sense of what's possible for you too.

Client Wins & Reviews

It's been such an honour to support these incredible rockstars! Below you'll get a sense of what's possible for you too.


– Melissa Audrey, Dating + Love Coach for Ambitious Career Women @melissa.audreycoaching



– Kayla Friesen, Food + Body Image Coach for Dancers + Athletes @kaylaafriesen



– Melissa Audrey, Dating + Love Coach for Ambitious Career Women @melissa.audreycoaching


– Kayla Friesen, Food + Body Image Coach for Dancers + Athletes @kaylaafriesen


– Alexandra Mehl, Creative Coach + Writer @alexandramehl


Amy teaches things that many other business coaches shockingly don’t. Things that I had NEVER heard from other high-level programs. 

This resulted in me feeling MORE confident, more at ease, more creative AND allowed me to operate more from what feels good rather than “shoulds” or “should nots”. Those things had me stuck and spinning my wheels for quite some time.

While I’m still a work in progress, the quality of both my entrepreneurial and home life have improved significantly since working with the GIFTED Amy. She genuinely cares about her clients and is VERY generous and transparent with sharing her own evolution👍🏽 This has helped me immensely!

Now the visibility concerns are gone, I create with ease, I LOVE my brand essence and can’t wait to make my comeback on the Interwebs. I absolutely recommend 1-1 Intuitive Coaching with Amy. She’s the BEST!💯

– Melissa Audrey, Dating + Love Coach for Ambitious Career Women @melissa.audreycoaching


"Before coaching with Amy, I was feeling lost with business after experiencing so much information from various business coaches. 

After only a few sessions, Amy was able to guide me back to my truth and my alignment. She showed me that my business could be way more fun, easy and in flow than I ever thought possible. With Amy's help, I was able to:

 Launch a new Instagram with branding I loved.

 Got super clear on who the clients I could serve best were.

◉ Created and sold an offer I was obsessed with (my first group program).

 Finally felt freedom in my business to create from my soul and not put myself in a box.

 Became more empowered than ever in my coaching abilities!

And as a result I became so lit up, that I had all these create ideas come through. I'm so clear about the future of my business. And I couldn't be more grateful!"

– Kayla Friesen, Food + Body Image Coach for Dancers + Athletes @kaylaafriesen


"Working with Amy was one of the most amazing decisions and commitments to myself I have ever decided to make.  I was at a point in my life where I had known for years I wanted to support creatives and intuitives on their journey to empowerment, but I had kept hitting my head up against the same blockages over and over. 

Amy supported me with the embodied work and stepping through fears as I stepped up into my business as well as helping me with tangible structured business things such as launching, copywriting, and website layout. 

By the end of our container, I had fully claimed myself as a mentor, facilitator, and story-weaver, I had moved through so many limiting beliefs, pain, and shame that had been holding me back from my fullest most embodied leader, I created two of my major offerings, I did my first program launch, and created a website I was deeply proud of.

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking to see a huge transformation in their business and the way they show up as creative leaders."

– Alexandra Mehl, Mentor + Story-weaver for Creatives @alexandrakmehl


"I've been working towards creating my business with my Higher Self in the driver's seat (so to speak) and it is feeling like the easiest, most fun, creative and blissful experience EVER!!! Of course there are challenges and a lot to do, but I'm in such deep flow and trusting myself completely, so it hasn't felt challenging or stressful at all.

The is beyond what I thought was possible and without Amy's support, example and help, I think I would be feeling super overwhelmed with all of this. I'm just so grateful for her and all that she's taught me. Thank you!"

– Britannia Willes, Writer



– Kaitlyn Sherry, Breathwork + Body Love Coach for Health Conscious Women @kaitlynsherry_



– Kaitlyn Sherry, Breathwork + Body Love Coach for Health Conscious Women @kaitlynsherry_


– Luan Jardine, FB Ads Specialist for Changermakers @luanjardine


"After the session I really felt this energetic shift and deeper level of trust, like "of course I get to make money from my music and it gets to be easy. Duh!"

Literally just now I got an email that a total stranger bought my EP. That hadn't happened for a long time! How wild that this happened right after the session. But it makes total sense as well! Universe be like: "HEYYYYY great, you're available for it now! Here's some money." Haha!

Really cool!"

– Anja Eve, Singer + Songwriter + Producer



“Amy is so gifted at what she does. I love her work & in the short time I’ve worked with her she simplified my branding so easily. I’m so grateful to have come across her work and would absolutely recommend her to any female entrepreneur looking to dial in their message, niche, and branding. Let Amy work her magic & you will love it!"

– Xandrine, Manifestation Coach



"I knew right away that I wanted to work with Amy because I was drawn to her bright, beautiful energy. She is a wonderful coach- not only for my business but also for my life.

She helped me sparkle brighter. She helped me be unapologetically ME. She helped me show up as my true self on social media. She walked me through amazing exercises and asked high-level questions to promote my growth.  She is food for the soul. :)

I loved how Amy’s work is centered around energy & soul. She uses her gifts to help me unleash mine. She helped me grow my business in many ways. I would recommend her to ALL my soul-centered entrepreneurial friends. She is a master at helping people break down the barriers that are holding them back.

Amy’s work is magical and life-changing!"

– Jennifer Neal, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist + Your Virtual Hypegirl @jennifer_neal_


"Working with Amy helped me to get in touch with what I call my $6 million dollar self--the future me who has realized her joyful business empire and is doing work she loves while enjoying all aspects of her life. Through life-changing meditative practices that Amy guided me through, I accessed my highest self, her big dreams (even those I didn't realize I had), and the confidence to realize them. (We also went into the dark spaces when needed to heal my inner child and set me free from toxic belief systems.)

All creation begins at the vibrational level with thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, and I have no doubt that together Amy and I birthed my 6 million dollar self in vibrational form. Now I am having fun, every step of the journey, turning energy into form and vibration into reality as I work and play at my business. I am about to launch a beautiful jewelry line, which I never would have thought possible, and I know that this is just the beginning of the inspiring lifestyle brand I am creating at the Soulful Living Project to help women connect to their souls and live their best lives. Thank you, Amy, for the gift of believing in me, my soul's wisdom, and all I am capable of creating. I feel my power fully now and am enjoying experiencing my life and business from this high-flying place!"

– Suzanne Bellavista, CEO + Founder of the Soulful Living Project,


What does working with me look like?

I offer both Intuitive Business Coaching (inner energetic alignment) + marketing consulting as a Personal Brand Strategist (outer actions)

My work can help you lay your brand foundations, sell your offers from flow, AND release your inner energetic blocks to success.

Here are some of the things that we can focus on if we decide to work together:

Emotional Healing & Mindset



 Transform visibility fears + show up and be seen.

 Heal self-doubt + radically trust yourself + the Universe.

 Let go of limiting beliefs and attract more abundance.

 Focus your energy if you feel scattered or overwhelmed.

 Get back into flow and overcome creative blocks.

 Overcome comparison, perfectionism, and overthinking.

 Connect to your intuition, body and soul to find clarity.

 Set boundaries and balance masculine/feminine energies.

 Feel like an empowered, capable, heart-centered leader.

Systems & Structure



ᐉ Get clear on your niche and ideal client.

ᐉ Clarify your brand messaging.

ᐉ Develop your own consistent content plan.

 Design your brand identity + website.

 Map out your offer suite + client journey.

ᐉ Create a sales process (including funnels & automation).

 Create a lead magnet/opt-in to grow your email list.

 Plan out your launch content.

 Write copy for social media, emails, and sales pages.



*Above is a general guideline and intention of what we could focus on, and not an exact curriculum.


The beauty of personalized 1:1 coaching is that every step of the journey will meet you where you're at, and be custom-tailored to what you need.

My style of coaching is a mix between inner work (feminine embodiment) AND outer actions (masculine strategy).

In some sessions, we'll focus on energetic healing (meaning looking at emotions, limiting beliefs, and identity). Some techniques I use are inner child work, shadow work, energy healing, parts integration therapy, and somatic coaching.

Other sessions will be more marketing and strategy-focused. Where we'll map out your branding, offers, messaging, ideal client, copywriting, selling, and so on.

It all depends on what's needed in the moment to support you in moving forward.

I can be gentle and playful when needed, but I can also spit some no-BS feedback + direct truth too. I tune into my intuition to sense what's needed at the moment. 😘

But remember I am here to serve YOU. This is a co-creative partnership and you get to give me feedback on what kind of support you like too.



Get in touch today, and I’ll get back to you within 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday PST).