For soulpreneurs who are tired of holding themselves back and are ready to be seen.

* Limited spots available starting January 2022*



For soulpreneurs who are tired of holding themselves back and are ready to be seen.

* Limited spots available starting January 2022*


Apply by Dec. 31st, 2021 to secure your spot.









As a female spiritual entrepreneur, you’ve decided...


To step more fully into your purpose + creative calling.

You’re ready to make a bigger impact and income by sharing your gifts + owning your magic.

You’re sick and tired of your bullshit and holding yourself back. 

And you’ve decided that NOW is the time to go all in on your dreams and get the support you want.


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You can feel that you’re destined for more, and you know the power lives within you to claim it now and become unstoppable. 

You dream of...

 Expanding your income and having money be easy.

Creating true positive change in people’s lives.

Feeling at ease and in flow while you grow your business with less overwhelm.

Having a business that feels in alignment with your truth + higher purpose.

Being in a state of creative clarity and expressing yourself fully with confidence.

And of course, feeling less stressed and having more FUN while getting paid to be YOU!


And this my love, is waiting for you when you say YES to your true soul desires.


All of this is possible when you trust yourself, take the next inspired action, and leap with faith outside your comfort zone.

But first, let’s look at where you might be getting stuck…

(Because let’s be real, if you already knew “how” to get there, then you wouldn’t be here looking for coaching).


So what’s holding you back from what you're capable of?


Here are some of the most common blocks I see that keep soul-led entrepreneurs stuck and spinning their wheels...


 Unclear direction & disconnection from your big vision & WHY.


Lack of confidence that shows up as not trusting yourself or your decisions.


Overwhelm & giving your power away to external circumstances. 


 Perfectionsm, over-editing, over-planning, over-thinking & feeling like nothing is ever "good enough".


Burnout from hustle culture & working from force, pressure & "should" mentality.

 Fear of being seen & judged, and not showing up as your authentic self (or at all, let's be real).


Limiting beliefs & unconscious parts of you that fear change & want to keep you "safe".


Attachment to outcomes & numbers without acknowledging & celebrating your progress. 


Comparison to your peers & thinking you "should" be further along by now.


Self-doubt & Impostor Syndrome that makes you feel unworthy & insecure.


Are any of these energetic patterns showing up for you?

It’s okay if they are, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.

But opperating from this energy is not going to get you to where you want to be.


Instead, as your coach, I'll invite you to release what's no longer serving you and CHOOSE to embody a new frequency of thoughts, feelings, habits, and behaviours.


I'll guide you to shift your identity and see yourself in a more empowering way.


So you can grow your soul-led brand and business from a more aligned internal state, deeply connected to the truth of who you are as an infinite divine creative being that's motivated by your true soul desires, joy, and love... instead of fear, stress, lack, or anxiety.  


Which is why you’re here.


You’re ready to experience embodied change and pleasurable business that activates your next level of leadership, creativity and wealth, for the highest good of all involved.


And you’re in the right spot! 




*Limited spots available starting January 2022.

I created this coaching program to support conscious creators and leaders like you. 


It’s designed to help you heal from within, align with your vision, and share your gifts in a bigger way because deep down you KNOW you have what it takes and that there’s so much more you could be creating.


This program will help you get there it's where marketing meets manifesting.


You’ll be guided to do the inner work to become an energetic match for what you desire AND have support discovering what’s in alignment for your brand, offers, price points, content, selling, and so on.


It’s a perfect blend of intuitive feminine flow supported by masculine systems, structure, and strategy to support you long term.


No more putting off your business dreams till “one day”, this is your year to rise & shine!





 Getting clear on your big vision so you know exactly where you’re going and it feels doable and exciting!

 Clarifying your messaging and brand positioning so you know exactly what makes you magnetic to attract the most amazing aligned clients.

 Channeling your aligned offers from soul and knowing exactly how to price them and sell them in a way that feels good.

 Creating systems and structures that allow you to get paid and deliver your offers with ease.

 Overcoming your fears and self-doubt and stepping into empowered creation and leadership.

 Attracting magic, miracles, and synchronistic opportunities.

 Infusing more self-care, rest, and pleasure practices into your life so you can give from overflow.

 Getting clear on what lights you up, and letting go of (or outsourcing) the rest.

 Attracting a soul-aligned audience that’s obsessed with your work, loves to pay you, and tells all their family and friends about you!

 Creating multiple income streams and aligned automation for passive income.

 Having a sales process that doesn’t feel slimy or gross (or like you’re bugging people).

 Owning your VOICE and speaking your truth with confidence, conviction, and certainty.

 Rockin’ the spotlight like you were born for it (because deep down you know you were).


That’s what the Superstar Mentorship is about. It’s an energetic container to help you uplevel your confidence, clarity, income and impact!

But it’s up to you to take the next step…

This program is about helping you tune into the wisdom and clarity that already lives within your body and activate your unstoppable confidence and vision that can make anything happen.


It’s a coaching program like no other that includes both inner transformation AND marketing, branding, and selling education.


Over the next 6 months, you’ll work intimately with me to unlock your inner star power and marketing brilliance!


It’s my intention you’ll walk away with entrepreneurial skills you can use for life AND achieve the milestones and service your soul is calling you towards.


Are you ready?


The Superstar Mentorship is by application only.


Limited spots available starting January 2022.




Amy teaches things that many other business coaches shockingly don’t. Things that I had NEVER heard from other high-level programs. 

This resulted in me feeling MORE confident, more at ease, more creative AND allowed me to operate more from what feels good rather than “shoulds” or “should nots”. Those things had me stuck and spinning my wheels for quite some time.

While I’m still a work in progress, the quality of both my entrepreneurial and home life have improved significantly since working with the GIFTED Amy. She genuinely cares about her clients and is VERY generous and transparent with sharing her own evolution👍🏽 This has helped me immensely!

Now the visibility concerns are gone, I create with ease, I LOVE my brand essence and can’t wait to make my comeback on the Interwebs. I absolutely recommend 1-1 Intuitive Coaching with Amy. She’s the BEST!💯

– Melissa Audrey, Dating + Love Coach for Ambitious Career Women @melissa.audreycoaching


"Before coaching with Amy, I was feeling lost with business after experiencing so much information from various business coaches. 

After only a few sessions, Amy was able to guide me back to my truth and my alignment. She showed me that my business could be way more fun, easy and in flow than I ever thought possible. With Amy's help, I was able to:

 Launch a new Instagram with branding I loved.

 Got super clear on who the clients I could serve best were.

◉ Created and sold an offer I was obsessed with (my first group program).

 Finally felt freedom in my business to create from my soul and not put myself in a box.

 Became more empowered than ever in my coaching abilities!

And as a result I became so lit up, that I had all these create ideas come through. I'm so clear about the future of my business. And I couldn't be more grateful!"

– Kayla Friesen, Food + Body Image Coach for Dancers + Athletes @kaylaafriesen


"Working with Amy was one of the most amazing decisions and commitments to myself I have ever decided to make.  I was at a point in my life where I had known for years I wanted to support creatives and intuitives on their journey to empowerment, but I had kept hitting my head up against the same blockages over and over. 

Amy supported me with the embodied work and stepping through fears as I stepped up into my business as well as helping me with tangible structured business things such as launching, copywriting, and website layout. 

By the end of our container, I had fully claimed myself as a mentor, facilitator, and story-weaver, I had moved through so many limiting beliefs, pain, and shame that had been holding me back from my fullest most embodied leader, I created two of my major offerings, I did my first program launch, and created a website I was deeply proud of.

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking to see a huge transformation in their business and the way they show up as creative leaders."

– Alexandra Mehl, Mentor + Story-weaver for Creatives @alexandrakmehl



– Kaitlyn Sherry, Breathwork + Body Love Coach for Health Conscious Women @kaitlynsherry_


– Luan Jardine, FB Ads Specialist for Changermakers @luanjardine


"I've been working towards creating my business with my Higher Self in the driver's seat (so to speak) and it is feeling like the easiest, most fun, creative and blissful experience EVER!!! Of course there are challenges and a lot to do, but I'm in such deep flow and trusting myself completely, so it hasn't felt challenging or stressful at all.

The is beyond what I thought was possible and without Amy's support, example and help, I think I would be feeling super overwhelmed with all of this. I'm just so grateful for her and all that she's taught me. Thank you!"

– Britannia Willes, Writer


"I knew right away that I wanted to work with Amy because I was drawn to her bright, beautiful energy. She is a wonderful coach- not only for my business but also for my life.

She helped me sparkle brighter. She helped me be unapologetically ME. She helped me show up as my true self on social media. She walked me through amazing exercises and asked high-level questions to promote my growth.  She is food for the soul. :)

I loved how Amy’s work is centered around energy & soul. She uses her gifts to help me unleash mine. She helped me grow my business in many ways. I would recommend her to ALL my soul-centered entrepreneurial friends. She is a master at helping people break down the barriers that are holding them back.

Amy’s work is magical and life-changing!"

– Jennifer Neal, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist + Your Virtual Hypegirl @jennifer_neal_


How it works…

I’ll first help you get clear on your big vision and what you truly desire to create in your life and business.


This is your north star. It’s the thing that will pull you forward when times get tough or you feel like giving up.


It’s also the thing that will program your Intuitive GPS system. When you have your big vision, then your subconscious mind will be able to direct you to the actions steps you need to take to make it a reality according to the path of least resistance.


It’s your job to trust the guidance from your soul and higher self. And take the aligned actions you’re called to take during our time together.


And it’s my job to help you connect to your higher guidance and transform the limiting beliefs stopping you from trusting yourself, trusting the process, and allowing yourself to receive.


Plus I can help you put all your creative ideas together with my knowledge of marketing & branding.


What does this look like in a coaching context?


We’ll have 2 different styles of coaching sessions (and some sessions will be a blend of both).


The first type of session is an energetic healing session, which will support you in clearing limiting beliefs and past wounds so you can embody your future self and take action from an empowered place.


The tools I use in this type of session are designed to reprogram your thoughts and subconscious beliefs, heal your inner child, and feel safe and secure in your body and nervous system.


So you feel at ease to play, create, test things out, and show up as ALL of you in your business (which is what makes you magnetic to begin with).


The second type of session we’ll have are strategy sessions


In these sessions, I can help you structure different aspects of your business.


This could look like mapping out your:


 Ideal client.

Brand messaging and positioning. 

Offers + pricing.

Website, landing pages or sales pages layout + copywriting.

 Visual identity.

 Enrollment, selling, and delivery processes.

 And launch schedules.


But it all depends on what you need for the season of business you’re in.


I will meet you where you're at.


Overall we’ll help you set up what you’re selling, where you’re selling it, who you’re selling it to, and how you’re delivering it.


So you feel confident, clear, and empowered in your work and can get it into the hands of more people who need it!


Sound good?



*Limited spots available starting January 2022.

What's included...

This program is so much more than just being supported on 3 calls each month, and having a marketing & manifestation expert in your pocket at all times.


It’s also an active energetic container that will support your life holistically and keep you accountable to your dreams and the woman you're becoming.


The inner work and foundational structures you set up in your business throughout our 6 months together will give you something solid and clear to continue building your business on for years to come.


Plus, you’ll be taught valuable entrepreneurial skills that will support you on your journey like packaging offers, selling, copywriting, and so on.


You’ll be blown away by how much can change in half a year of focus, devotion, and belief in yourself. 


Not only that, but you'll be shocked by how much FUN it can be!


This type of change can’t be measured in the number of calls or resources… It's something to be experienced. 


But since you’re curious about the program structure, here’s how it’s delivered...

Live Sessions (3 per month)

18 x 60 min coaching calls on Zoom (plus 1 x 20 min completion call).

Value: $6105

WhatsApp Coaching

6 months of unlimited text + voice coaching.

Value: $5000

Email Support

Follow-up notes, recordings, and suggested practices + actions.

Value $2496

Personalized Audits

Custom branding, copywriting, and layout feedback on your social media, website, and landing pages.

Value $500

Marketing Templates

Frameworks + structures for sales copy, graphics, content, page layout, and client enrollment.

Value $500


Plus these bonus courses...

Get Paid to be YOU

A 4-part masterclass series that walks you through your biz foundations and teaches you how to launch from flow.

Value $222

Uplevel Your Brand

Clarify your brand identity and foundation, and learn to create gorgeous on-brand graphics with ease.

Value $111



Total Value: $14,934


Actual Price (less than half that): $5000 or 6 x $833


*All Prices in USD. 

Sound like the support you’ve been calling in?


Then I invite you to take action and apply, and you and I can decide together if we're a good fit.


*Limited spots available starting January 2022.











"Amy is an incredibly talented healer.  Her ability to guide her clients into the deepest place of vulnerability while holding a strong stance of pure love is exceptional. I’ve never felt such safety in my body as she guided me through healing modalities that helped me heal my inner child.  I’m forever grateful for her brilliance and her support in my transformation." 

- Samantha Skelly

Entrepreneur & Emotional Eating Expert, Founder of Hungry For Happiness and Pause Breathwork

"I feel that Amy is an exceptional coach and has so much to offer in the way that she supports women - she has something that I  admire greatly  - both depth, playfulness and an oceanic glow."

- Layla Martin

Founder of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

"Amy is an intuitive, deeply caring powerhouse who has been walking the walk ever since I’ve known her.  She has the kind of trustable compassion that is hard-won, and she is a deep well of embodied wisdom. I have seen her face into her challenges head on, over and over, and bring that same kind of love and commitment to her private clients."

- Jordan Gray

Sex & Relationship Coach, Jordan Gray Consulting


Superstar Mentorship

6-months of Private Coaching


For soulpreneurs who are tired of holding themselves back and are ready to be seen.



  • 18 x 60 mins live session over Zoom (value: $5994)
  • 1 x 20 min Completion Call at the end of your package (value: $111)
  • 6 months of unlimited WhatsApp Coaching (value: $5000)
  • Email support- follow up notes, actions steps, recordings, suggested practices (value: $2496)
  • Lifetime access to my signature Uplevel Your Brand course (value: $111)
  • Lifetime access to my signature Masterclass Series Get Paid to be YOU (value: $222) 
  • Marketing templates as needed (value: $500)
  • Personalized audits/feedback (value: $500) 




TOTAL VALUE: $14,934



*All prices are in USD.

*Limited spots available starting January 2022. 

Email [email protected]
Or DM me on Instagram @amymeraki