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Where you'll find epic digital products + courses to help spiritual biz babes like you grow a soul-led brand + business you LOVE and get paid to be YOU.

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Personal Brand Bio Playbook

Communicate your work clearly so you can attract the right people.



Uplevel Your Brand Course

Create a magnetic visual brand that reflects the real YOU.




Take your message and life story, and turn it into magnetic website copywriting!

This in-depth PDF Playbook will teach you how to write your Hook, Mission, Brand Story, Professional Bio, and Brand Bio for your website and marketing. (Templates and examples included!)


Amy Meraki is an Intuitive Business Coach + Personal Brand Strategist.

She works with soul-led entrepreneurs and feminine leaders who are struggling with self-doubt, burnout, and confusion and helps them align their energy to feel clear and confident to sell their offers. Plus she teaches them how to create a personal brand, so they can attract soulmate clients with ease. And ultimately make an impact and income doing their soul's work while living free.

For the last decade, she's been speaking, coaching, and teaching on feminine power, and has won top awards in college for marketing + branding.

She left her small town at 21 after being bullied growing up and moved to the city where she created her first successful go-go dancing company. It wasn’t long until she was sharing stages with world-famous talents like Skrillex and Afrojax, and living a life beyond her wildest dreams!

After that phase of her life, she started her current personal brand and coaching practice and has mentored hundreds of women to reclaim their pleasure, power, and purpose.

Now, it’s her mission to support the rise of Divine Feminine Consciousness on the planet, as a new wave of feminine leaders answer The Call. Women who are here to show humanity that there’s another way to live and thrive that doesn’t suck the life force out of us or the planet. A way that honours alignment over hustle, and serves the Highest Good of All.

You can find out more about her coaching, courses, and free content online at