Get clear on your soul-aligned brand, realign your business model, and make your comeback from pleasure and flow!

3-Month Private Coaching + Brand Strategy Package

Get clear on your soul-aligned brand, realign your business model, and make your comeback from pleasure, ease and flow!


Accepting applications until Thursday, August 22, 2021. at 11:55 PM PST.









As a Soul-led Creator, Coach, or Visionary Leader you...


 Have had some success in business and have tasted what it's like to live and lead from alignment.

 Listen to your own soul for guidance, and take inspired action when you know it's time to make changes.

 Know you're on the path to fulfilling your life purpose, and have some pretty massive life goals that inspire you.


And you're just getting started... you know you're here on this planet to make a real positive impact and change, doing your soul's work, and getting paid to create and live free.

But something feels off.

You're feeling stuck and burntout.

What used to light you up no longer does.


 Maybe you've taken a step back and have been trying to figure out what needs to shift in your brand, message and offers.

 Maybe you've been hiding because you're going through a personal transformation.

 Maybe you're feeling like an impostor and have been doubting your work.

 Maybe you're feeling creatively blocked because you're not sure what you want exactly to focus on.

 Maybe you've fallen out of love with your niche, but don't quite know what the next evolution of your soul work is (or you've been stuck on your niche to begin with).

 Maybe your income has dropped and you're not getting any inspired ideas to create offers on, and you're not sure what you're doing anymore.


You're in a sticky spot. It feels like you're bumping up against a lot of old patterns and fears.


But it's painful to stay still and you know it's time to make a MOVE.



You know it's time to make your comeback.


You're so done with this shit.


You're so done with holding yourself back.


Now is the time to be of service, you can feel it (even if you're scared).


You know the calling to create your life’s work, and get paid for your gifts and knowledge won’t ever go away.


And you’ve put too much of your time and energy into your development and soul-led business to give it all up now.


You want this to work.


You just don’t want it to feel this hard.


Am I right?

 Clarity of direction and a reconnection to your passion, pleasure, and purpose.


 Freedom from fear & self-doubt, and the confidence to show up as YOU.


 To step into your next level self NOW (no more playing small and holding yourself back). 


 A niche and brand message that turns you the fuck on and lights your soul on FIRE.

 Gorgeous brand visuals and graphics that reflects the new YOU.


 Business feeling fun, alive and free, and like you just get paid to express yourself.


 To back your soul work fully and be free of impostor syndrome once and for all.


 Massive creative downloads and inspiration for your content and offers. 


And of course this reality is possible for you. This and SO much more.


You truly can have it ALL!


But first, let's talk about what's getting in your way...


Here are some common blocks I see that keep soul-led entrepreneurs stuck:

 Fear of confusing your audience. Will they judge you if you've taken time off, are changing direction, or selling something different now?

 Perfectionism and overthinking, and not taking the actions you know you need to take to get unstuck and move forward.

 Fear of losing followers, friends and family if you really show up and express all of who you truly are and what you believe in.

 Subconscious limiting beliefs and fears picked up from childhood wounds, conditioning, society and past experiences. 

 Comparison to peers who are doing what you want to do, so you hold yourself back because "it's all been done before".

 Exhaustion, burnout + overwhelm trying to keep up with all the "should's" + hustle you think is required to have a successful brand.

Any of these sound familiar?


If you see yourself in any of these blocks, there's no shame or judgment here. I totally get it.


I've been there too.




And make a decision that it's time to thrive.


And since you're here, it's my guess that you're ready to transform your blocks now and be REBIRTH your brand..


You're ready to become unstoppable.


You're ready to feel turned on, ignited, and excited again about your mission, message, and vision.


You're ready to RISE like a Phoenix and align + uplevel.


You're ready to show up and be of service.


And if all of this is true, then this is the perfect 1:1 Coaching Program for you...





I created this program because I get it. 


But before I dive into my story, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Amy Meraki, Intuitive Business Coach + Personal Brand Strategist.

I love me some good ol' Law of Attraction, paired with deeper Shadow Work, to see your life and business transform from within.

And I also know that aligned action + strategy plays a part.

As a serial creative entrepreneur, I've created brands for 10 years, and have won top awards in Creative Arts + Business College (for marketing and branding).



But, I'm no stranger to deaths and rebirths in my personal brand and soul work. 


I first started my personal brand in 2015 as a blogger. I had no clue how I was going to make money online, but I just knew I had an undeniable calling to express myself.


At the time I was going through a challenging breakup, and doing A LOT of inner healing work and personal development. So I wrote about my journey of self-love and self-discovery.


That was my first “message” and niche I guess you’d say. But as I dove deeper into the healing world, I started to get more and more into feminine empowerment and sacred sexuality.


My readers started reaching out for “coaching sessions”, so I decided to go get certified as a women’s empowerment coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.


For a few years, I shared that journey online and coached women to connect to the pleasure, power, and pussies. 


Divine Feminine Awakening was my jam, and that was my "niche" for that phase of my journey.


But as my business grew, I started to learn more about online marketing and got back into my branding roots (which is what I went to school before blogging online about my healing journey).


I wanted to know the structure and strategy of how to grow an online business so I started to over-consume A LOT of marketing advice.


I got totally overwhelmed and burnt out from hustle culture, and things stopped flowing and working.


I needed to slow down, realign, and do some deeper self-discovery work.


My business no longer felt fun. I felt disconnected from my mission and purpose. And felt like a total fraud.


During this time, I took two part-time jobs and just worked on figuring out what I truly desired.


When the pandemic hit, I lost both of my jobs.


At first, I was scared, but shortly after an immense wave of liberation washed over me. This felt like a redirect from the Universe to get back on the horse to pursue my calling.


Because my dreams of having a positive impact running an online business didn't go anywhere.


So I rebranded my blog and had a personal rebirth.


I came back onto social media after taking pretty much 10 months off. And DECIDED that my new pivot was going to work NOW.


I hired a coach that lit a fire under my ass, and helped me become an energetic match for what I truly desired - FAST.


With my re-ignited confidence and clarity, I doubled my coaching rates, started selling high-ticket packages with ease, and completely replaced my day job incomes after only 1 month.


Within 3 months I had created, launched, and sold my first online course, after YEARS of dreaming about becoming a course creator.


Then I had my first 5-figure month. 🤯


It felt like it all happened SO FAST when I did the inner work to get out of my own way and created a new brand that really resonated. 


After that, I knew I could never go back. And made it my new message to share about pleasurable business, energetic alignment, and soul-led brand strategy.


As you can see, our personal brands grow and evolve as we do.


This is why I created REBRAND & REBIRTH.


To hold visionary leaders like you through your personal transformation, find soul-aligned clarity on your new brand identity, birth it, and Quantum Leap to your next level!



You wake up 30 days from now and feel light and free in your body.


You're so fucking excited to get to work and start creating content and rolling out your offerings.


Your visibility fears have basically vanished.


You're completely free to express yourself.


You're so clear on exactly WHO you can help. Your copywriting basically channels itself. You have zero creator's block.


You feel so fucking confident in your brand and leadership. You've never felt more clear and empowered.


It's crazy to think that just a month ago you were walking through fog. Feeling stuck, only having a faint idea of where to start.


You didn't think change could happen this quickly.


Now you know exactly who you are, and where your business is going.


You have a clear plan for the next month to launch and create your first comeback offer. 


You have a coach in your corner (that's me 😘) who understands your vision and sees you as the badass light leader you are.


Together you roll out your new brand, message, and offers.


You feel fully supported by the Universe. And you have someone there to hold you through it all, who can help you transform old fears, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs when they come up.


She's there to guide you if you need some marketing + brand strategy suggestions too. 


You hit the ground running with so much aliveness and energy that it feels like soulmate clients are coming out of nowhere as if by magic.✨


You feel so fucking magnetic and radiant.


Sure some people leave your world, but it doesn't even bother you anymore because you know exactly who you are and what your brand is all about now. You're filled with love, surrender, and empowerment. And new aligned people are finding you daily.


And you've never felt so good about your soul work.


You feel completely on path and on purpose.


This shift is reflected in the expansion of your bank balance too.


And the high-caliber clients you're attracting love to pay you and are so easy to work with. They feel like long-lost soul friends.


3 months have now passed since you've started your REBRAND + REBIRTH journey.


And you feel SO equipped internally to keep the momentum alive. You've discovered what works for YOU, and know you can just rinse and repeat as much as you like.


Your business now feels so in flow, fun, and easeful.


It feels like you just get paid to be you. And for the first time in a long time, you're giving your gifts from overflow and confidence.


Your brand reflects the real YOU.


You feel free and fulfilled and like you're truly living life on your own terms.


You go to bed every night grateful for all the blessings and miracles that have happened over the last couple of months.


Sure there have been some sticky spots that came up. But you had the courage to work through them, and now know you can handle anything.


The future feels bright because you know you can create the life of your dreams.


And the better it gets, the better it gets.



👆🏻All of this is my intention for you when you step into this container and work with me personally.


This is what you're saying YES to when you commit to this program fully.










Amy teaches things that many other business coaches shockingly don’t. Things that I had NEVER heard from other high-level programs. 

This resulted in me feeling MORE confident, more at ease, more creative AND allowed me to operate more from what feels good rather than “shoulds” or “should nots”. Those things had me stuck and spinning my wheels for quite some time.

While I’m still a work in progress, the quality of both my entrepreneurial and home life have improved significantly since working with the GIFTED Amy. She genuinely cares about her clients and is VERY generous and transparent with sharing her own evolution👍🏽 This has helped me immensely!

Now the visibility concerns are gone, I create with ease, I LOVE my brand essence and can’t wait to make my comeback on the Interwebs. I absolutely recommend 1-1 Intuitive Coaching with Amy. She’s the BEST!💯

– Melissa Audrey, Dating + Love Coach for Ambitious Career Women @melissa.audreycoaching


"Before coaching with Amy, I was feeling lost with business after experiencing so much information from various business coaches. 

After only a few sessions, Amy was able to guide me back to my truth and my alignment. She showed me that my business could be way more fun, easy and in flow than I ever thought possible. With Amy's help, I was able to:

 Launch a new Instagram with branding I loved.

 Got super clear on who the clients I could serve best were.

◉ Created and sold an offer I was obsessed with (my first group program).

 Finally felt freedom in my business to create from my soul and not put myself in a box.

 Became more empowered than ever in my coaching abilities!

And as a result I became so lit up, that I had all these create ideas come through. I'm so clear about the future of my business. And I couldn't be more grateful!"

– Kayla Friesen, Food + Body Image Coach for Dancers + Athletes @kaylaafriesen


"Working with Amy was one of the most amazing decisions and commitments to myself I have ever decided to make.  I was at a point in my life where I had known for years I wanted to support creatives and intuitives on their journey to empowerment, but I had kept hitting my head up against the same blockages over and over. 

Amy supported me with the embodied work and stepping through fears as I stepped up into my business as well as helping me with tangible structured business things such as launching, copywriting, and website layout. 

By the end of our container, I had fully claimed myself as a mentor, facilitator, and story-weaver, I had moved through so many limiting beliefs, pain, and shame that had been holding me back from my fullest most embodied leader, I created two of my major offerings, I did my first program launch, and created a website I was deeply proud of.

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking to see a huge transformation in their business and the way they show up as creative leaders."

– Alexandra Mehl, Mentor + Story-weaver for Creatives @alexandrakmehl



– Kaitlyn Sherry, Breathwork + Body Love Coach for Health Conscious Women @kaitlynsherry_


– Luan Jardine, FB Ads Specialist for Changermakers @luanjardine


"I've been working towards creating my business with my Higher Self in the driver's seat (so to speak) and it is feeling like the easiest, most fun, creative and blissful experience EVER!!! Of course there are challenges and a lot to do, but I'm in such deep flow and trusting myself completely, so it hasn't felt challenging or stressful at all.

The is beyond what I thought was possible and without Amy's support, example and help, I think I would be feeling super overwhelmed with all of this. I'm just so grateful for her and all that she's taught me. Thank you!"

– Britannia Willes, Writer


"I knew right away that I wanted to work with Amy because I was drawn to her bright, beautiful energy. She is a wonderful coach- not only for my business but also for my life.

She helped me sparkle brighter. She helped me be unapologetically ME. She helped me show up as my true self on social media. She walked me through amazing exercises and asked high-level questions to promote my growth.  She is food for the soul. :)

I loved how Amy’s work is centered around energy & soul. She uses her gifts to help me unleash mine. She helped me grow my business in many ways. I would recommend her to ALL my soul-centered entrepreneurial friends. She is a master at helping people break down the barriers that are holding them back.

Amy’s work is magical and life-changing!"

– Jennifer Neal, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist + Your Virtual Hypegirl @jennifer_neal_




Structure & Strategy



ᐉ Get clear on your niche, brand message, and ideal client.

 Design your brand identity.

 Map out your offers + sales strategy.

 Create a lead magnet/opt-in to grow your email list.

 Plan out your launch content.

 Write copy for social media, emails, and sales pages.


Emotional Healing & Mindset



 Transform visibility fears + show up and be seen.

 Heal self-doubt + feel worthy of receiving.

 Get back into flow and overcome creative blocks.

 Overcome comparison, perfectionism, and overthinking.

 Connect to your intuition, body and soul to find clarity.

 Set boundaries and balance masculine/feminine energies.



*Above is a general guideline and intention of how the program will unfold, and not an exact curriculum.


The beauty of personalized 1:1 coaching is that every step of the journey will meet you where you're at, and be custom-tailored to what you need.

My style of coaching is a mix between inner work (feminine embodiment) AND outer actions (masculine strategy).

In some sessions, we'll focus on energetic healing (meaning looking at emotions, limiting beliefs, and identity). Some techniques I use are inner child work, shadow work, energy healing, parts integration therapy, and somatic coaching.

Other sessions will be more marketing and strategy-focused. Where we'll map out your branding, offers, messaging, ideal client, copywriting, selling, and so on.

It all depends on what's needed in the moment to support you in moving forward.

I can be gentle and playful when needed, but I can also spit some no-BS feedback + direct truth too. I tune into my intuition to sense what's needed at the moment. 😘

But remember I am here to serve YOU. This is a co-creative partnership and you get to give me feedback on what kind of support you like too.



Live Sessions

8 x 60 min coaching calls on Zoom, plus 1 x 20 min completion call.

Value: $2775

WhatsApp Coaching

90 days of unlimited text + voice coaching.

Value: $2500

Email Support

Follow-up notes, recordings, and suggested practices + actions.

Value $1248

Uplevel Your Brand Course

Create a soul-aligned brand identity + design on-brand visuals.

Value $333

Marketing Templates

Marketing workbooks + templates as needed for sales copy, content creation, page layout, and client enrollment.

Value $500

Personalized Audits

Custom branding, copywriting, and layout feedback on your social media, website, and landing pages.

Value $500



Total Value: $7856


Actual Price (less than half that): $3800


*All Prices in USD. Payment plans available.



Sound like the support you’ve been calling in?


Now’s the time to take inspired action!


I can't work with everyone due to the in depth nature of 1:1 work. And I only work with people who I know I can help.


Plus having a strong connection is vital to the effectiveness of our work together.


Alignment is everything.


So if you feel called to this program energetically, and it feels like it might be the perfect fit, then don't hesitate to apply and we'll connect on a no pressure call to see if we vibe!










"Amy is an incredibly talented healer.  Her ability to guide her clients into the deepest place of vulnerability while holding a strong stance of pure love is exceptional. I’ve never felt such safety in my body as she guided me through healing modalities that helped me heal my inner child.  I’m forever grateful for her brilliance and her support in my transformation." 

- Samantha Skelly

Entrepreneur & Emotional Eating Expert, Founder of Hungry For Happiness and Pause Breathwork

"I feel that Amy is an exceptional coach and has so much to offer in the way that she supports women - she has something that I  admire greatly  - both depth, playfulness and an oceanic glow."

- Layla Martin

Founder of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

"Amy is an intuitive, deeply caring powerhouse who has been walking the walk ever since I’ve known her.  She has the kind of trustable compassion that is hard-won, and she is a deep well of embodied wisdom. I have seen her face into her challenges head on, over and over, and bring that same kind of love and commitment to her private clients."

- Jordan Gray

Sex & Relationship Coach, Jordan Gray Consulting


Rebrand & Rebirth

3-month Private Coaching + Brand Strategy Package

Get clear on your soul-aligned brand, realign your business model, and make your comeback from pleasure and flow!



  • 8 x 60 mins live session over Zoom (value: $2664)
  • 1 x 20 min Completion Call at the end of your package (value: $111)
  • 90 Days of unlimited WhatsApp Coaching (value: $2500)
  • Email support- follow up notes, actions steps, recordings, suggested practices (value: $1248)
  • Lifetime access to my signature Uplevel Your Brand course (value: $333)
  • Marketing templates as needed (value: $500)
  • Personalized audits (value: $500) 







*All prices are in USD. Extended payment plans available upon request.

Email [email protected]
Or DM me on Instagram @amymeraki