I did a super freakin' EPIC 60 min training in one of my paid courses and just HAD to share it with you because it was so TURNED ON. So here it is!!






 How to overcome perfectionism.

◉ The masculine vs. feminine principles of doing business.

 Creating from pleasure, ease and flow, and trusting your soul.

 Practices to sooth an online vulnerability hangover.

◉ Aligned launching and being authentic in your marketing and branding.

 Cycles and seasons of work flow, life and business (in relationship to your menstrual cycle).

 Magnetizing soul mate clients and success to you.

 How to know your next steps to scale, grow and expand to the next level.

 Leadership in the new paradigm.

 And so much more!!


Basically... we dive into the CORE of my work in the world and I'll teach you how to build a business that actually FEELS GOOD, and helps you live free, get paid, and change lives - starting with your own!


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Amy Meraki, is an Intuitive Business Coach + Personal Brand Consultant.

By using the Laws of Manifestation plus soulful brand strategy, she coaches visionary leaders and SOUL-LED Entrepreneurs to transform fear + uncertainty into confidence + clarity. So that they can create a brand + business they absolutely LOVE that feels like an extension of their Soul — easeful, fun, pleasurable and in flow. And ultimately live free, get paid, and change lives — starting with their own.

For the last 10 years she's been speaking, coaching and teaching about women’s empowerment. And has won top awards in Creative Arts Business College for Marketing + Branding. 

She left her small town at 21 and started her first successful dance company using the Law of Attraction.  Before long, she was sharing stages with world famous EDM talent like Skrillex and Afrojax.

After dance retirement she became a 650hr Top Certified Women's Empowerment Coach, and mentored hundreds of VITA™ Method coaches-in-training to step into their confidence, pleasure and power as they became embodied leaders and created their soul work.

It’s her mission now to support the rise of Divine Feminine Consciousness on the planet as a new wave of feminine leaders answer The Call. Women who are here to show humanity that there’s another way to live and thrive that doesn’t suck the life force out of us or the planet. A way that honours alignment over hustle, and serves the Highest Good of All.

She believe when a woman is connected to her body, intuition and soul, that it gives her permission to radically express ALL of who she truly is, which lights her up and lights up the world.

You can find out more about her coaching, courses, and free content online at www.amymeraki.com.