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Uplevel Your Brand


What you'll get:

  • 6 Training modules including video lectures, workbooks, and design tutorials.
  • Guided audio practices for inspiration and creative clarity.
  • Quick + easy Canva templates to see your brand come together effortlessly.
  • 6 pre-recorded Q+A calls. 


What People Are Saying:

"I had been struggling with branding for a few years. Seriously, I had “website embarrassment” AND I knew that my true essence was NOT showing up there. Nor on social media. To make things worse, I felt that I “wasn’t techie”. And wasted hundreds of hours trying to design things only to feel SO frustrated that I wanted to throw my laptop out the window and cry😭 And brand colours/visuals? I searched in vain, desperate to come up with the missing pieces. I finally settled on a few elements but knew in my gut that something was STILL missing. When I came across Amy, I was immediately SPELLBOUND by her brand and energy. I devoured her emails, her Instagram, website and free offers.⭐ (I was on her like white on rice) Then one day, I had ENOUGH. I was like “No more suffering! I’m buying the Uplevel Your Brand course now”. Even though I had previously said to myself “No more courses!” 😂 I dove into the lessons immediately and consumed them rapidly. The very first module was the foundational and fun work which I recognized was VITAL in creating a brand that goes WAY beyond just colours. Amy brought to my attention many important aspects that, quite frankly, are missing from other branding courses👍🏽 The videos were clearly made with love and expert instruction. They were also mostly very short videos which supported the viewer into taking action - without feeling stressed out. I was BLOWN away by what Amy covered in Uplevel Your Brand! She literally shows how to do everything. And I mean EVERYTHING💯 Self-belief about what was possible for me in terms of branding and conveying my true essence skyrocketed :) That I could actually have a brand that showed my vibe and would have my soulmate clients KNOW instantly they were in the right place immediately. Everything FEELS so much easier now and looks so much better. It’s a work in progress and I can’t wait to reveal it all in a few weeks. If I had to choose a few words to describe this course, they would be: a freaking MASTERPIECE. And the result? 100% fully satisfied. Thank you Amy!"

Melissa Audrey - Coach

“Uplevel your brand is a super delightful course that makes creating a personal brand easy. I was able to take my brand from looking super meh to super sparkly without pulling my hair out and trying to figure out the tech (which I’m not great at). There were things that I learned in this course that I had never thought of, noticed or appreciated before about brand aesthetic. I’m so grateful for this knowledge because I certainly wasn’t figuring it out on my own and I didn’t have money to get someone else to do it for me. I now really enjoy creating designs for my brand (I do so with ease) and I’m in love with how my website and social feeds look. Plus Amy is such a gem. It’s clear she really loves teaching the material. Her clear guidance and creative genius make this course a no-brainer!”

Kristin Wright- Coach

"I LOVED Uplevel Your Brand so much, where to even begin!! For the longest time, I felt frustrated and inadequate about all things branding and design. I always thought I was just “bad” at the visual side of things, period. I had no idea where to start with putting together a visual identity that 100% felt like me. The worst part about it was that it would hold me back from posting content and sharing my message. I have so much to say, but the graphics were always a huge bottleneck. I would literally spend hours messing around with quote templates, photo filters, and color palettes, but I was never really able to turn it into something cohesive. When I saw Amy’s branding, I just fell in love with it, and 100% thought she was either a pro designer or hired one. In this course, she revealed every single step of how to create your own branding from scratch, and how she did it as well. The way she explained everything made it SO simple for me, and it was a huge relief that I didn’t have to become a Photoshop Pro at all. I now have a real brand identity and visual style incl. colors, fonts, logos, photo filters, etc. that totally feel like me. And I’m SO excited that I was able to do that myself with simple tools. I feel like this course saved me a lot of time and money because I now no longer have to fiddle with this stuff for hours when I have something to share or offer. It's a great feeling! The course is both deep and super practical, as she helps you to dive into your core message and offerings (the essence of your soul work) PLUS shows you how to use all the tools you need to translate that into a coherent visual style. This was honestly the most FUN program I’ve ever done, I was looking forward to the content every week. Thank you so much Amy!"

Anja Eve- Singer