Special Promotion: 30 Min Marketing Consult

(Valued at $167 USD, but only $25 USD for a limited time.)



Special Promotion: 30 Min Marketing Consult

(Valued at $167 USD, but only $25 USD for a limited time.)


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Would you love a promotional 

Niche Clarity Call 

to help you get unstuck in your marketing and move forward in your business?!?


 Are you done feeling shoved into a box, but still feel lost and confused about how to talk about what you "do"?

 Are you frustrated by all the conflicting marketing advice online about what you “should” do to attract soulmate clients?

 Have you been creating non-stop content and STILL no one is reaching out to work with you?


But you KNOW deep down you have the gifts, skills, and knowledge to TRULY help people if only you knew HOW to communicate your soul work to the world...

Well, friend... here’s some real talk, old methods of niching don’t always work for expansive creative visionary types like yourself.


There’s a new paradigm to “niche” and hint: you get to be ALL of YOU.


You see other magical babes getting paid to be who they TRULY are, so why not you? 


Sound like something you're ready for?


Hi, I'm Amy Meraki.

I'm an Intuitive Business Coach + Personal Brand Strategist to creative rebels who dare to shine bright and live an unconventional life.

And I believe pleasurable business is your birthright.

I work with spiritual entrepreneurs who are in struggle-town with overwhelm, perfectionism, and impostor syndrome. I help them own their worth, unleash their creative genius, and follow their true calling so they can create an aligned business that feels like an expression of their soul —  easeful, fun, free and in flow!

I've been a serial entrepreneur since 2010, and for the last decade, I've been speaking, coaching, and teaching on feminine power, and have won top awards in college for marketing + branding.

For the last 2 years, I've focused on helping other soul-led women birth their dream businesses and attract soulmate clients, while also building my own personal brand to 5-figure months in sales.

My work can help you lay your brand foundations, create & sell your offers from flow, AND release your inner energetic blocks to success.

So you can create a life of freedom and contribution that you love.

And I’m so excited to be offering these powerful Niche Clarity Calls, for only $25 USD for a limited time (Reg. $167 USD).


“Niching down” is where I got the most stuck in my coaching career and it blocked me from sharing my gifts for YEARS.


F*ck that noise. 


I don’t want you to stay stuck like I was, so I’m sharing with you what I learned about creating a niche that doesn't feel suffocating, so you can unleash your magic and begin attracting soulmate clients now.


Are you ready to call in the most AMAZING people who can truly benefit from your work and love to pay you?


It can start by reaching out and booking a $25 Niche Clarity Call (reg. $167 USD).




Xandrine, Manifestation Coach


“Amy is so gifted at what she does. I love her work & in the short time I’ve worked with her she simplified my branding so easily. I’m so grateful to have come across her work and would absolutely recommend her to any female entrepreneur looking to dial in their message, niche, and branding. Let Amy work her magic & you will love it!"

Alanna, Holistic Nutrition, Health + Wellness


"Talking to Amy was a gift. In our call I was able to gain clarity in defining who I want to speak to in my content as well as who I want to help in my holistic health coaching business. Amy offers a very effective tool called a Find Your Niche Playsheet which I filled out prior to our call. This Playsheet contains thought-provoking questions which helped me dig deeper into my ideal niche and who I want to help. Amy was able to help me fine-tune my niche effortlessly so that I can begin moving forward with my business and offerings with ease.”

Marissa, Mindset & Health Coach for Burntout Millennials 


I had been struggling with my niche for months wondering how to combine my certification and passion into one since they didn’t seem to align. Amy helped me get out of my head and figure out how it all tied together. Now I have a much clearer idea of who my IC is, how I help them with my background knowledge and how to create content specifically for them. Sooo grateful for Amy and her insights!! 🙏🏼

Julie, Self-love Coach + Intuitive Healer


"Speaking with Amy gave me so much clarity in such a short amount of time! She had many incredible ideas and I could really feel her passion for helping soul-led entrepreneurs build their brand. From just one call, I have pages of notes and so much inspiration to move forward!! I really appreciated her intuitive style of coaching, as it felt like a flow of creativity rather than rigid marketing plans. I highly recommend Amy Meraki if you need some clarity on your message, build your brand, and grow your business! 

During this powerful Niche Clarity Call, you’re going to:



Find Clarity

Discover WHO your work is for, and see what makes your work unique and magnetic.

Uncover Hidden Blocks

Discover what’s stopping you from “choosing a lane” and claiming your area of expertise.

Explore Your Message

I'll give you my favourite template to share what you "do" so that soulmate clients are excited to work with you.

Then we’ll talk about what your next steps could be to get the ball rolling and attract more paying soulmate clients.


Sounds good?


Reach out today to claim your $25 Niche Clarity Call.


But don't wait, this promotion is happening for a limited time only and I usually charge $167 USD for them.


To sign up, send me a DM on Instagram letting me know why you’d love a Niche Clarity Call!


That's it! Easy peasy.


I’m excited to connect if you’re ready to get unstuck and start calling in your DREAM clients!