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To break free from struggle and scarcity in your soul-led business so you can confidently move forward and find your flow again.

*Only 4 spots at the special launch price of $777 (reg. $1500).



To break free from struggle and scarcity in your soul-led business so you can confidently move forward and find your flow again.

*Only 4 spots at the special launch price of $777 (reg. $1500).



Do you feel like you're having a mini existential crisis in your soul-led business?


Are you a coach, healer, or mentor who's seen financial results in your business from just being in flow and alignment?

But does it feel like your energy is off right now and you just can't put your finger on why?

Do you feel like anxiety and self-doubt are eating you up?

 Like you've moved from abundance to scarcity?

And you're having a major impostor syndrome moment?


 And even though you've seen your income uplevel this past year, it feels like you've leveled down in your mindset, and like you're absorbing energies that aren't yours... and NO amount of meditating, journaling, or mindset work is helping to shift your vibe? 


You're panicking, feel like a fraud, and are scared your life and business are going to crash and burn?


Which of course is impacting your creativity and desire to show up and serve?


I get it, girlfriend!


 I’ve struggled with these waves too!  And know what it feels like to be stuck, stagnant, and out of alignment with the most empowered and abundant version of me.



I know what it feels like to have $17 to my name.


And I know what it feels like to pay off $34,000 in credit card debt in one click.


I know what it feels like to work not one, not two, but three part-time jobs at once to fund my dreams while I figured shit out. 


And I know what it feels like to have 5-figure months in my business working less than 20 hrs a week.


I know what it feels like to share a 1 bedroom plus den with 3 people to save on rent.


And I know what it feels like to live in a Penthouse overlooking the ocean (with a patio bigger than my last studio apartment).


I know what it feels like to doubt what I create.


And I know what it feels like to trust the magic that wants to flow through me.


The one thing I’ve learned on my journey of ever-evolving entrepreneurship over the last decade is that there are peaks, and there are valleys.


Whether that’s financial dips, emotional dips, or faith dips.


We all go through waves, and on our descent, we fear there may never be another rise.


But what I also know to be true is that things can change in an instant.


You get to CHOOSE when you’re ready to rise.


You get to CHOOSE when you’re done with a lesson.


You get to CHOOSE to take full ownership.


Not from a place of self-blame, or shame, but from a place of remembering how fucking powerful you truly are.


And that there’s a deep part of you that’s empowered and unstoppable.


I’ve quit before. I’ve given it all up.


And what I learned is that fire in my heart never went out...even though I tried to convince myself I didn’t want what I wanted.


The calling was still there. And from the point onwards, I knew the only way through was to keep moving forward.


No matter how long it took.


No matter the obstacles I faced.


No matter the discomfort or pain or heartache.


I’m here to feel it all.


I’m here to rise when I fall.


And I’m here to grow.


And my guess is you are too.


Remember the breakdown comes before the breakthrough.

But the real question is, are you ready to breakthrough this dip NOW?

Imagine you didn't have to spend weeks or MONTHS freaking out, self-sabotaging, and slipping back into old patterns...


It can take soooo much courage to reach out for help and admit that you're struggling, but no one needs to go through hard times alone.


You are capable of healing these patterns, and you deserve to be supported in your process.


Just for a moment, imagine what your breakthrough moment could look like...


 The feeling of relief that comes from clearing what feels like lifetimes of pain.

 Reconnecting to your clarity and confidence again.

 Knowing exactly what you want to offer next, and feeling like you can back yourself to sell it.

 Miracles and synchronicities showing up again.

 Clearing exhaustion and burnout, and feeling energized and inspired.

 And of course welcoming new blessings, like clients, cash, and ideas flowing to you with ease.


Your vibration and attraction point can shift in an instant when you let go of what's no longer serving you, and are held with positive support by someone who sees you.

But sometimes it just takes some deeper healing work.

So let's look at what that looks like...


When you realize you're self-sabotaging and feel frozen moving forward, it often means there's a deep subconscious emotion or limiting belief being activated inside you.


These limiting beliefs and stuck emotions can be painful to look at because they often come from trauma and triggering memories.

But in a safe container, and with gentle healing tools like parts integration therapy, somatic coaching, and NLP, we can bring these inner blocks to the surface to be released and rewired, so that you feel safe in your nervous system to move forward and have what you desire.

This approach goes deeper than just positive thinking or affirmations and helps you embodied your highest vibration without faking it.


Curious to learn more? Apply for a free Clarity Call.


I'm Amy Meraki, Intuitive Business Coach + Manifestation Mentor


I learned how to facilitate powerful breakthroughs during my 2 years at Layla Martin's Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, where I learned a gentle trauma-informed VITA™ Methodology rooted in ancient healing arts, bridged with modern neuroscience.

I hold a 650 hr Women's Empowerment Coaching Certification and spent a year afterwards in the VITA Coaching Program as a mentor for hundreds of students coaches-in-training who were coming back home to their bodies, pleasure, power, and truth.

Not only that, but I've been on a self-healing path for over a decade and have coached over 100 women in groups and privately.

I feel well equipped to journey with you through your inner world to help you shift your energy, and thrive in your soul-led business now.

I've been through many uplevels myself, and know how much fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty growing your soul-led business can bring up.

With my support, I hope to see you transform what's holding you back, and come back into a state of expansion, ease, flow, and abundance.

And truly breakthrough to your next level, whatever that mean to you.

What some of my past 1:1 Coaching Clients have to say...



– Kayla Friesen, Food + Body Image Coach for Dancers + Athletes @kaylaafriesen


"Before coaching with Amy, I was feeling lost with business after experiencing so much information from various business coaches. 

After only a few sessions, Amy was able to guide me back to my truth and my alignment. She showed me that my business could be way more fun, easy and in flow than I ever thought possible. With Amy's help, I was able to:

- Launch a new Instagram with branding I loved.

- Got super clear on who the clients I could serve best were.

Created and sold an offer I was obsessed with (my first group program).

- Finally felt freedom in my business to create from my soul and not put myself in a box.

Became more empowered than ever in my coaching abilities!

And as a result I became so lit up, that I had all these create ideas come through. I'm so clear about the future of my business. And I couldn't be more grateful!"

– Kayla Friesen, Food + Body Image Coach for Dancers + Athletes @kaylaafriesen


"I knew right away that I wanted to work with Amy because I was drawn to her bright, beautiful energy. She is a wonderful coach- not only for my business but also for my life.

She helped me sparkle brighter. She helped me be unapologetically ME. She helped me show up as my true self on social media. She walked me through amazing exercises and asked high-level questions to promote my growth.  She is food for the soul. :)

I loved how Amy’s work is centered around energy & soul. She uses her gifts to help me unleash mine. She helped me grow my business in many ways. I would recommend her to ALL my soul-centered entrepreneurial friends. She is a master at helping people break down the barriers that are holding them back.

Amy’s work is magical and life-changing!"

– Jennifer Neal, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist + Your Virtual Hypegirl @jennifer_neal_


"Working with Amy was one of the most amazing decisions and commitments to myself I have ever decided to make.  I was at a point in my life where I had known for years I wanted to support creatives and intuitives on their journey to empowerment, but I had kept hitting my head up against the same blockages over and over. 

Amy supported me with the embodied work and stepping through fears as I stepped up into my business.

By the end of our container, I had fully claimed myself as a mentor, facilitator, and story-weaver, I had moved through so many limiting beliefs, pain, and shame that had been holding me back from my fullest most embodied leader, I created two of my major offerings, I did my first program launch, and created a website I was deeply proud of.

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking to see a huge transformation in their business and the way they show up as creative leaders."

– Alexandra Mehl, Storyweaver + Mentor for Creatives @alexandrakmehl


"Working with Amy helped me to get in touch with what I call my $6 million dollar self--the future me who has realized her joyful business empire and is doing work she loves while enjoying all aspects of her life. Through life-changing meditative practices that Amy guided me through, I accessed my highest self, her big dreams (even those I didn't realize I had), and the confidence to realize them. (We also went into the dark spaces when needed to heal my inner child and set me free from toxic belief systems.)

All creation begins at the vibrational level with thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, and I have no doubt that together Amy and I birthed my 6 million dollar self in vibrational form. Now I am having fun, every step of the journey, turning energy into form and vibration into reality as I work and play at my business. I am about to launch a beautiful jewelry line, which I never would have thought possible, and I know that this is just the beginning of the inspiring lifestyle brand I am creating at the Soulful Living Project to help women connect to their souls and live their best lives. Thank you, Amy, for the gift of believing in me, my soul's wisdom, and all I am capable of creating. I feel my power fully now and am enjoying experiencing my life and business from this high-flying place!"

– Suzanne Bellavista, CEO + Founder of the Soulful Living Project,


This could be you too! To help you RISE, I created...


Over the next 30 days, some of the things I can support you with are:


 Inner child healing so you can show up as the badass empowered leader that you are.

 Getting clear on what you desire from a soul-aligned level, so you can take action with certainty and confidence.

 Embodying your highest self, so you can activate your unique abundance codes and feel safe holding more wealth.

 Creating better boundaries so you can protect your energy, stop saying yes to things that drain you, and stop absorbing energy that isn’t yours to carry.

 Reconnecting to pleasure and creating safety in your body so you can feel grounded and activate your creativity.

 And let go of any identities that are no longer serving you, so you can feel an energetic shift and breakthrough to your next level.


Together we'll dive deep into your inner world to help you transform limiting beliefs, clear stuck emotions, and restore your aliveness, inspiration, and truth!


After our time together, you'll feel back in your power and in a high vibe flow again. 


Are you ready to RISE and stop holding yourself back?

What makes my approach different is...

This is NOT just mindset reframing and positive thinking...


Although you will find yourself thinking better feeling thoughts and experiencing more pleasurable feelings.

To create this change, we'll be getting into the body and accessing what's going on in your subconscious.

From there, you learn to be with what's present and release stuck energy from a place of gentleness and compassion.

The techniques I use are rooted in embodying self-love and practicing self-care.

There will be no forcing change or "fixing" mentality here.

Yet change will occur.

From this space of creating inner safety, you'll be guided to connect with an inner archetype that represents your next level of freedom, success, and wealth. And I'll guide you through embodied journeys to become that future self now.

This is a gentle trauma-informed approach that works to release limiting beliefs, past wounds, and societal conditioning keeping you stuck, and help you shift who you're BEING on a vibrational level to attract more of what you want.


"The Quantum Field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being." - Dr. Joe Dizpenza


Once you feel what it feels like to be in expansion and ease, it will get easier and easier to practice holding that frequency, and often results in MASSIVE quantum leaps and manifesting miracles.

This method of coaching also teaches you how to do this on your own, so if at a later time you feel yourself dip momentarily, you'll have the tools to move through it, and you won’t need to rely on coaching or healing support forever.

Plus on a deeper level we are rewiring your brain for thriving and pleasure!

And helping you connect to your own inner wisdom and clarity, instead of me telling you the answers.

Sound good?

APPLY NOW- 4 Spots only at $777 (Reg. $1500)

This is for you if...

You've done lots of self-healing work.

You know yourself pretty well.

You're okay with feeling some discomfort to release what's no longer serving you.

You know it's a journey and can trust the process.

This is NOT for you if...

You have no experience with inner work.

You are looking to be saved and aren't willing to take full responsiblity for your life.

You're not ready for change and don't want to start now.

You don't resonate with me or feel safe in my energy.

How it Works

Discover Your Soul Desires

Claim what you truly want, and set a powerful intention so you can call it in and manifest your vision.

Clear What's Holding You Back

Transform deep subconscious limiting beliefs and heal your emotions so you can move forward with ease.

Embody Your Future Self Now

Fill up with pleasure + shift who you're BEING on an energetic level so you can quantum leap into a new timeline.

Channel Your Next Aligned Steps

Get crystal clear on your next inspired actions to create quantum shifts in your life and business (then DO them).




*Above is a general guideline of how your Business Breakthrough Experience will unfold, and not an exact timeline.


The beauty of personalized 1:1 coaching is that every step of the journey will meet you where you're at, and be custom-tailored to what you need.

My style of coaching is a mix between inner work (feminine yin embodiment) AND outer actions (masculine yang strategy).

It all depends on what's needed in the moment to support you in moving your life and business forward.

Some techniques I use to get you back on track and feeling empowered are: inner child work, shadow work, energy healing, parts integration therapy, and somatic coaching.

I can be gentle and playful, but I can also spit some no-BS feedback + direct truth too when needed.

But remember I am here to serve YOU. This is a co-creative partnership and you get to give me feedback on what kind of support you like too.


What's Included?

Live Sessions

4 x 60 min coaching calls on Zoom, plus 1 x 20 min completion call.

Value: $1443

WhatsApp Coaching

30 days of unlimited text + voice coaching.

Value: $1332

Email Support

Follow-up notes, recordings, and suggested practices + action steps.

Value $416



Total Value: $3191


Regular Price (less than half that): $1500 


Special Launch Price: $777 for the first 4 people only.


*All Prices in USD. Extended payment plan available.

Sound like the support you’ve been calling in?


Now’s the time to take inspired action!


I can't work with everyone due to the in-depth nature of 1:1 work. And I only work with people who I know I can help.


Plus having a strong connection is vital to the effectiveness of our work together.


Alignment is everything.


So if you feel called to the Business Breakthrough Experience, and it feels like it might be the perfect fit, then don't hesitate to apply and we'll connect on a no-pressure call to see if we vibe!


But don't wait, I've only opened 4 spots at the special launch price of $777 for a limited time only (Reg. $1500).


What industry leaders are say...

"Amy is an incredibly talented healer.  Her ability to guide her clients into the deepest place of vulnerability while holding a strong stance of pure love is exceptional. I’ve never felt such safety in my body as she guided me through healing modalities that helped me heal my inner child.  I’m forever grateful for her brilliance and her support in my transformation." 

- Samantha Skelly

Entrepreneur & Emotional Eating Expert, Founder of Hungry For Happiness and Pause Breathwork

"I feel that Amy is an exceptional coach and has so much to offer in the way that she supports women - she has something that I  admire greatly  - both depth, playfulness and an oceanic glow."

- Layla Martin

Founder of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

"Amy is an intuitive, deeply caring powerhouse who has been walking the walk ever since I’ve known her.  She has the kind of trustable compassion that is hard-won, and she is a deep well of embodied wisdom. I have seen her face into her challenges head on, over and over, and bring that same kind of love and commitment to her private clients."

- Jordan Gray

Sex & Relationship Coach, Jordan Gray Consulting


The Business Breakthrough Experience

A 30-Day Private Coaching Experience

To break free from struggle and scarcity in your soul-led business so you can confidently move forward and find your flow again.


Review of What's Included

  • 4 x 60 mins Coaching Calls over 30 Days (Value: $1332)
  • 1 x 20 min Completion Call at the end of your package. (Value: $111)
  • Email Support, call recordings, and custom-tailored healing practices + action steps. (Value: $416)
  • 30 Days of Unlimited WhatsApp support. (Value: $1332)





ACTUAL PRICE (LESS THAN HALF THAT): $1500 $777 for the first 4 people.

PAYMENT PLAN: $800 x 2 $400 x 2 for the first 4 people.


*All prices are in USD. Extended payment plans available upon request.



Email [email protected]

Or DM me on Instagram @amymeraki