This powerful meditation will help you channel the energy and Spirit of your soul-aligned brand! 


The Spiritual Guide you meet will help you explore the visual branding of your business, program or product. So that you can feel crystal clear on exactly what your vision looks and feels like.


And this Spiritual Guide can also become a guidance counselor in making intuitive business decisions. Any time you need support, just meditate on their energy and ask for their guidance and wisdom, and see what comes through!



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I’m Amy Meraki. I help visionary leaders, creatives and SOUL-LED Entrepreneurs to transform fear, self-doubt and exhaustion into a business they absolutely LOVE that feels like an extension of their Soul — easy, fun, effortless and in flow. So that they can get paid, doing what they love, and live a life of freedom that’s fulfilling AF.

For the last 10 years I’ve been speaking, coaching and teaching about womxn’s empowerment. I left my small town at 21 and started my first go-go dancing business using the Law of Attraction, which quickly blew up! Before long I was sharing the stage with international talents like Skrillex and Afrojack. After dance retirement I became a top certified Tantric Sexual Empowerment Coach and helped womxn fall in love with their bodies, their pleasure, and themselves. Helping them achieve the confidence, magnetism and aliveness they always dreamed of.

Now it’s my mission to support the rise of Divine Feminine Consciousness on the planet as a new wave of feminine leaders answer The Call. Womxn who are here to show humanity that there’s another way to live and thrive that doesn’t suck the life force out of us or the planet. A way that honours alignment over hustle, and serves the Highest Good of All.

I believe when a womxn is connected to her body, intuition and soul, that it gives her permission to radically express ALL of who she truly is, which lights her up and lights up the world.

Through my coaching, trainings and free content online I teach womxn how to tune in and turn on, so she can embody her Divine Feminine Super Powers, and get paid, live free and be who she truly is in the world.

It's so amazing to have you here!