11 Questions to Help You Find Work-Life Balance



Change is constant and finding balance can sometimes feel elusive. I know this feeling all too well.


Balance is an art and a practice.


This art requires immense self-awareness. We must constantly be checking in with ourselves.


Sometimes we might not even notice we are out of balance until the pendulum has swung too far in one direction. Until we start seeing our boundaries slip or our self-care disappear. It can come as a rude awakening when we suddenly find ourselves exhausted and sick or watching old patterns play themselves out.


But when we are conscious, it doesn’t go unnoticed for long.


This is where I found myself recently.


I’ve simply been “too busy”— which is 100% my own responsibility.


I felt so deep in my introverted ways this past year that I forgot how much I love being out and about connecting with people and sharing my energy and love. Then recently a life transition left me feeling called to rediscover my outgoing spirit again.


I know she shines brightly and is absolutely magnetic. I missed her dearly and saw how I had given her up when she didn’t relate to my old lover. I’ve been embracing my silliness and bubbly nature again, and it has felt incredibly lighthearted and fun. It’s been such a stark contrast to my year full of shadow work, inner healing, and seriousness.


For the past 3 weeks I’ve filled my calendar everyday with more and more social engagements. Until it became unbalanced and I found myself in exhaustion and closed off— even in settings where my heart usually feels expansive. I hit a wall hard and realized that my soul knows better now than to allow me to veer off center for too long.


As grateful as I was for the amazing experiences and people I was having enter my life, I knew it was time to come back to stillness.


My solution was to course correct by bending back as much as I could. I cleared the next few nights, and made non-negotiable self-care dates. Canceling plans and choosing to honour my body, mind, and soul.


I lavished myself with my favourite foods, epsom salt baths, art and plenty of reading and writing.


It got me thinking about where else in my life I could I reflect on the duality of life? Because surely if it was showing up on my introvert/extrovert sliding scale (which I believe we have both to a certain degree), then it must be showing up in other areas as well.




1. Am I visualizing about my deepest desires, yet still taking action?

2. Am I incorporating play, yet still working hard?

3. Am I expressing all of my lightness, yet still creating space to honour my darkness?

4. Am I strong and assertive in my boundaries, yet still kind and gentle?

5. Am I acquiring knowledge, yet implementing what I’m learning?

6. Am I sharing my truth and being vulnerable, yet also holding space for others?

7. Am I striving for the best future, yet still finding gratitude and contentment in the present?

8. Am I increasing connection in my relationships, yet still maintaining solitude when needed?

9. Am I enjoying the physical realm, yet still listening and connecting to my spirit?

10. Am I giving to others, yet still receiving gracefully?

11. Am I feeling laid back and carefree, yet responsible?

I seemed to have discovered the many paradoxes of life.


I was surprised when I took the time to answer these questions. I know perfection is an unattainable goal, but I saw clearly where I needed to refocus my energy to re-spark my creativity and find balance.


So if you’re feeling drained or stuck, then bust out a journal or computer and answer these questions for yourself. And answer them honestly. Because when you can tell the truth on yourself, you are empowered to change your life.


When you’ve highlighted the different areas where you feel most out of balance, commit to one action step each that will help a positive shift take place; opening up more space for love, ease, and balance to flow into your life.


I know after my own little personal retreat I’ll be feeling recharged in no time, allowing me the energy and clarity to continue to strengthen my bonds with those that I love the most, and give me the energy I need to be of service.


Do you have any areas in your life that need balancing?


Rise & shine,

Amy xo

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