This is What You're Actually Selling in Your Marketing

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I used to try really really hard to sell the "tools" that created transformation... with very little success I might add.


It wasn't until I realized that no one pays for tools. They pay for results.


See... I was trying to sell the tools because I myself was addicted to the inner work and over-processing.


Hours and hours meditating. Journaling. Rituals. Visualizing. Breathwork. Workshops. Therapy. Healing.


Don’t get me wrong… there is NOTHING bad about any of these vitally important aspects of the healing journey. And I still use them as needed. Still teach them in my offerings, and still stand by them 111%. 


But for me, at a certain part of my journey, it started to become an escape from reality and an excuse not to take uncomfortable action to see things shift for me.


And I got even more depressed and anxious when things looked like they weren’t improving.


I forgot WHY I turned to these practices to begin with.


It wasn’t to focus on what wasn’t working and “fix” myself as if I was broken.


It was because I wanted specific RESULTS.


It was SO THAT


I could have better health and enjoy life in my body.


It was SO THAT


I could connect to my soul’s purpose and make money doing something I loved that helped others.


It was SO THAT


My relationships with others were deeper, more easeful and connected.


It was SO THAT I could live the LIFE I desired.


Almost anything we struggle with and buy solutions for comes down to one of these three areas: health, purpose, and relationships.


Because those are the pieces we all want to in order to thrive as human beings.


I see time and time again, well meaning healers, lightworkers, modern mystics and coaches market their INCREDIBLE offers that truly can change people lives, but they totally leave out the part about HOW it will actually impact their lives (this was me for yearrrrrrrrrs. So no shame here).


So they get frustrated when clients or students aren’t reaching out to work with them.


And blame their business teachers or coaches for their results even if they tried their best to guide them. When the whole time they were trying to market the tools instead of the final outcome (been there too âœ‹).


Yes - changing the inner world and relationship to self will impact the outer world.


But be specific...


How will it change their life in the 3D physical?


What results are they seeking?


That’s what people want help with.


And if you're wanting a business that actually makes an income and isn't an expensive hobby, then it’s your job in your marketing to be direct about exactly what you’re helping them with and CLAIM it with certainty.


The beautiful practices and inner tools are just HOW you get them there.


You can mention them, but it's not the main focus.


And they aren't what people are paying for (unless you’re educating someone how to use them… but even then, it’s SO THAT they can get a specific result usually 😘).


So babe, if this shit frustrates you and you want to throw a pillow at me, I get it.


That was me. 


I used to HATE marketing.


Until I stopped making it about me.


And got curious about how I could help others.


And in order to help people I had to listen closely to what they were struggling with and what they wanted, and if I believed I could help them with their problems, then I needed to claim it and put out the offer to help if they wanted it.


That’s all you’re doing with marketing, love.


Getting clear on who you want to help, what they’re struggling with, and what they want. And if you think you can help, letting them know how they can join you if they feel called to take the next step.


And where some people hesitate is not being able to guarantee results.. because the truth is you can't.


Not even a surgeon can guarantee you'll survive a surgery. But that's why it's important to know your scope of practice and stay in your own lane. (aka. know your niche).


And there’s a simple and easy way to talk about your soul work that attracts the right people if it’s the right time for them.


It’s getting clear on your “message”.


With love (and a little fire today đŸ”„),

Amy "help your people get results" Meraki

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