5 Practices to Help Female Entrepreneurs Feel More Feminine


I was talking to a client this week and she asked me what my fave practices were to wake up feelin' like a Goddess.


Because I get it. We don't always feel like Beyonce all the time (although I do believe we all have access to a fierce feminine and fabulous version of us who is on FIRE đź”Ą and can show up like the confident badass she is).





So what to do when you don't feel like her on a regular basis?


Here's what I do... watch my latest video sharing my FAVE Divine Feminine Practices!


Some of the benefits of activating your feminine energy regularly are:


- increased clarity + intuitive powers

- deeper self-trust

- magnetism

- feeling worthy

- a deeper connection to your soul and who you truly are

- deeper patience and trust in Divine Timing and the Universe

- more fun, freedom, play, ease and flow

- deeper connection to your feelings and authentic self

- radiance

- empowerment, passion, and aliveness

- more energy to take action and enjoy the process


Hope you enjoyed this video! Let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is. And be sure to give this post a share or save it on Pinterest to come back to it later!


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With some feisty Goddess love, 

Amy xo


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