The Truth About Quantum Manifesting


"The Quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being." - Dr. Joe Dispenza

☝🏻This quote is EVERYTHING.⁠

I truly believe at the deepest level and have seen in myself and my clients that the inner work is what creates miracles, not the perfect strategy or really really really desiring something.⁠

You have to become an energetic match for your future reality now.⁠

Want to call in new clients? How would you be thinking, acting, speaking, and feeling if you already had a full client calendar?⁠

Want to receive more money? How would you be thinking, feeling, acting, and being if you already made x-amount of dollars per month or per year?⁠

Want to have a larger impact by connecting to more people? How would you be showing up if you already had those people in your world? Do you treat those 10 views like 10 million? Do you appreciate every single one of them?⁠

If not, then that's where you get to shift and grow.⁠

It's who you're BEING right now, not what you do that gets you results as a soul-led business owner.⁠

Yes - of course, what you "do" (aka your strategy) plays a role. But the only thing you have to do are the actions that come inspired by your own soul.⁠

And lemme tell ya something, when you are BEING the next level version of you now, you'll be given such clear instruction to follow.⁠

Some days it will be slow down. Rest. Savour. Enjoy. Appreciate.⁠

Other days it will be reach out to that person. Do a FB live. Send an email.⁠ Do that thing that's outside of your comfort zone.

Or let that part of your business go. Or create that new offer and tell the world.⁠

It's just a matter of trusting yourself at the deepest level and allowing it to unfold in divine perfect timing.⁠

Your soul always, always, always knows your unique blueprint to success. And knows the quickest way to bridge you there.⁠

The question is do you trust your soul to guide you? If not, who else knows what's best for you?⁠

Just something to ponder. 😘


With love + pleasure,

Amy Meraki


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