This One Thing is Keeping you Stuck in Your Soul-led Business


The way you think you "should" do business is keeping you stuck. Period.


I know because this was my story.


In 2015 I was going through a massive awakening to my intuitive gifts and started stepping out of the spiritual closet. I had no clue what my purpose was, but I knew from deep within my soul that I needed to share my stories, message and creativity with the world.


I started a blog talking about manifestation, spirituality and personal development (I wish I had a picture lol... it was SO not perfect!! But we all start somewhere.). And just started sharing tools I was learning and lessons that I was experiencing.


I had NO intention other than to express my true self fully.


But guess what happened... because I was truly connected to my creative energy, and allowing Source to work through me, I started to attract readers who started reaching out for "sessions", so I just jumped on a call with these people for free at the beginning.


At the time I didn't even know coaching was a thing really. But I started considering it as part of my offerings!


I wanted to feel more confident in my abilities, so I went and got certified with Layla Martin, a teacher that deeply resonated with me. Then coached her students for a year as a mentor in her program.


And afterwards, when I went back out on my own... I turned to the "business gurus" to tell me exactly what to do to be successful.


Enter in a year from hell, because I started looking outside of myself for all the "right answers". And started doing things that deep down felt out of alignment.


I got SO STUCK, SO EXHAUSTED, SO CONFUSED that I actually quit my business.


Yep... I said fuck this shit, if it's gunna feel like this I don't want it.


And I entered a dark night of the soul.


And focused deeply on healing, and reconnecting back to what I truly wanted.


I wanted ease. Freedom. Pleasure. Flow. I wanted my business to feel like an natural extension of just who I was in the world.


Just like it had in the beginning.


And in my time off, what I call The Calling didn't disappear. I still knew I was meant to step into something greater and share my soul work with the people who needed it.


So I hired a coach again and went deep with just one person. Only this time someone who was designed like me... intuitive, freedom-loving, surrendered and committed to flow-based living.


(Not that's there's anything wrong with bro marketing... it just doesn't work for me. In my opinion, it works for a patriarchal paradigm based in fear and scarcity).


She ignited me back into my truth. Which is that I already had everything I needed. My soul would always guide me to the next aligned action if I allowed myself to trust my inner wisdom.


Within a month of hiring that coach, I was back in business and had doubled my income.


She helped me uplevel in ways I didn't know was possible.


I'm telling you this story to let you know that I've struggled. That things haven't always felt easeful in my business. 


And that I also believe in the power of saying YES to a container.


I KNOW that things can shift quickly when we're ready.


I know now success doesn't come from the "one size fits all" strategy.


It comes from who you're BEING when you take those actions, create your content, and show up to serve your people.


This is the new paradigm. BEING and ENERGY before DOING anything.


And if this is something that's FUCK YES resonating, then maybe it's time to do things differently.


With love and fire,

Amy xo

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