The Many Brand Iterations on my Entrepreneurial Journey

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While creating Uplevel Your Brand, this week I was reflecting on all the different brands I've created over the last decade!


And I wanted to share more of my story with you too in case you think "success" happens overnight or something...


So here's a little bit about my business history, that you may not know about me!


I’ve been a serial entrepreneur most of my adult life and have “failed” a lot.


There were times when I thought I had “wasted time” going down the wrong path.


But here’s what I’ve learned.


EVERYTHING you’re called to learn is actually serving your higher calling.


I’m not talking about the stuff that you think you “should learn” to be "qualified".


I’m talking about the pulling desire of a genuine curiosity to learn something because it feels good.


Because here's what can happen when you listen to that impulse...


In my 20’s I was drawn to dance. I started going to burlesque and EDM shows just for fun (and a deeper level healing). I got asked to dance on stage. Loved it.


Then decided to create a go-go dancing company and brand called VIBErant Gogo’s that thrived for years and performed with some of the biggest names in the EMD space in front of crowds of over 5000 people.


(Picture: performing for Feed Me with my team)


I was naturally making costumes for my team. And people in the rave community liked them. They asked if I could make them some too. Then Voila… my next brand was born… Pixie’s Panties. I sold bedazzled lingerie for ravers, burlesque dancers, and Halloween costumes.


(Pixie L'Amour was my burlesque stage name ūüėė)


(Picture: A custom mermaid bra set sold to a Burning Man attendee)


I thought.. Hey I have a knack for this stuff. I want to learn more!


I picked up my life from Kelowna BC, and moved to Vancouver to go to Fashion Business and Creative Arts School.


Learned all about branding, design, creative biz marketing and product development. I graduated at the top of my class and won some awards and money for it.


In that program, I did a school project on the history of crochet (something I learned to do when I was 8). I made a bikini for my project, posted it on the internet, and had a few people reach out saying they wanted one.


Boom. Coco Notti was born. My next fashion brand that was all hand-made crochet bikini’s.


(picture: Coco Notti Lookbook photography)


Then I went through a breakup and got super into personal development and healing work. 


So I started to blog about it.


And created a personal brand around the pen name Amy Meraki (yes meraki, is not my real last name. It means to do something with soul, creativity and love and to put something of yourself into your work).


I started blogging with the tagline “Self-Discovery through Self-expression”.


Until eventually people started reaching out for coaching session, and I decided to go certified in that.




I share with you my timeline because a lot of these businesses “failed” by some standards.


Although all of these businesses were making money, I still used credit cards, waitressing and cleaning houses part-time to be able to support me in the process (so there's ZERO shame in having a day job).


But I've felt successful in so many other ways. All I've ever really wanted was to be a full-time artist and get paid really well for it.


And radical transparency, 2020 is the first year I've been able to do that without with a day job on the side.


After 15 YEARS of following my soul's whispers and "failing" with 3 businesses before this!


So please do not give up.


I can see now how each one of those steps built skills one after another.


I couldn't have predicted how fashion, go-go dancing and soul work coaching could relate, but they do when I connect everything looking back with hindsight.


Especially since they all seemed like “different paths” along my journey.


But they’re not.


I still use everything I learned for my current offerings now.


I teach womxn to express all of who they are. 


To follow what lights them up.


To trust that you choosing you is what carves out the path.


I teach my clients to dance and embody their pleasure. I teach them to dress how ever they feel like in a way that helps them embody the energy they want to channel.


I teach them to create brands and businesses from their higher guidance.


I have the education to help them market in a way that feels in alignment.


And I have the inner tools of a master certified coach to help them clear limiting beliefs and old wounds so that they trust themselves.


I can see it was ALL happening for me.


But I didn’t “plan” any of it.


It’s all been from flow and following my excitement and higher guidance.


So babe, THIS is why I’m passionate about my work.


THIS is why flow, ease and inspired action is my message.


Because I’ve lived it.


I’ve lived it for the last 15 years.


And it only keeps getting better and more clear.


My invitation for you is to trust.


Trust everything is working out for you.


Trust that it’s all teaching you a gift to give to others as part of your purpose in this lifetime.


And trust that no matter where you’re at in the journey, that you’ll be able to find your way.


And if you’re scared, surrender it up. And ask yourself, what is it that brings you the most joy?


Imagine, what would your life look like if you followed what feels alive and exciting for you right now?


Knowing that you can't "fuck it up". That it's all just training you for what's to come.




My hope is that this message helps whoever needed to hear it today.


With all my love and pussy magick sparkles (because why not),

 Amy Meraki xo

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