Why Your Marketing Strategy Might Not Be Working



Do you feel like you're constantly doing and hustling so hard in your business with very little results to show for it? I get. I've so been there. 


And I think I might know what's missing.


But first, I wanted to break down how I see business as a whole.


We have the structure that holds everything together. I see this as "masculine energy".


It’s the systems we build to make our lives easier. Kind of like how cities or towns are developed. Like roads and transport. Buildings and infrastructure.


In business, it’s the templates, the frameworks, the step-by-step “how to’s”, the backend tech and strategies.


I also see it as discipline and consistency.


Then we have the soul of your business. The energy. The message. The purpose. The transformation. 



It's a living entity. An energetic feeling and subtle vibrational reality.



see the energy as the creative aliveness and Divine Feminine. I see it as Shakti.


I also see this energy as surrender and flow.


And it’s your ENERGY that people invest in. It’s your ENERGY that makes your business magnetic.


Your energy is transmitted through your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. It’s the vibration you radiate by just being who you are fully. It’s the confidence, certainty, and conviction in faith, miracles and possibilities. It's who you're BEING, not what you're DOING when you show up and serve..


Without being energetically aligned with who you truly are, and what you came here to do, none of the strategy stuff will work for you in your soul-aligned business. No matter how “perfect” you fill out the frameworks and copy and past those swipe files.


Your brand and business needs soul. Or else doing all the busy work will suck the life force right out of you. Then you’re left grasping for more and more, feeling like you can’t keep up. And like none of the strategies and tactics are working for you right now.


You might even create an identity that you're "bad at business". Like you "don't get it". And you might start judging the successful online marketers as "bad people".


But here's what's happened...


What I see most often is highly intuitive creatives like you, have the energy and soul purpose dialed in when they first get started in their business. 


You trusted the calling in your heart to start a soul-aligned business.


Your intentions were pure.


 You knew your "why".


You felt a deep inner knowing that you had gifts to give and were ready to show up and serve.


Then… you discovered you needed to learn marketing and strategy to make it work.


And when you got into the marketing world, there were so many rigid rules, systems, and frameworks you “should” do to be successful. There were so many experts telling you they knew better.


Not to mention so many conflicting view and opinions around what’s right and what’s not.


So you started to feel small.


 You started to second guess yourself.


You started to feel trapped and limited in your thinking.


You forgot that you’re a limitless creative genius.


You forgot that the Universe is conspiring in your favour.


You forgot the soul of your business and got stuck trying to “get it right” according to the marketing gurus.


But here’s the thing… the structures of marketing aren’t “bad” or “wrong”... there’s absolutely strategies, systems and structure I use that help me get my message out there in a bigger way (just like I shared in this blog post here).


But… the strategy isn’t what “works”. The structure isn’t what makes or breaks your soul work.


The structure is there to serve and support your message. Just like the roads and building support the people to LIVE.


It's your living message that's the foundation to your business.


It doesn't matter what structure you put it in, your message is constant. It breathes life into everything you offer. And your message comes from your heart.


This took me a really long time to understand. 


felt so trapped in a box when I first started learning how to market my soul work online.


So much of my creative energy got shut down and distorted because I was trying to “do it right”, and so much of what is taught went against what I valued and believed.


So when things finally clicked for me, and I learned how to use strategy and structure in a way that served my MESSAGE, is when I stopped feeling like I had to give away my power and do it perfect or else it wouldn’t work. And this is exactly when I started to see my business grow.


It felt so freakin’ liberating.


Which is why I’m so so sooooo passionate about helping other soul-led entrepreneurs share their work in a way that feels aligned AND gets them paid for being them.


My zone of genius is helping intuitive entrepreneurs who have overconsumed soooo much business and marketing advice that they feel overwhelmed, exhausted and shut down creatively. I help them get back into alignment with who they truly are, and what it is they came here to do.


help them simplify how they share their work online, and start attracting their soulmate clients in a way that feels fun, easeful and free.


Which basically feels like they just get paid to be who they are, and do the work they’d be doing anyways even if they had millions in the bank.


And I always start with energy work, letting go of business conditioning, and shifting limiting beliefs.


believe it's 80% inner work and 20% strategy that gets you results.


I’m your girl if you want to feel like magic and miracles are your normal.


Because here’s the thing, you probably already have all the business training and marketing templates you need.


You just need to let go of all the rules you’ve learned, and find a way to share your work that feels good.


Really at the end of the day, it's about creating a business structure that serves your life force, not the other way around.



And not doing it in that order could be why your strategies aren't working the way you want.



Did this one resonate? Be sure to give it a share if you think it can help someone else!


With love and pleasure,

Amy "Energy > Strategy" Meraki

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