Journal Prompts for When You're Struggling in your Soul Work


Before we dive into the journal prompts... I want to share a little story with you about WHY I used to struggle A LOT in my soul work. It came down to the way I looked at my business and the mindset I had around it.


I used to think my business would save me from my suffering, despair, and depression.


I unconsciously treated it like a Knight in Shining Armor that would come along and rescue me so that I didn't have to take full responsibility for my life.


I was stuck in victim consciousness, and couldn't see that it was ME who needed to DECIDE I was good enough, and let go of the pressure I was putting on myself.


I thought if I could just get my business off the ground...


If I could just learn to make money...


If I could just have a career I was proud of...


If I could just be valuable to society...


THEN I would be happy.


But here's the honest truth... happiness is an inside job that has to happen FIRST.


Before the money shows up...


Before the clients arrive...


Before the success happens "overnight"...


Before "society" sees your worth...


It's YOU who has to feel good about who you ARE.


I get it, it's easier said than done. But this is the work that matters most.


I stayed stuck for YEARS making next to no cash and burning out to the point where I gave it all up and quit, before I realized that I needed to focus on my energetic alignment, and come back to the things that made me feel good.


From there, I was able to remember who the fuck I was. I remember my worth and joy wasn't tied to business success. I remembered WHY I started to begin with. It wasn't to make money and feel worthy, it was because I had a DEEP soul calling to serve creatives to live their dreams.


It was because I could see a better future for mankind and the earth that required people to be who they truly are and go after things that lit them up inside.


It was because I couldn't stand the idea of not being fully self-expressed.


It was because I LOVED creating content. I LOVED personal development. I LOVED branding and marketing.


Money just happened to be the by-product of me DECIDING I get to be compensated for my energy, skills, and gifts. I didn't need to overcomplicate it or make a big deal about it.


It was coming back to my why, doing things that brought me joy, letting go of my business needing to be my knight in shining armor, and giving myself permission to fully express myself that MASSIVELY shifted my energy. And soon enough I was attracting clients and feeling genuinely empowered, worthy and unstoppable.


So if you catch yourself feeling burned out and exhausted, and looking for the next thing to save you, then maybe it's time to tune in a come back to your inner truth.


Here's a few journal prompts to help align you:


1. WHY did you start your business?

2. If you already had $1,000,000 in the bank and $100,000 coming in every single month easily and automatically for the rest of your life no matter what, what is the soul work you would be focusing on? What is it you TRULY desire to create?

3. What practices and actions bring you joy that has NOTHING to do with "growth", business, making money, or "being spiritual"? What parts of your human self have you denied because you've created a story that it's "not productive" to spend your time there, even though it lights you up and recharges you? (Hint: what did you do for fun as a kid? Some examples from my own life are reading fantasy books, playing video games, paint by numbers, and playing dress up).

4. What would it look like for you to prioritize the things that brought you joy from Question 3?


Start there to see a shift in your energy and focus right away.


With love + pleasure,

Amy Meraki

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