Let Go of Limiting Stories to Create More Ease


I'm poppin' in this week full of so much love and gratitude for such an incredible weekend with girlfriends traveling, playing, celebrating and going on surprise adventures to celebrate my friend Olivia's birthday.


And... I'm also completely tired and kind of exhausted. Wanting nothing more than to shut out the world.


Which it's 100% okay.



We think that once life is full of mind-blowing blessings. That we have all the things. We have an amazing community. We're making the income we desire. We have the soul mate partner. We're able to manifest instant blessings... that THEN we will feel 100% happy and excited all the time and never feel down, triggered or exhausted.


But that's just not reality.


I have those things. I am surrounded by amazing humans. I'm supporting myself full time with my business. I have a partner I adore who truly loves all of me. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and have an extremely privileged freedom-based lifestyle... I can instant manifest A LOT of freakin' magick... and I still go through waves of self-doubt, fear and anxiety.


It's part of the journey.


What's different though, is at a certain point in my journey, I kind of got bored of the stories and decided to not let them stop me.


I got bored of my mind telling me I'm not enough.


I got bored of the story that it wasn't safe to express all of myself.


I got bored of my family history and thinking that I couldn't possibly live an epic life because I didn't come from wealth and a thriving family dynamic.


It just became the same ol' story on repeat.


And I decided I didn't want to feed it with my energy anymore.


So instead I decided to dream a new reality into being.


I thought... well... if I don't like that story and destination... what do I want instead?


I imagined what it would feel like to be successful no matter what.


I imagined what that success would even look like for me.


I imagined the things I would do with that freedom.


I imagined the way I would show up with clarity and certainty.


I began giving more energy to possibility than I did to the limiting stories and old ways of being.


And I watched as my days became more easeful.


I gave myself permission to enjoy my life. 


To stop trying so hard because I just decided I was successful already.⁠


And if I was already that version of me... what was to worry?


What could I do today that felt fun, exciting or relaxing?


Some days it's create content for hours on hours.


Others days it's have a nap in my pajamas.


Some days it's go on adventures with my friends or lover.


Other days it's binge watch content from my teachers.


Some days it's cry into a pillow, scream and have an orgasm.


Other days it's show up and share my stories.


The point is, I don't always know what the "right way" is to feel better.


But I always trust that whenever I'm in a funk that I can ask for guidance, support, and then surrender.


Because we're all in this together.


And I trust that the divine is in my corner.


So babe... know this: I am not perfect. I do not feel 100% awesome even though my life is amazing.


But because I've practiced loving myself through the sticky parts, and stopped giving so much energy to the fear patterns... it's gotten easier and easier to rise from any momentary forgetfulness of my power.


So where ever you are on your journey, I want you to remember your power's never left you.


All you gotta do is call it back now and take care of yourself like you love you.


And trust.


Trust that it gets easier.


Trust that you already have the answers.


Trust that this is all happening for you.


Looking back you'll see that you're a badass who's so strong and wise because of it.


And will have that evidence to support you anytime you momentarily take a dip into forgetfulness.


Is this resonating?


Share this message.


Who knows who needs to hear it.


With love and softness, I choose to surrender.


Will you join me?



 Amy Meraki xo 


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