What I Learned From Getting a Side Job While Growing my Business

What I Learned From Getting a Side Job While Growing my Business

I had a past client reach out on Instagram this week curious how I've been since I'm not posting much there right now, and it made me think that others might be curious too!


Truth is, A LOT is shifting in my work life right now.


I started my personal brand back in 2015, and it's gone through SO MANY iterations. I've shared content on self-love, sacred sexuality, manifesting, and more recently branding and marketing (over the last 2 years).


Through it all though, one theme has remained constant, and that's staying in energetic alignment with your soul and truth. And I do my absolute best to embody my message and listen to my soul's guidance too.


At the start of January 2022, I got sick and was bedridden for a bit. During that time I was considering what the next steps were for my business because I was starting to feel some stagnant energy and dying passion.


I'm quite familiar with the cycles and seasons of passion in my business and creative work. Like any relationship, my relationship with my business goes through ups and downs, and it's staying committed to it that allows me to ride the waves of uncertainty and clarity that repeat time and time again.


This past month, I got clear that during this time of realignment all I wanted to do in my business was WRITE. I didn't want to be creating new programs, courses, or products right now... and I didn't want to take on any more new clients.


With this clarity,  I needed to "figure out" how to transition my income from primarily 1:1 coaching to writing, so I opened myself up to the possibility of getting a part-time job to feel safe and secure in my nervous system (I even started applying for waitressing jobs).


I will say this... I had some serious resistance to work through first though! My business has provided me with financial security over the last 2 years, plus I teach others how to market themselves and make money doing their soul's work... so I had a lot of fear around what my audience would think if they knew I was looking for a side job.


But as I sat with the decision, it felt more and more like a true soul desire... which I've learned to trust over the years regardless of what other people think.


I was afraid my audience (you) would see it as a failure and see me as a fraud because I'm taking a small step back to readjust my work right now.


But the beautiful thing is, my only job is to model my message and embody my work. There have been times when I support my clients to find part-time work while they build their businesses, and if I can feel at complete ease supporting them in making that decision, then I must be able to support and back myself in that decision too.


Because the honest truth is, there is no shame in having more than one income stream on the entrepreneurial path. And the creative path is non-linear, and there is no "going backward".


Especially when a decision feels right and true for you.


And guess what...


Once I made the decision to start looking for work, opportunities came at me from every angle!


I was even offered a marketing job as an in-house copywriter for a multi-million dollar wellness company... which I'm happy to say... I took!!


Wahoo!! this new chapter has felt so exciting for me. ūü•≥ūüéČūü•ā


And these past 2 weeks have been full-on onboarding and focusing my attention on that new role... so over the next little while, you might be hearing from me a bit less than usual.


My intention previously was to connect with you once a week through my MuseLetter... and moving forward, my intention is probably going to be closer to once or twice a month sharing any new blog posts or updates as I feel called.


I just wanted to keep you in the loop so you weren't guessing about "where I've been". I can assure you all is well in my world and I just got offered a dream writing job with ease!


Thanks for being a part of this community and on this soul work journey with me.


And if you've been feeling the call to get part-time work while you ride the waves of your business, I want you to know there's no shame in it. Even someone who's been at it for years sometimes desires that too, because it can feel so so good on the nervous system to have some stability and consistent income while you adjust, align, and figure out the next steps to uplevel your business and vision.


I hope this email inspired you to trust your impulses and soul whispers... you're always being guided to what's right for you, and I want to remind you that the Universe is here to support you. It's all adding up for you.


With love and pleasure,

Amy Meraki

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