Should You Offer Free Calls in Your Business?

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A client of mine reached out this morning because she got an email from another business coach who said something along the lines of "you should never offer another free call again". (I'm paraphrasing... but it was something along those lines) and she wanted to know my thoughts on free calls as a business strategy.


And to be honest, I didn't even need to look at the email to know I couldn't disagree more.


Anytime I see someone saying you "should or shouldn't" do something to connect to your audience makes me cringe a little.


It's my philosophy and belief that the only thing you "should" do to market your business and connect with your audience is what FEELS GOOD and aligned.


In fact, I had another client last month who put out an offer for a free call to help with one specific problem. She was a newer coach and was feeling a little discouraged because she wasn't getting the type of engagement she wanted on her posts.


I knew she was an exceptional certified coach. She was wise, had great life experienced, and had the best energy EVER. And truly deeply CARED about making a difference in peoples lives.


But she had just forgotten who she was a little. She had forgotten her sparkle.


So I suggested she craft a free session geared towards solving a very specific problem in her niche, and only offer a limited few spots that week.


She crafted the offer. She made a couple of posts on Instagram. And booked a couple of free calls that week.


These free calls also required them to fill out a quick and easy intake form, so she was also gathering free market research on her ideal soulmate clients, and she was creating boundaries and pre-qualifying people so she could serve them best.


After doing these free calls, she came to our next sessions with SO MUCH MORE CONFIDENCE.


It helped her remember that man, she really does have A LOT of value to share!! It made her feel so good to be of service in this way.


AND she was completely unattached from needing to makes sales because it was purely coming from the space of wanting to connect and be of service to her audience.


And you wanna know what happened?


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Within a couple weeks, one of those ladies reached out and became a private paid client.


And that was just last month.


And if she would have listened to the advice of this other business coach who said "you should never offer free calls again", then she wouldn't have connected with an ideal soulmate client and get to be of service and do the soul work she loves.


And babe, here's some real talk, if you're here in my world, then you're the type of person who's in business to be of SERVICE.


And how we serve our ideal soulmate clients will look different for each of us.


There is no "right way" to market your business.


I don't give a fuck about the trends and "what's working and what's not".


I care about you following your heart.


Following the feel good.


Getting into alignment first.


And if it feels good for you to get on the phone with people and serve them in a no pressure way, then I don't see how that's not a win-win?


You get to decide.


As for me?


There's times I like doing free calls, and there's times when I don't.


Right now I am offering $25 Niche Clarity Calls (reg. $167).


But in a month from now I might change my mind.


And then later bring them back if I feel called.


Who knows. I follow the energy and discern my truth as I go.


Business gets to be fluid. It gets to feel good.


You get to decide moment to moment what's in alignment and what's not.


There's not some marketing god in the sky that came down and said "This is what works and if you don't do this then you'll fail".




That's not how it works.


Trust your impulses to show up and serve in a way that feels good for YOU.


I can stress this enough.


Placing so many "shoulds" and "rules" in your business, and giving your power away to all the marketing gurus, is a sure way to burn the f*ck out (I've been there, I know).


So if you're looking to my answer to "Should you do free calls?"... my answer would be, "Well do you want to?".


You get to decide.


You get to follow your desires.


You get to run and create your business exactly how you want to.


And know it will work no matter what because it's what you've decided.


Then just follow your intuition to the next aligned actions that feel in alignment.


And be courageous enough to take those actions even if it scares you.


Basically, that's it.


Does this resonate?


If so make sure you share this!


With love and a little rebellion,

Amy "Do What Feels Aligned" Meraki

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