Should I Rebrand or Start a New Account?

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 I was tagged in a FB group as someone who might the answer to this question:


Question: "I'm looking for tips or assistance on how to build a personal brand in the area of soul healing and expansion.

Thinking to bring my social media to the next level. Is it better to build new channels from scratches or continue existing ones and smoothly transit to new aligned content?"


So in other words... when you're launching a new biz or evolving in your current one, "should" you rebrand your current social media accounts, or start from scratch?


And here's my two cents on this question!


Answer: There is no "right way" in my opinion. I've done both over the years... rebranded current accounts and also started a new one from scratch. Both brought in results 😊

Whatever you decide will work. It's just about making the decision and knowing that you will reach the right people through the energy you embody and claim first.

The fact that I was even tagged in this post is a perfect example of a successful rebrand on my personal account.

I used to focus primarily on women's Empowerment and sacred sexuality in my coaching, but in the last year I switched to business and branding for soul-led entrepreneurs because that's what called to me, based off my own journey, excitement, and schooling. 😊

But if you want to start from scratch that's cool too. I did that once for a year and it went great, until I got tired of running 2 accounts and just decided I get to be ALL of me in my business and only run one, which could grow and evolve as I do.


That's it!  I hope this answer helps if you're trying to make a similar decision. Of course, reach out if you have any other questions. I freakin' LOVE having something to respond to (for all my Human Design geeks out there, I'm a manifesting generator and we thrive when responding in life).


With love and pleasure,

Amy Meraki

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