What Perfectionists Should Know About Growing a Soul-led Business


I want to let you know you don't have to know exactly what you're doing to just start and take action.


My first workshop I had less than 20 hours notice to put together a presentation. I was teaching 60 new coaches about pleasure in business, and activating confidence and magnetism.⁠

I had never hosted an online workshop in my life, and had no clue what I was “supposed” to do.⁠

And I didn’t have much time to plan anything anyways given I had other tasks to get done that day.⁠

To say I was nervous was an understatement.⁠

I had a hard time sleeping the night before, but I just kept trusting that it was all going to be fine and that I would nail it.⁠ ⁠

I woke up in the morning and took a shot of my own medicine.⁠

I got into flow, trust and surrender, envisioned having a blast, knowing the exact thing to say and when, and just intended to serve these beautiful womxn!⁠

What happened?⁠

I jumped on the call and channeled 45 mins straight from soul and it was FREAKIN’ SO MUCH FUN!⁠

Right before going on I danced my butt off and decided that instead of being nervous I was actually excited.⁠

And that energy of excitement I transmitted into my presentation.⁠

It was easy. It flowed. It felt alive. I didn’t have to worry about “getting it right” because I didn’t have anything planned other than 5 or so points jotted down that morning.⁠

It felt like I got paid to just show up and be me.⁠

And babe, this is just how business gets to be.⁠

No more trying to "get it right", much more trusting your creative soul to EMERGE in the moment.⁠


Does this mean it's not scary? Heck no! Trusting in flow and the unknown can be terrifying! But this is how your soul works. No filter, just letting go.

⁠So babe tune in... are you still looking for the magic formula for success?⁠


Do you still believe business has to be hard?⁠


That's there's a perfect system or plan that you need to follow to see results?⁠


⁠Scrap all that. It's heavy and you know it.


Instead, journal on these...


What would it look like for you to surrender and trust that it will all work out?⁠


What would it look like if business was fun?⁠ What would you do in your business? (Get specific)


What would it look like if it were easy?⁠

If you knew this was all how it gets to be, what would your next aligned action be? 


I would love to hear what you discover!


With love + pleasure,

Amy xo

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