This Happens When You Hit Rock Bottom and Are Ready to Rise


There’s this one thing that’s been really present for me lately, and it’s the curve we ALL go through in life.

We hear the saying, “What goes up, must come down”… but the opposite is also true, ” What goes down, must come up”.

Sometimes we’re on our way downward into a healing journey that transforms us deeply (which is where I think a lot of humanity is right now with what’s going on in the world). It requires so much patience, love, compassion and gentleness. Oftentimes during these seasons of our lives, we just don’t have the energy to focus on anything but our own healing. And that is 100% okay and necessary. It’s so important to trust the process of the cocoon.

Then at a certain point we hit the bottom of our personal valley. We’ve purged, healed, and let go of soooo much. Fully facing the darkness, our shadows, and our deepest fears. If we were a caterpillar… we’d have turned into a ball of mush all wrapped up.

And as we hit the bottom, something beautiful happens if we choose it… we begin our accession upwards. We begin to RISE. To claim that we deserve to feel good. That our desires matter. Our dreams. Our visions. Our goals.

A fire gets lit under our asses and we stand up and say NOW I commit to this dream no matter what. I am fierce. I have overcome so much. I am powerful and worthy. I’ve got this.

You’ve been through the fire. You’ve found your power. You know your truth.

And often times those truths are saturated in love, compassion and wanting to serve.

From here it’s time for you to rise and give your gifts to the world.

It’s time to shine your light and say YES to your soul purpose that you found through your painful journey inwards.

And THIS is the woman I’m calling in now.

My mission is to help feminine Entrepreneurs rise and shine as they grow their online businesses in a way that feels easy, fun, effortless and in flow. No more overwhelm, hustle, exhaustion and fear running the show.

If this is you, and you’re on the rise, then stick around. Everything I create is for you!

If you’re still in the fires of intense transformation, shadow work and trauma healing, then my content from here on out might not resonate with you… and that’s okay! I have SO much compassion for that part of the curve too (trust me I’ve beeeeeeen there!). But I also believe that deep relational trauma healing and emotional healing, requires a different approach and mindset than manifesting a soul-led biz into the world.

Yes healing comes up in business too, but we get better and quicker at moving through the fear and wounds. It starts to become easier and easier.

So I’m following what’s in alignment for me now and you’re welcome to join the sparkle party too!

I’m calling in Soul Mate clients who are ready to CREATE the vision they’ve always dreamed of. Who feel sick and tired and holding back and staying small and KNOW now’s the time to put their work out into the world.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of the online biz you’ve always wanted to start, but have had a hard time knowing where to even begin before the overwhelm kicks in.

Or maybe you’ve been at it for a few years and it’s exhausting you. Leaving you drained with very little to show for it.

Or all the masculine advice out there to just “crush it, push harder, and hustle till you win”, is quickly making you believe that maybe you just weren’t cut out for this.

But you were. Because you’ve been called to it, from a place deeeeep within you.

There is another way… you absolutely CAN do business from ease, alignment and flow.

I sooo look forward to riding this wave of expansion with you!

Rise & shine,

Amy xo

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