Why I Haven't Been Sharing on Instagram Lately

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received an Instagram DM yesterday that was just checkin' in on me. They asked because they noticed I hadn’t posted there in a while.


So I just wanted to give you a little update of why that is!


In December, I started to notice a lot of my clients and potential clients were struggling with the pressure to show up online constantly.


They felt like they “should” be posting all the time or else they’d beat themselves up and think their business wouldn't work.


Now, prior to this, I would have coached these women to find a way to make showing up fun and like a pure expression of just who they were. And also encourage them to set the intention that their content would be highly valuable for their ideal soulmate clients (regardless of what they posted).


Because that was my “strategy” for showing up consistently on that platform. And it worked. 


just allowed my content to be my art. And trusted the transmission would land with those who needed the message that came through me that day.


But something shifted in December. And that platform no longer felt in alignment for me. It started to feel like a drain on my energy. It started to feel forced and challenging. Things weren’t flowing. And this was after showing up there regularly for most of 2020.


As someone who’s primary message in my business is to follow the feel good and allow this to be fun and easeful… well, it didn’t feel in alignment for me to push and force myself to do something I didn’t want to do anymore.


So I gave myself permission to tune in and listen to what I truly desired and what the next aligned action was.


wasn’t available to stop sharing content completely, but something needed to change with HOW I was going about it.


So for the month of January I made the decision to switch to paid traffic and SEO marketing.


hired a FB ads specialist, and now run traffic to a simple and easy funnel which is growing my email list daily with amazing soulmate people.


hired a Pinterest Manager who is optimizing my pins for SEO to guide people to my website, freebies, and offers.


focused on writing an email to you weekly, which I then sometimes re-purposed as blog posts (like I'm doing now).


I've created simple and easy automation to invite people to request a free consultation if they felt inspired to work with me.


started selling my DIY branding course on autopilot through an automated email sequence. 


And I had people reaching out in my Instagram DM about coaching, even though I hadn’t posted there in over a month.


had more eyeballs on my work than ever before. All while feeling like I was doing less and less.


And honestly… it felt soooo liberating to know I could still run my business, serve my people, and create content that feels good from my soul, without having to push myself to do something that I didn’t want to right now.


Now here’s the thing… after taking the month off from posting on Instagram, I’ve started to notice a natural DESIRE to start sharing there again. Not because I “have to”, but because I miss the natural joy that comes from self-expression and connecting directly with my audience and clients.


But there is no pressure. I can choose to do it or not. I’ll keep tuning into my truth on this as I go.


know that I have systems, and automation running for me on autopilot now. 


Now did it take effort and a learning curve to set everything up?




Was there moments where I feared I had broken my business and negatively impacted “the algorithm”, and felt disconnect from everything.


Yup. Totally happened.


But I kept coming back to my vision. I kept coming back to my desire. I kept coming back to my truth.


desired to have freedom to create as I wanted, connect easily and regularly with ideal soulmate clients, and have a masculine structure in place that allowed me to flow and create from my feminine.


And I have to say this is exactly what I’ve created.


The seeds have been planted, and I’m seeing little sprouts poppin’ up.


know it will be like popcorn, a few little kernels to start, then pop pop pop all at once. 🍿


 have no doubt. Because I've decided that's just how it is.


And even though I was scared to try something new (I had been organically marketing since 2015), I’m so grateful I had the courage to follow my heart and expand to the next level of growth.


And what does your next level look like for you?


Journal on some of these prompts to find deeper alignment with your truth:


Is there something in your heart that you're doing that you know doesn't feel aligned?

What are you non-negotiables for showing up? And are they sustainable for where you're at? 

What would it look like for you to create a content plan that felt fun and easy that you could commit to long term?


That's it!


To shining bright,

Amy "There Are So Many Other Ways" Meraki



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