Create More Business Ease with This Simple Mindset Shift


Let’s talk about patience with growing our businesses… or the lack thereof.

It can lead to so much unnecessary suffering in our life and biz when we show up with an attitude of “I want it and I want it NOW!”.

I want to be clear that I’m speaking here from my experience. I know how much this has impacted my joy levels when I let my desire for instant gratification run amuck.

This pattern has creeped up in so many different areas of my life. I’ll schedule time for something, let’s use creating content or tasks for example. And if I get blocked or don’t feel inspired in that exact moment then I’ll get frustrated. From that frustration comes self-doubt. And before you know it I’ve worked myself up into a tizzy and end up giving up and moving onto something else. Then feel shitty and unproductive afterwards. Because you know… I’m not being 10000% productive exactly when I want to be at all times. I stress out about not making fast enough progress and worry that I’ll get stuck. Which is a complete illusion of the ego, further fueling the feelings of lack and limitation.

This theme of impatience has shown up for me in surprisingly many areas of my life… not just business.

I’ve tried to force things to happen before the circumstances and conditions are ripe for full blossoming. For example:

Wanting to heal more quickly than my heart is ready for.

Wanting to be further along in my career, even when I was just starting to take the first steps.

Feeling impatient with orgasms and sexual desire.

Rushing through meals or eating on the go.

Wanting to learn without doing the homework.

Wanting to understand without doing the research.

Wanting to have the wisdom without going through the experience.

Wanting to be told the answers from a coach without actually having to work through the process.

Just wanting to know everything right NOW.

And this energy is simply does not serve me. It’s time to let it go.  If you’re in a similar spot then perhaps it’s time to release this pattern too?

It’s okay to slow things down.

When I listen to my intuition during these times of frustration, I’m usually guided to some form of self-care. I might go for a walk, take a bath, or do some meditative colouring. Then before you know it the magical inspiration fairy has popped back into my psyche when I least expected her and we’re off on a magical adventure together again!

I’m also able to focus better when I’m not putting so much pressure on myself and actually enjoy the moment fully. I become more productive, have more insights, and find a greater sense of ease when I surrender the timing of things in my life.

What have I learned from this experience? That sometimes we need to give it up and just allow the flow of our Spirit/Inner Guidance/Universal Energy (or whatever higher power you believe in) to take us where we are meant to go in divinely perfect timing.

Sometimes we aren’t meant to know right this moment. Sometimes we’re only given a push in the right direction. We might be able to visualize the whole cake, our dreams and desires, but if we tried to shove the whole thing in our mouth we’d only make a mess, choke or get sick afterwards.

So we must learn patience and break it down into bite size pieces. We must learn to chew and savour each bite. We must learn that some things are meant to unfold naturally and that we are exactly were we are meant to be surrounded by everything that we need.

I know how tempting it is to push through those moments of frustration and keep stressing about what’s next and wanting it right now, but sometimes we miss the golden nuggets we are meant to learn in the magic of where we are right now. And those gems of wisdom and skills are exactly what we’ll need to take with us to fulfill our greater visions.

Trust in the process. Trust that you are learning what you need. Trust that the path will become more clear as you take each step forward.

I promise you that the key to more fulfillment in your life comes from making peace with time. Realizing that we never have too much or too little of it. We only ever have now, and that it’s our job to honour where we are at, and accept it fully with self-love, compassion, and patience. And from that space we are then able to take inspired action to move things forward with ease.

Everything is unfolding as it’s meant to, and it’s something I need to remind myself of too sometimes.


Rise & shine,

Amy Meraki

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