9 Books to Change Your Mindset About Money (So You Can Manifest More!)

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9 Books to Change Your Mindset About Money (So You Can Manifest More of it)


Did you grow up with a "starving artist" complex? Ya, me too. Working on my money mindset and healing financial trauma has been one of the biggest areas of growth I've faced as an entrepreneur!


In this blog post, I'll share with you the 9 money mindset books that made the biggest difference for me over the years. These aren't the typical self-help money books filled with financial advice, money hacks, or steps on how to make your first million. They're money mindset books that have changed thousands of lives because they truly shift your perspective about money from within. When you feel truly abundant and emotionally free around money, it comes to you easily and effortlessly because money is just energy.


If money blocks are keeping you from building your dream business or selling your offers with ease, then you're gonna want to read these 9 money mindset books that will change how you experience money.


You'll thank me later. šŸ˜‰


Book #1: Tapping Into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Making More Money, by Margaret M. Lynch


Start with this money mindset book and you might not even need to go further on this list.  Seriously... I wish I found it sooner!

It will guide you to heal money trauma on a nervous system level. It teaches you about money psychology and the subconscious mind, then shows you how to clear your money blocks using tapping (EFT), which is like acupuncture for emotions. Tapping helps release old feelings of trauma around money that are stored in an energy blockage within your body's meridians or energetic nervous system. When this happens, you can finally be able to create more wealth easily and feel safe, secure, and free around money.

Tapping into Wealth is an absolute game-changer.

Buy it on Amazon HERE (or just google it if you don't want to support them).




Book #2: You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth, by Jen Sincero


Wait a minute... STOP and go read Book #1 before moving on! Seriously... do all the exercises in Tapping into Wealth. Then if you're still hungry for more... read on. (The rest of this book list is shared in no particular order).


Alright, so if you're ready to move on...


Book #2: "You are a Badass at Making Money" is an awesome money mindset book that's an easy read.  Jen Sincero is freakin' hilarious too in my opinion.

I found some of the letter-writing exercises in this book to be particularly helpful.  I also found it pretty inspiring to learn that Jen didn't start learning about making and managing money until she was in her 40's. It reminded me that no matter how "far behind" you feel compared to others, that we're all on our timeline and that change can happen whenever you decide it's time.

Get You Are a Badass at Making Money HERE.



Book #3: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, by T. Harv Eker 


I read this money mindset book back in 2019 and it totally shifted my understanding of "money blueprints". Money blueprints are the beliefs and feelings we pick up in childhood that sink into our subconscious mind and impact our choices present day. Think of it like an actual blueprint, which is a foundational map we build infrastructure off of.

The author, T. Harv Ekar, teaches you not only how to identify your money blueprint, but also how to recode it like a computer program. He uses mindset blueprints called "wealth files", which will help you identify shitty money habits and create new ones based on how rich people think and behave around money. 

Definitely worth the read!

Get the book HERE.



Book #4: It's Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance by Tosha Silver


This money mindset book is for my spiritual woo-woo types out there. It really helped me with letting go of controlling, grasping, and chasing money, and helped me surrender a lot of my money fears over to Divine Love.

It's full of beautiful practices, prayers, and rituals to help you experience a state of abundance and ease within. And helped me have more faith, trust, and certainty on my path, which of course are key ingredients to manifest, allow, and receive more income through the Law of Attraction.

I'd definitely recommend it if you have a strong connection to Spirit.

You can find it HERE.



Book #5: The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles


This money mindset book is an oldie! It came out in the early 1900s. It's probably one of the earliest books that I know of that speaks about the Law of Attraction (even before Ester Hicks started channeling Abraham).

I thought it was a quick and easy read. My biggest take-away was locking in the belief that selling or earning does NOT take away from others and that there is enough to go around in our abundant Universe.

There are so many other juicy reminders and reframes in there, that I highly recommend you check out! Like I said... it's a fast read filled with great reminders of the nature of our Universe.

Get it HERE for less than $1 on Kindle.



Book #6: Think and Grow Rich: This Book Could Be Worth a Million Dollars to You by Napoleon Hill


Do you know the story behind this money mindset book? Napoleon Hill studied 500 of America's most wealthy and successful men of that time period (published in 1937), in order to distill their success secrets into one simple formula.

The result was Think and Grow Rich! It's now a classic money mindset book filled with practical wisdom from the minds of millionaires.

The thing I LOVE about this book is that it speaks to the connection between sexual energy and magnetism (and money - hello sacral chakra anyone?!!).

The one thing I don't love about this book is it reeks of patriarchal languaging and is a little behind the times including women and non-binary into the wealth creation equation.

But it's still worth the read if you can look past that to the core of what he's saying.

Get it HERE.



Book #7: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First-Class Life, by Denise Duffield-Thomas


This money mindset is especially relevant to women who are entrepreneurs and undercharging for their products and services. She does a good job of speaking to the blocks that especially women face in a male-dominated industry like growing a business.

It also reads like a sassy love note to a best friend. I love an easy, playful, conversational read like this book.

It's got both inner healing tools (like forgiveness work) and outer actions (like money tracking + decluttering) which I'm a fan of.

She does a good job at reminding us that it's a journey and that small baby steps towards your goals start adding up to manifest a whole new reality.

Read it HERE.



Book #8: Rich As F*ck: More Money Than You Know What to Do With by Amanda Francis


Mmm mmm mmmmm. This money mindset book was full of juicy delicious PERMISSION to want what you want, and say YES to your true soul desires. Just reading the way she talks about wealth felt like it transported me to a world of luxurious living with more than enough.

I let go of so much shame around my desires of wanting more and learned some powerful journaling exercises to help transform limiting belief on the spot.

She also does an amazing job at seeing (and writing to) the reader as their most empowered, worthy, badass, and capable selves. From a coaching perspective, this makes all the difference because energetically it activates the reader into embodying those qualities now.

I freaking loved this read (and went through it 3 times which is quite rare for me).

Get your copy HERE.



Book #9: The Illusion of Money: Why Chasing Money Is Stopping You from Receiving It by Kyle Cease


I highly recommend this money mindset book for any artist or creative entrepreneur who's chasing money in hopes of feeling successful, validated, or safe. Or anyone else who's scared to follow their calling because it's not guaranteed to give you a big paycheck.

Kyle does an amazing job at reminding us why chasing the high of success and financial security will never be the answer to our deepest fulfillment.

It was a beautiful book that reminded me that giving our gifts from our authentic desire to serve is the first step and that the money we receive is a byproduct of making a positive impact and being in alignment.

Buy it now HERE.




In Conclusion


Money mindset books have the power to change your money story and help you start creating a prosperous future now.

These nine money mindset books will help you transform limiting beliefs, fears around money, as well as attract more money into your life!

But like I said, be sure to start with book #1: Tapping into Wealth, and then if you want more, come back and revisit the others and see if one of them calls to you first.

Have you read any of these books? What was your biggest takeaway? Share it in the comments!


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With love + abundance,

Amy Meraki

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