55 Powerful Money Affirmations That Work Fast to Attract Abundance

55 Money Affirmations That Work Fast to Attract Abundance

Debt and poverty don't have to be your destiny. You can be rich, happy, and free from debt by changing the way you think and act about money starting now (and this article will begin showing you how).


One of my favorite tools to help with this shift is using affirmations in conjunction with embodiment work. In this article, I’ll share with you what affirmations are, why they work, and what to do when you feel like you’re lying to yourself while using affirmations (because hey, it can happen!).


Plus I’ll give you 55 powerful money affirmations examples that can make you rich (yes 55!), so you don’t have to stress coming up with them, and you can just pick and choose which ones you like best.


Ready to start using affirmations for money attraction and an abundance mindset?


Wahoo! Then keep on reading. 🎉



But first, what are affirmations?


Affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself that help to reinforce a desired belief or behavior.  


That’s it. It’s a very simple concept. All you have to do is take a positive statement that makes you feel good, and repeat it over and over again until it sinks into your subconscious mind and becomes your dominant belief system.


Affirmations are used when you want to have a more empowering narrative around a specific topic. Because how we think and feel about something, impacts how we behave in that area of life. 


In this article, we're going to be talking about money affirmations specifically, but you can do affirmations for your love life, health, relationships, creativity, and career too— basically, any area where you're struggling and want to feel more ease.



How do affirmations work?


Affirmations work by "reprogramming the subconscious mind". 


Our subconscious mind is always active processing information in the background— kind of like a supercomputer.


It's taking information from our experiences, and the environment around us, and regulating our nervous system and behaviors to try and keep us safe. 


It will try and predict pain or pleasure for us and guide our actions accordingly — often on "default mode" using the least amount of mental bandwidth and energy that it can.


To give you an example of the subconscious mind in action, I want you to think of a time when you've been driving (or walking) home and found yourself lost in thought only to become aware that you've traveled 6 blocks and didn't even notice... your body just took over.


That's your subconscious mind working for you! It's "aware" of what's going on around you even if you're not paying attention. And will drive on "auto-pilot". But first, you had to take that road again and again until it became familiar and seeped into your subconscious memory.



Your brain pathways are not that different. You had repeated experiences in your past that you survived. Some were painful, some pleasurable, but both shaped the "roads" in your mind. And now if you're not fully present, your brain will default to the actions and emotions that are most familiar to you.


These are often called "patterns". Some can be empowering and serve you, while others become the things that sabotage you.


So how does this all relate to affirmations and your experience with money?


Well, if you grew up in a household that always argued about money, never had enough, or it was a point of tension or disappointment (say for example your parents couldn't afford to put you in sports, or they got a divorce because of financially disagreements) then that pain will become associated with money in your subconscious mind.


And as you grow up, you may find yourself repeating patterns like overspending, avoiding money, or thinking it's the root of all evil because it "destroys" relationships and people. Because that "road" is familiar to you. Even if it causes pain and isn't what you want, your subconscious mind knows you can survive it.


On top of that, we sometimes hide the root of our patterns or subconscious programming from ourselves because it can bring back painful memories that we don't want to feel and didn't have the tools to deal with as a child.


But now, as a grown adult, you do have access to the tools to help you heal any money trauma from the past!


The good news is, you have the power to turn left instead of right at that metaphorical intersection. And with practice, the new road you choose will become familiar and your new "auto-pilot".


Using affirmations is one piece of that process.


The other piece is doing "embodiment work" to release the pain from the past and "rewire" pleasure with money in your nervous system.


Embodiment work is where you feel your feelings and sensations with non-judgment, discharge the past shock from your body, and replace it with how you want to think and feel about money instead.


Doing this deeper inner work to rewire the nervous system for pleasure is exactly how I support my 1:1 clients (because it can be challenging to do on your own without a guide and space holder).



What is the science behind affirmations?


I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, I don't love writing research papers, so instead of including the science behind affirmations in this article, I've decided to outsource this information by linking to another article. Check out  PositivePsychology.com to get the science behind affirmations.


Now that you know what affirmations are and why affirmations work, let’s talk about how to use affirmations for attracting money!


Sound good?


My 4-step Embodied Affirmations Process

Here is the overview of the process I use:


1. Notice your current thoughts patterns.

2. Practice self-acceptance and self-love.

3. Use embodiment practices to release any pain.

4. Choose the new empowering thoughts you'd like to think instead (positive affirmations) and pair them with a pleasure practice.


Let's break down each of these steps even deeper now...


Step #1: Notice your current thoughts patterns and beliefs around money.

The key with Step #1 is noticing the thought patterns that are going on underneath the surface that you might not be aware of most of the time. 

There are several ways you can discover these subconscious thought patterns, but in this article, I'm only going to give you 2 methods that I think are the easiest to remember.


METHOD #1) Notice how to talk about money to other people.

For this method to work, make it a practice to pay extra close attention to the words you use to others when you’re talking about your financial situation. 

For example, watch if you say things like “I’m broke.”, “I can’t afford it.”, or “That’s too expensive.”.

Notice those words… because that’s also what’s going on in your subconscious mind.


METHOD #2) Notice how purchasing something makes you feel in your body (this is how I infuse "embodiment work" with affirmations to shift my money mindset).

Next time you go to buy something that's either a need or a desire, slow down and tune inwards... how does pressing "Buy Now" on that button make you feel? What about when you have to pay a bill? Or pull out your card at the grocery till?



Do you feel tense? Stressed? Anxious? Contracted?

Take a moment to tune into your body as you're making your next purchase and locate the sensation in your body and describe how it feels.


For example: “I feel a tightness in my chest”.


🌟Helpful Tip🌟 There is no “right way” to describe it, and it will be unique to your body. Just tune into what the sensation is ("tightness") and where you feel it ("in my chest").


From there, just imagine if that part of your body had a voice, what would it say? 

In this example, maybe the tightness in your chest would say something like...


“I don’t have enough. I’ll never have enough. I’m not enough. I’ve done something wrong and should be better at handling my money. I'm worthless because I'm poor. Poor me.”


You can see how doing this deeper embodiment work can bring to the surface unconscious thoughts around money that you didn't even know were there! It can be surprising what comes up when we learn to listen to our body's wisdom.

Doing this embodiment work in the moment of a trigger (like a purchase) can be so helpful for uncovering thought patterns that have been keeping us stuck.

But if you can't do this whole process at once because you're in a public place, just take note of the sensation and where it is, then when you're somewhere private you can recall the experience that triggered you and give it a voice then.

After you become aware of the limiting beliefs, it's time to move on to step #2! 🎉


Step 2: Practice self-acceptance and self-love for where you are now.

Yep, I'm not asking you to change a thing in this step! The key to transformation is actually LOVE (from self and others).🥰

I know it’s going to be really tempting to force change and “fix” yourself… but before affirmations can really work, it’s imperative that you love and accept yourself exactly as you are now.

This acceptance helps us feel safe and can take our body out of the stress response. 

From this baseline of feeling more at peace with where you're at, you can then decide if you want to stay here for a while, or choose a different "pathway" moving forward.

There is no right or wrong answer. It can be really healing to sit in the comfort zone of self-acceptance and gentleness for as long as you need.



The intention with step 2 is to see that you are worthy of love (from self and others) for just being

You are okay. You are safe. You are perfectly lovable right now. You don't have to do anything.

I invite you to give this gift to yourself and see yourself in this light.


From this foundation of acceptance and peace with your current money situation… is where you can choose to shift your thought patterns and money story when you're ready.

(Do not skip step 2… it’s one of the most important pieces for affirmations to work for you!)


Step 3: Use embodiment practices to release any pain or unease.

Once you have a connection to acceptance and self-love, and you've created safety for yourself to just BE who you are right now, then you might notice the discomfort or trigger you felt before has dissipated.

Or, you might notice that you still feel contracted, tight or emotional.

Both are normal and okay.

If you feel emotional or uncomfortable sensations, you can use embodiment tools to help you release and process any pain from the past in a gentle, kind, and self-loving way.



First, become aware of the sensation, and connect to present, loving, compassion for your current state.  Then use one of these practices (or a combination of many) to express and transmute that energy:


🌈 Dancing

🌈 Primal Movement

🌈 Sensual Movement

🌈 Breathwork

🌈 Art/writing/poetry

🌈 Emoting (crying, beating a pillow, etc.)

🌈 Shaking/bouncing

🌈 Stomping

🌈 Primal Sounding (growling, swearing, wailing, yelling into a pillow, etc)



All of these practices can help release trauma or fear connected to money from your past or present experiences. 

From this space of clearing out the old emotional energy, you can begin planting new seeds of pleasure and joy that you want to feel around money moving forward.

Because oftentimes on the other side of releasing our pain, we have access to our authentic joy.


Step 4: Choose new affirmations for money attraction + pair them with a "pleasure practice".

Now is when you get to step into your power and become the creator of your reality!

You get to be the one who decides how things go moving forward. You get to be the one who decides to choose better feeling thoughts. You get to be the one who decides to do things that feel good. 

How does this work? I'll give you two methods again...


METHOD #1) Change the way you talk about money.

Become aware of when you're talking negatively about money, then stop yourself and choose more empowering words you'd like to use instead.

For example, if you’re talking to a friend or family member about your situation, instead of saying “I’m broke”, you could say something like “I’m learning to manage my money better and feeling more and more financially empowered every day!” (then take actions to back this belief).

Or instead of saying “That’s too expensive and I can’t afford it.”, you could say “I’d love to invest in this but it's not aligned right now, and I trust if and when the time is right, that I will attract the money I need with ease."

Can you see (and feel) the difference in these statements energetically?


METHOD #2) Use money affirmations that feel good in your body when money is coming in or going out.

For example, if you usually feel really triggered around making purchases, then you use Steps 1-3 from the Embodied Affirmations Process:


1. Notice your current thought patterns.

2. Practice self-acceptance and self-love.

3. Use embodiment practices to release any pain.


Then as you start feeling more calm, grounded, open, or expanded... speak your new money affirmation out loud.

Plus you can also add in a "Pleasure Practice" with your affirmations.

Some examples are:


🌈 Running your hands through your hair

🌈 Dancing to your favourite song

🌈 Giving yourself a hug

🌈 Stroking your skin

🌈 Laughing and singing

🌈 Self-pleasuring if you have privacy

🌈 Breast massage

🌈 Aromatherapy 

🌈 Orgasm

🌈 A bite of dark chocolate

🌈 Touching something soft like a blanket or pet

🌈 Whatever feels good for you! 



Pleasure lets the body know it's safe to relax.

And a safe and relaxed body combined with expansive money affirmations can reprogram your subconscious to attract abundance and wealth!

For example, if you’re paying a bill online and feel triggered, take moment to shake it out, growl, and stomp, then when you feel calmer... stroke your hair and say your new money affirmations out loud like, "I am blessed with more than enough money to pay this bill, and I give thanks for all the good things it brings into my life" (like internet, phone, and heating!)

Or when you get paid, you can dance to your favorite song affirming “Money is easy. People love to pay me!” in celebration.

But these are just examples. You can use any affirmations that make you feel relaxed and at ease in your body. 

This is the key. I can’t stress this enough.

The reason why affirmations sometimes get a bad rep and “don’t work” is not because they don’t actually work, but because you’re choosing affirmations that don’t feel true to your body right now (or you're trying to layer them on top of pain and trauma that you haven't processed fully yet).



Let's talk about what to do when you don't believe the affirmations you're using...


This can happen when we choose an affirmation like “I am a millionaire!”, meanwhile you’re 5-figures in debt and are living paycheck to paycheck, so your body says “Ya right.. You’re lying to yourself.”, and then proceeds to reject the new thought patterns you're attempting to reprogram.


But… if you choose the right affirmations for you, that feel good and true in your body, then you can work your way up to more and more expansive affirmations and train your mind to think more positively!


Let's use the example, “I am a millionaire!”….


If that's just not true and doesn't feel good to say in your body, then Instead you might start off with:


🌈 “It’s possible for me to make more than a million dollars”.


🌈 “I am on my way to making more than a million dollars.”


🌈It’s getting easier and easier for me to receive money in multiple ways and soon enough I’ll reach beyond my goal!”


🌈 "I am destined to be a multi-millionaire!"


See how affirmations can be adjusted to feel good with where you’re at now?


So feel free to make them your own! Choose the ones that feel good.


To give you a head start and make your life easier, I put together 55 money affirmations for you to be inspired by!


I'd suggest feeling into your body as you read over them and pay special close attention to the affirmations that energetically “jump out” at you. The ones that make a personal impact and feel good and expansive in your body when you read them.


Then take your top 5-10, and use them repeatedly with the practices I gave you in this article.


Over time, you’ll start to notice a shift in how you think and feel about money, making it easier and easier to welcome in more of it because you don’t have a negative charge associated with it.


So here they are!...




55 Powerful Money Affirmations That Work Fast 


1. I am a money magnet! Wealth and abundance flow to me easily and effortlessly. 

2. I am open and receptive to receiving more money in my life.

3. Money comes to me in increasing amounts, perfectly timed for me to enjoy and use wisely.

4. I am grateful for the wealth that already surrounds me.

5. I easily release any old beliefs or thoughts about money that no longer serve me.

6. I accept myself as a powerful creator of wealth and abundance.

7. Money flows to me abundantly from many different sources, all perfectly orchestrated for my highest good.

8. I give thanks for the abundant wealth that is already mine, and I bless it even more with my gratitude and love.

9. I deserve to live a life of richness and abundance!

10. I am open to receiving any and all money that it is for my highest good to have now.

11. The more money I spend, the more money flows into my life—how exciting!

12. I give thanks for this extra cash that I now have to enjoy life more fully.

13. Money is a wonderful tool, and it is a pleasure to use it for the highest good of all involved.

14. I am grateful for all the money my family has had in the past—that abundance continues to flow into our lives today.

15. At this present moment, I am receiving all the money that is mine to have.

16. Money comes easily and effortlessly to me in increasing amounts, always at exactly the right time.

17. With every new penny I receive, my joy increases exponentially—what fun!

18. Money flows into my life with ease and grace—how wonderful!

19. It is safe for me to be rich and successful!

20. There is plenty of money available, and I am filled with gratitude as it flows into my life.

21. I have a right to enjoy all the wonderful things that money can buy!

22. All the good things in life come easily to me—and so does the money to enjoy them!

23.  I am blessed with more than enough money, and I give thanks for all the good things it brings into my life.

24. Every time I get paid, I feel safer—and happier!

25. It is safe for me to receive gifts of money from others in any amount, even if it is unexpected.

26. I am safe to have all the money that my heart desires!

27. Money is a wonderful tool for me to achieve my dreams and live a life filled with happiness, fun, and adventure!

28. Money comes in magical ways ~ by check, cash, inheritance, gift, or a surprising turn of events.

29. I always have more than enough money—I always feel abundant!

30. I easily release any negative or limiting thoughts about money or its lack ~ and I gracefully accept abundance into my life in new, unexpected ways.

31. All of creation loves me unconditionally, including the parts that show up as financial abundance.

32. I have a positive relationship with money, and I am safe to receive it in any amount for my highest good.

33. Money simply flows to me ~ easily, effortlessly, and joyfully!

34. Everything is working together for my highest good—including all the money that shows up in my life!

35. I deserve to have money—and lots of it!

36. I am open to receiving all the money that is mine now, and all the money I will ever have.

37. Money loves me! All parts of creation are working together for my good, including money.

38. It is safe for me to be rich ~ both spiritually and materially!

39. I accept all the money that is mine now, and all the money I will ever have, with gratitude.

40. Money comes to me easily, joyfully, and frequently!

41. I am open to receiving all the love that is mine ~ including the abundant financial blessings that are for my highest good.

42. It is safe for me to receive gifts of money from others in any amount, even if unexpected.

43. I release all resistance to receiving money ~ and I graciously accept it now!

44. I miraculously produce extra physical cash that enables me to live my dreams!

45. Money loves me unconditionally, and so do all parts of creation!

46. I am safe to have all the money I could ever want—and even more than that!

47. All my needs are taken care of in perfect ways, and so is every desire of my heart—including financial abundance!

48. There is no limit to how much money I can and will have, and so there is no limit to the happiness I can feel!

49. It is safe for me to receive money from other people—and other sources as well!

50. I am completely blessed and abundantly supplied with all the money that I shall ever need ~ now and forevermore! On this day, in this moment, I open to receive all the money that is mine.

51. Every time I receive money, I feel love flowing into my being—for myself and everyone else.

52. It is safe for me to have all the money that my heart desires!

53. Money flows easily into my life ~ I am safe to receive it.

54. It is never too late for me; I always release resistance and welcome new opportunities for financial abundance.

55. It is safe for me to live an abundant life ~ financially and in every other way!



I hope you enjoyed these embodiment practices and affirmations for manifesting money!


If this article was helpful, be sure to save it on Pinterest to come back to it later. 👇



And I’d love to hear which affirmations spoke to you the most in the comments below! Plus feel free to comment with any questions if you need me to clarify anything.


With love and pleasure,

Amy Meraki

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