Most Coaches & Healers Miss This Piece in Their Messaging

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I want to pop in today with a little marketing messaging tip for my helping professionals; that's coaches, healers, facilitators, anyone that works in the transformational space, that is really doing the inner work of diving deep and healing from within.

Oftentimes people come to me and they're like, "I just don't know how to communicate the value of what I do so that people actually want to invest in themselves and make these changes".

And what I see missing time and time again, in their marketing message is the divine masculine principle; which is tangible concrete, physical world results, goals, and outcomes that every human being has in their life. 

As coaches and healers, we KNOW how powerful inner work is, but the reason we do the inner work is so that we can get somewhere, right?

We want to be in thriving relationships. We want to attract the love of our life. We want to lose weight and feel our best. We want to make money in our business. We want a career that fulfills us. We want these very specific goals that every human being has deep down.

We all want to thrive in our relationships. Thrive in our bodies. And thrive financially. We have the same core needs across the board, no matter who you are. And when we are not speaking to the physical world results that people want in our marketing, and we're only talking about the inner transformation, like "you'll feel more empowered, you'll feel more free. You'll feel more alive. You'll feel happier."  It's really hard for people to know what will happen if they go invest $3,000 into working with a healer, what am are going to get? They might be thinking "Okay, I might be happier where I am, but what if nothing else changes? Will I still want to be in the same place as I am now?"

People still want to climb their personal mountains. They're still working towards specific goals and desired experiences. We are coming to an age where there is an integration happening between masculine energy and feminine energy; the inner world and the outer world.

If you can bridge that inner energy work that you do; the emotional world, the thought world, the non-physical that you specialize in... and you can bridge it with how it's going to help them get a physical, specific, concrete, outer goal, while helping them feel fulfilled, alive, turned on and feel the good stuff inside while they're doing it and it's not going to feel like a hollow chase, then I'm willing to bet that you are going to see better results in your marketing (because you want to see results too in your life, don't you? ūüėČ).

It's going to be so much easier to communicate your work. You're going to attract more ideal clients. And you're going to attract more people that are willing to invest and see the value and actually get better results because you are setting the intention that those results will be met and you are holding the energy in your containers that they are working towards those end goals.

I hope that this tip was helpful for you, especially if you are in the healing and helping industry!

I invite you to share this post if it was helpful, leave a comment with your biggest takeaway, and save it to come back to later if you need this reminder. 

With Love + Pleasure,

Amy Meraki 


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