5 Mindset Shifts to Consistent 5K Months in Your Business


For years my income goal in my business was set to 5K months as a Coach, but it felt just out of reach. 

All I wanted was to replace my day job income that was brining in 3K at the time serving and dancing on weekends.

I kept struggling to hit my goal though.

Year after year I felt like making money in my soul work was hard.

But after a few key mindset, beliefs, and embodiment shifts, I was able to easily almost double my 5K goal after about 3 months of starting to make these inner shifts.

And the interesting thing was, when I got to my goal... it felt like "of course"... that's just who I am now. Nothing special about it. It's just normal.

And I didn't work harder, or feel exhausted at all.

It felt in flow, easeful, and fun.


I believe it was who I was being that shifted the outcome. Not the exact steps I took to get there.

Is $5K/month a milestone you'd like to celebrate in your business too?


Here's the inner shifts that helped me get there quicker:


1. Go bigger. 

Embody and show up as the version of you who makes 10K, 20K, 30K... from there, 5K just happens automatically because it's not really even something you're focused on and it's just how you see yourself now.


2. Stop editing yourself to be "perfect".

Be who you are unapologetically with a knowing that it's your energy that people are drawn to. It's totally okay if you're not perfect.

You being all of YOU will magnetize some people and repel others.

Learn to be okay with that, and you'll be able to draw in the most AMAZING soulmate clients that you truly vibe with.


3. Be sold on your offers before you sell them.

Do you believe in your work? Do you believe you can truly help people?

Do your offers turn you on? Light you up? Sound super fun to create? Do they inspire you to show up?

From there, just invite your people in on the fun!


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4. Do what your soul wants. Not what you think you "should" do in your business to make money.

Check in often about where your actions are coming from.

And ask yourself, "If I had permission to run and create my business exactly how I wanted, and I knew with absolute certainty that it would work and be successful no matter what, AND that I knew it would serve the greater good... What do I truly want to create?  And where do I need to focus my energy and take action next?"


5. Stop making money special.

It gets to be normal to get paid for your soul work.

As easy as breathing.

It comes in and goes out, and comes in.

Circulating easily, with more than enough air to go around.

When we make something special, we make it seem hard to come by or rare. 

But when we make money normal and mundane, it's so much easier to get used to having more of it in your life.


That's it to start!

These 5 inner mindset shifts helped me get to 5k months with ease, after years of feeling like it was always just out of reach.


Yes, there was action involved, like getting clear on my message, knowing how I could serve, sharing my work daily, and inviting people to join me, but none of it felt hard because I made these inner shifts first, then just followed the inspired guidance and downloads around what actions to take next.

And I keep coming back to align with these beliefs again and again.

I hope this post was helpful!

Give it a share if it resonated.


With love and abundance,

Amy Meraki xo

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