How I Use Both Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business


Many people have asked me how I work with both masculine and feminine energy in business. The answer is that there are a few different ways, depending on the situation.


Let’s start by defining what each of these energies mean:


Masculine energy is defined as being logical, direct and focused on goal-orientation. It’s about having clarity of purpose and making moves to get you where you want to be or take action in your life so you can achieve what you desire most.


Feminine energy is often described as feeling more intuitive, fluid and creative than masculine energy tends to be. There's a deeper sense of "being in the body" when someone is connected to their feminine energy. It's also more of a diffused awareness than linear thinking or focus.


For most of my personal development journey, I was working on getting out of my head and into my body. Reclaiming my intuition. Tapping into spirit and my feminine expression. 


My pleasure. My radiance. My ability to receive and surrender.


I had felt so disconnected from the Goddess having grown up in a patriarchal society, that I shamed and denied those parts of myself.


Reclaiming my feminine energy opened up so much aliveness and MAGIC in my experience.


It truly helped me connect back to my soul and back to myself in the most miraculous way.


It was a journey of going in. Of slowing down. Of focusing on love.


Then something happened. 


I lost sight of what I wanted. I lost sight of my purpose. I lost sight of what I had to provide for others.


I got lost swimming in my emotions. Feeling the feels. Thinking if I just went within enough, that everything in my life would rearrange itself.


But it didn't.


I was disconnected from taking action.


When I realized what was happening, I consciously chose to reclaim my inner masculine energy.


I focused on the vision. The future.


What did I want to create? Where was I going? What did I stand for?


I focused on mindset. I focused on consistently taking inspired action. I focused on discipline. I focused on challenging myself.


I focused on my relationship to money and being a provider.


Now two years after making this conscious choice to reclaim my masculine energy, I can see how BOTH these energies are used daily to grow my soul-led business.


🌊 I use my feminine intuition and embodiment practices to receive guidance and wisdom from my soul.


🔥 I use my masculine energy to focus on the future I want to create for myself and select a clear goal.


🌊 I use my feminine energy to embody the feeling of that goal as being done now.


🔥 I use my masculine energy to take the consistent inspired actions that present themselves.


🌊 I use my feminine energy to surrender the outcome and feel pleasure in the present.


🔥 I use my masculine energy to stay committed even when it seems like what I want isn't happening.


🌊 I use my feminine energy to feel my feels fully as they come up.


🔥 I use my masculine energy to master my mind and banish negative beliefs and disempowering stories.


🌊 I use my feminine energy to receive my desires with gratitude.


And as I do this dance between these two energies, I experience flow and ease.


A balance between discipline and surrender. Rituals and habits. Rest and hustle.


Sometimes growing my soul-led business feels like a magical cosmic orgasm rippling through my body with rainbow medicine permeating everything I touch.



And sometimes my business feels like 13 hours straight staring at a screen in my sweat pants trying to figure out Pinterest and SEO analytics (Because that's the inspired action that my intuition told me to follow, and I commit to listening to my inner guidance even when I don't "want to").



This is the balance for me though. This is what makes business pleasurable. 


We need BOTH the inner energetic alignment AND outer structure, systems, and strategy.


This is exactly why I consider myself both a coach and consultant right now. 


I can dance between what's needed for my clients. 


I can coach you on the inner work and help you align your energy (with tools like visualization, inner child work, and shadow work).


AND I have a wicked marketing brain that can consult you on what to "do" if you're looking to try a new strategy and step outside your comfort zone.


Maybe one day I'll lean more to one side over the other, but right now I'm enjoying the sweet spot between the worlds. #wholeness


What about you? Do you sense you're on one side more than the other? What gifts does each of these energies offer you?


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With love + pleasure,

Amy Meraki

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