7 Steps to Manifest Your Business Desires

Manifest Your Business Desires

What are some of the desires you have for your business?

How would it feel to achieve them?

Do you want more clients, more sales, better reviews, or a larger audience? If so, this post is for you!

I'll be sharing 7 simple steps to help you manifest your business desires.


Step #1: Get clear on what you truly desire


The first step is to really know what you want.


Take some time to really activate your imagination. Maybe grab your favourite journal and give yourself full permission to just write out all your desire in full detail.


Do you want more email sign-ups? More sales? More podcast opportunities? More downloads? More impact? More income? Hired help? A thriving Facebook group? And email list that grows daily with soul-aligned prospects?


Be specific.


Once you've given yourself permission to envision your desires, set the intention to have them.


If you don't know what you want, then I suggest taking that action you know you need to take. I've found time and time again that clarity comes from taking action. And sometimes we also need to experience what we don't want to know what we do want. Or sometimes it's enough to see our desires modeled by someone else who inspires us. This is why hiring a mentor or coach can be so helpful along your journey.


Step #2: Make a decision that it's already done.


Now that you've set your intention to have what you want. It's time to let go of any worries of self-doubt. This can sometimes be easier said than done, but it is a vital part of manifesting your business desires and getting what you want.


Deciding that's it's done doesn't mean that you give up and do nothing. It just means that you KNOW at a deep level, that no matter how long it takes, that you will experience this reality eventually. So there's nothing to worry about along the way. And you can trust that whatever you experience on your journey, is happening FOR you.


And you can chill and relax knowing everything is adding up. 


It can take practicing this belief to have it feel locked in but just become aware of any time that self-doubt creeps in, and choose to focus on complete certainty that your desire WILL manifest no matter what. Just imagine how much energy you'll call back, and the freedom you'll feel to take action moving forward!


Step #3: Visualize how you would FEEL and THINK if you already had your desire


Next, once you clearly know what you want, and have decided that it's done, it's time to feel it energetically in your body and get into the frequency of it already being done.


This part is really important because it trains your brain and body that it's SAFE to have what you want.


Most of our internal resistance to showing up, being seen, taking action, and allowing ourselves to have our desires actually comes from a primal fear that we won't survive experiencing something new!


And since your brain and body can't tell the difference between what's imagined and what's real, when you take time to "practice" having your desires, it actually changes your nervous system at a cellular level.


It helps you believe you're not only capable but that it actually feels really really pleasurable to have your desires!


Some of my favourite ways of practicing the feelings and thoughts of having your desires is through journaling "AS IF" they've already happened. Or else doing a 5-sense meditation.


To journal "AS IF", it's exactly how it sounds. Imagine you already have what you want, and write about your life from that perspective.


To practice a 5-senses meditation, sit with your eyes closed and imagine what you would see, hear, smell, touch, and taste if your desires had already come to fruition. It can be helpful to speak your experience out loud too.


When you do these practices regularly, you'll notice less resistance to taking action and will be less likely to self-sabotage.


Step #4: Transform limiting beliefs in the mind and process your fears in the body


If however, you're having a hard time feeling, imagining, or experiencing what it would be like to have your goal, then don't worry, this can be a normal part of the process. It's quite common to have a louder part of us that doesn't believe we can have what we want or that it's real now.


In fact step 3 can be a really powerful practice in helping you unearth limiting beliefs or fears that still live in the body.


Which is such a gift! Because then it gives us the opportunity to transform any unconscious blocks stopping us.


There are so many ways you can do this. Some examples are practices like re-writing new empowering beliefs, creating affirmations, journaling, embodiment rituals, inner child work, and coaching.


The point is, you CAN heal and thrive even if you don't believe it yet. You just have to believe you're a conscious creator of your reality, and that you have what it takes to choose new empowering beliefs, and feel how you want to feel.


Step #5: Take inspired action


Once you know that your desires are not only possible but inevitable, then it's time to start listening to your intuition to tell you what the next aligned actions are! But if you're still having trouble believing you can manifest your business desires, then go back to step #4 to keep healing your emotions and rewriting limiting stories.


Then once you've energetically aligned with the version of you that can feel her desires as done, then take action as that most empowered self!


You can ask yourself "What is the next small step you can take to move in this direction?


Then actually DO the actions you're guided to.


Sometimes this will look like reaching out to someone. Or hiring. Or changing up your marketing strategy. Or writing a post that just came to you.


Sometimes this will look like going outside to play, resting, or giving up for the day.


Whatever it is, take the leap... even if it seems scary or illogical!


Step #6: Trust the Universe to meet you


As you take the actions you're guided to, it's important to remember that you're doing enough. That the Universe will meet you part way.


Sometimes you'll need to do the same action more than once. Maybe even 100 times before you see results. And that's ok! Think of it as planting a seed and then watering it over time until it sprouts.


There is a divine order to the universe. Everything has its right conditions to manifest and grow.


Step #7: Surrender to divine timing, enjoy the journey, and allow yourself to receive. 


Lastly, I know it's really tempting to want everything to happen right now! But that's not the way manifesting works. Seeds take time to sprout. Heck, even a pineapple takes 18 months to grow! That doesn't mean things aren't happening beneath the surface. Practice your faith, and lean back a little. Trying to control everything will just drain your energy more.


Surrender doesn't mean giving up and not doing anything, it just means you have faith everything is working out for you in divine perfect timing. And you know the only things you need to do, are the things that your intuition and soul are guiding you too.


So just keep aligning with your vision, and taking the next inspired action in the present moment. Eventually, the condition will be just right, and your seed will sprout and bear fruits. Then it's up to you to allow yourself to receive it and enjoy the experience.


To wrap it up


Know what you want.

Decide it's done.

Energetically align with it.

Let go of any fears or limitations holding you back.

Take inspired action.

Trust the Universe to meet you.

Surrender to divine perfect timing and allow yourself to receive.


Rinse and repeat to manifest your business desires (and anything in life really)!


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With love + pleasure,

Amy Meraki

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