How I Create and Launch my Offers from Pleasure, Ease and Flow

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Girl, I've beeeeeeen in the THICK of this full moon energy these last few days and have been riddled with anxiety and processing my shit! How have you been holding up?


Yes, I blame the full moon (because obviously it has an impact), but here's what else was coming up for me...


Having to face the void and sit in the unknown in my business.


Which is superrrrrr uncomfortable always!


But I'm also kind of used to it to be honest.


See, everything month, I noticed that as I follow my intuition and allow my soul to lead my actions, I notice a natural cycle that my biz and offerings go through each month. (Which are often correlated to my menstrual cycle).


Here's what that flow pattern looks like broken down:


1. I'll get an inspired idea for an offering.

2. I'll get a download of all the actions and baby steps I need to take to create that offer.

3. I'll spend a few days or a week setting up the foundations and tech to launch said offer.

4. I'll launch it.

5. YAY!! Success. I'll welcome in new students and clients and start working with them and delivering my sessions or classes.

6. Repeat! (And create SPACE for the next inspired idea to come in).



But after the cycle is complete and I'm on step 6,  there's this awkward waiting period while I sit uncomfortably for some soul-led guidance on what offer to create next.


And that's where I was after successfully launching Uplevel Your Brand last week.


Now that that course is underway, I've been sitting in the discomfort of waiting for the next aligned actions to present themselves.


So I've had the opportunity to lean into the discomfort and just wait.


After a few days, clarity still hadn't come.


So what was my strategy???


I got the download to self-pleasure on it under the full moon!


Seriously... pđŸ˜»ssy gives me the BEST business guidance.


During my Tantric ritual last night, in a heightened state of pleasure, embodiment and flow, I decided to ask her her advice on what feels good to offer next in my soul work.


Wanna know the answer I got?


"Open up 5 free Soul Work Strategy Calls this week. And re-open your 1:1 coaching books now."


So that's what it is!


I wasn't "planning" on opening my books again until the Fall... but here we are.


When pđŸ˜»ssy speaks you better believe I listen to her.



With love and pussy full moon magick,

Amy xo

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