Journal Prompts to Help You Live Your Purpose


I was once asked a really powerful question by a coach...

What is the cost of not pursuing a life of purpose?

My initial reaction wasn’t one of monetary value, even though we had started talking about my business dreams (and I have visions of myself being fully self-sustaining). I thought to myself and answered honestly, “It would feel like the death of my creative soul. I would feel as though I was wasting pure potential and that my gifts weren’t being shared”

It may not have come out as elegantly but that was my thought.

If I didn’t live a life of purpose I wouldn’t feel self-expressed or true. I would feel like I was just wasting precious time.

She then asked me a deeper question. Which hit me hard and caused my whole body to expand and shiver.

What would others lose if you didn’t follow a life of purpose?

It was exactly what I needed to be asked. I hadn’t even thought of the impact on others. I was being selfish and thinking only how my heart would feel broken if I didn’t create and follow my bliss.

But of course others would be impacted.

Because I know that when we hold ourselves back from the world we give others permission to keep themselves hidden too. The opposite is also true.

What if your favourite artist decided to never share their work and only painted in their basement?

What if your favourite band or DJ never left their garage?

What if your favourite author or thought leader decided that no one would care about what they had to say and just decided to keep their writing and their thoughts to themselves?

Our world would never grow and expand. We wouldn’t rise up together. Would would stay disconnected, unconscious, and concealed.

We inspire others with our own joy and expression.

I’m a firm believer that the only way we can shift the current state of our world is by shifting ourselves positively first.

We have to be willing to take action and step outside of our comfort zone, stand up for what we believe in, and not be afraid to share our art— which is our soul coming alive in the world.

Your art doesn’t have to just be the “hands on creativity” that is normally associate with the word “art”. Your art could be your mad intuitive cooking skills, your knack of making complex concepts easy to understand, or your stand up comedy that makes people pee their pants.

Your art is easy for you. But sharing that gift with others could feel a bit more tricky. It’s a muscle we need to practice. The more often we put ourselves out there, the easier it becomes. I promise.

I remember my first gogo dancing shift in a club of a couple hundred people. I was scared shitless! Now I’ve dance in front of crowds of over 5000 and it feels like no big deal.

I also remember writing my first blog post last year. I was shaking and crying I was so scared to share it with my friends and family on social media. I even went a bit nuts and deleted 2000 “friends” (almost half) from my Facebook account because I was energetically “clearing” my list of people I didn’t know or didn’t feel aligned with. But truthfully as good as it felt to purge, I was also in fear. I was about to share some really intimate and vulnerable aspects of my life and I wanted to start small  (if that’s even possible on the internet).

Now do I get scared to share a post? Most times- definitely. Sometimes- no. Depends on the topic and where I’m at in my creative process. But I do it anyways.

It kind of reminds me of waxing. If you thinking about how painful it’s going to be it hurts more… but if you just breathe and pull fast, it’s over before you know it. And the aftermath is nothing but smoothness.

I remember when I first wrote a post about sexual empowerment and positive body image I cried the whole night prior to posting. I was grateful to have someone who encouraged me to not give up and reminded me that other people needed to hear my message. And although I felt like a mess confessing to my darker past wounds, I realize now that  that’s where all my best growth came from.


We never learn anything by being perfect.

So don’t be afraid to speak up. If there’s something you want it’s so powerful to claim that desire and express yourself.

Here I’ll go first. I wanted to start a blog and share my story (check). I want to spread a message of non-judgment, sexual empowerment, self-love, and kindness. I want to feel self-expressed, deeply creative, and inspire others to feel the same. I want to create a life and a business that I’m in love with.

(Now it’s your turn ?)

When we embrace our desires and accept all parts of ourselves we are able to tap into some of the most profound creative states imaginable. And we’re able to fully accept others and allow them to be free too.

If I never shared my desires then I wouldn’t have been asked these eye-opening questions to begin with.

The phone call with this woman was an interview for an opportunity that I’m beyond thrilled about and hopeful to get.

I just know that having her synchronistically appear in my life, and offer me the exact intention I’ve been consciously manifesting was beautiful evidence that the Universe is always conspiring in our favour. We just need to be open to seeing signs that we are on the right path.  Always keeping in mind this or something better.

Have faith that everything is working out in perfect timing.

This woman and I found each other because I let go of my fear and told a close friend my deepest desires. (Read: I shared with her!) My friend then mentioned my name to this woman, who by chance had already stumbled across my written work. What are the odds. I live for these little moments of magic!

This is what can happen when you share your light and commit to following the intuitive bread crumbs that are set out before you.

So please don’t give up. Please don’t think that you have nothing to give. You do. Imagine where your life will go if you’re willing to share your gift and vision with others.

As I wrap it up, I want you to to take a moment to ponder these questions for yourself and see what comes up.

  1. What is the cost of not pursuing a life of purpose?
  2. What would others lose if you didn’t follow a life of purpose?


Rise & shine,

Amy xo

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