What I Learned About Following my Intuition in Business (Interview With Ilse Wijnbergen)


I had the pleasure of speaking with Ilse Wijnbergen about following my intuition in business, what I learned, and how it helped me thrive.




In this interview we talk about:


- How I got started creating a business that aligned with my purpose.

- Why it's important to follow what lights you up.

- That time I quit my business and what I discovered.

- The important role intuition plays in building your business.

- How to connect to your unique blueprint to success.

- What it feels like to be out of alignment.

- How to know what intuition feels like in your body.

- What the benefits are of doing something that's "out of alignment" and making "mistakes".

- My intuitive explanation of what intuition is. 

- The role that joy plays in discovering your life's true purpose.

- Practices to help you tap into your pleasure, intuition, and feminine energy.

- And so much more!


Be sure to give it a watch now!


With love,

Amy Meraki


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