Interview with George Kao on Being Empowered (from within) in Your Business


I had the absolute pleasure to sit down for a conversation recently with George Kao, an Authentic Business Coach.


I first came across his work on Instagram from a recommendation by a colleague. And I just loved his messaging around joyful productivity and authentic marketing! It felt very in alignment with my own life's work.


Many of the ideas he shares sing to my soul and really resonate. So when he asked me to do an interview I was delighted!


In our chat, I share a bit about my story and how I started my business, plus some of the mistakes I made along the way. This really gives you context on why I think it's so so sooooo key to keep following your intuition to guide you, and not give your power away to "experts" or "business gurus" on your journey.


I also give you some of my fave tips to connect to the empowered leader within, and a practice you can do to heal your inner child when fear comes up along the way.


So be sure to give it a watch- it's certainly value-packed!


Be sure to take note of your biggest takeaways, so you can integrate any ah-ha's that come through for you.


Watch below now. 👇


If you're interested in learning more about George's work, check him out here:

Instagram @geokao


Website + Blog


With love + pleasure,

Amy Meraki

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