How I Moved Through Self-Doubt and Chose Aligned Pricing

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How I Moved Through Self-Doubt and Chose Aligned Pricing


This week I went on a little road trip with my partner and I was soooooo stressed about work that I had a hard time relaxing!


Which isn't that common for me. I can usually flip on play and relax mode pretty easily (because it's something I've practiced and prioritized for years now).


But this trip was different.


I was riddled with anxiety.


Even when we got to our destination with gorgeous mountains views, hot springs, clear skies, and a glass-like lake, I was still feeling tense, contracted and on hyper drive! And super in my head about things.


So we decided to go for a little hike in mother nature. (Because isn't she the best! 🌳).


And let me tell ya... I felt like I was high on a mini mushroom ceremony but without the psilocybin!


In the safety of the trees, away from the city, I felt compelled to release everything I'd been holding on to.


I cried. I rambled on and on about worst-case scenarios. I expressed my worries. My doubts. My fears. My insecurities.


I fully embodied my emotions and just allowed it to be deep and real.


It felt like a deep purge and excavation of a layer of old stuff coming up to be cleaned out.


But here's the thing. I didn't make it mean anything about me, my gifts, or my calling.


I gave myself full permission to vent, to emote, to say all the fears and worries on my plate, but I witnessed it with pure acceptance knowing it was just a moment that would pass and I'd feel different shortly.


My loving partner, bless him, went into a bit of "fix it mode" trying to help, until I gently asked him to just witness me and hold me while I processed my emotions and thoughts of self-doubt.


It was so helpful to be held through a deep layer of contraction. And it started by me holding myself first and asking for what I wanted.


(Besides... any "workshopping" of my problems at that vibrational level would have been ineffective anyways, because a lot of the "problems" that were coming up were just old stories in my mind and not reality).


But once the wave passed. I was able to find my center.


Luckily I know that before every breakthrough comes a breakdown.


A breakdown of old thought patterns, old emotions, stuck energy, and unconscious fears bubbling to the surface.


And it's a good thing. Because they come up to come out.


A true clearing can happen. Just like how our bodies poop out the crap we don't need anymore. Our emotions, thoughts and energy needs to be cleansed, cleared and released of any bullshit too. And sometimes that looks messy, confusing and chaotic. đź’©


And... the beautiful thing was, after I had my moment, I was able to connect to  the root of my anxiety and what was stressing me out so much in my work.


I became aware that my recent price increase in my coaching program was pre-mature. And when I truly sensed into who it is I'm here to serve, she's me just a couple years ago. And a 5K program would have been too much for her.


Which means if you've been on the fence to work together 1:1 because of the price, know that my rates are more accessible because that's what's actually in alignment now.


And I do my best, just like you, to navigate what's in alignment and what's not in my soul work, and sometimes that means trying things on, and then course correcting if I need to.


When it comes to pricing we hear so much about "charge your worth" but also "don't charge too much"... and sometimes it takes some wiggling around and mistakes to land on what's in alignment for you AND your audience.


There is no "right way" to price your offers or run your business. And sometimes, just like me, you might have to try something on to know what you don't want to know what is it you DO want.


And hopefully my example has shown you it's okay to change your mind too.



With love and messy honesty,

Amy "I changed my mind" Meraki



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