How to Create High-Value Content

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Have you ever heard a business or marketing coach tell you to "create consistent high-value content" for your audience?


And then found yourself doubting everything you're creating and asking "is this high-value? Is this good enough? Will people get something out of it?"


I get it... I've been there before. It threw me for a loop the first time I ever heard an online business teacher tell me I had to create something "entertaining, inspiring or educational" in order for it to be "highly valuable".


So what happened? My focus went towards trying to "get it right". And "trying" to create something that was entertaining, inspiring, or educational. 


But here's the thing I learned... you can't control how people view you. You can't control what other people think is funny or entertaining. You can't control what other people find is inspiring. You can't control if other people learn something.


So "trying" to be those things never worked. It just got me stuck in my head and disconnected from my intention to serve.


It just burnt me out trying to twist myself in a knot trying to be perceived as "valuable" by other people.


Which is not how true value works. True value is innate.


That was just a quick route to losing myself in the process of birthing my soul work.


Instead, I learned you need to EMBODY your worth first. To KNOW deep in your bones and cells that you are already valuable and worthy just as you are. That what you have to say matters.


When you shift into BEING worthy and KNOWING you're valuable, then of course the things you have to say flow out of you with ease, certainty, and clarity.


There is no creator's block. There is no second-guessing yourself. There is no asking for other people's feedback and opinions that don't really know the depths of your soul work like you do.


Because it's YOUR work. YOUR message. YOUR gifts that you're sharing.


Not some watered-down opinion of what other people think you should be talking about.


Sure the voice that doubts or feels insecure sometimes may still come up from time to time, but it's not who you identify as. It no longer has power over you. You can meet that part of you with love, presence, and compassion, and yet still keep showing up as the badass leader you are.


So what's the solution here if you want to create "consistent high-value content"?




Write the things YOU think are funny and are entertained by.


Share your inspiring stories of accomplishment. Of transformation. Of celebration. The things your proud of yourself for. The lessons you've learned along the way.


Educate people on the things that you've learned that helped you the most. That you think might help others if they learned too.


And let go of how others may perceive you. You know who you are.


Creating "high value" content doesn't have to be hard, forced, or controlled.


You being you is enough.


It's by getting out of our heads, and tapping into our lived wisdom and full self-expression, we can create more ease, fun, and flow with our content creation.


And create deep trust and knowing that anything we create is "high value" because we see it as so.


And for the right person, who needs to see it at the right timing, it might change their life.


And that's all we can hope for.


With love + pleasure,

 Amy Meraki

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