How to Write Heartfelt Emails that Convert

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Last week I wrote a super long email to my email list about why I wasn't sharing on Instagram (like 1820 words long hahah). (I repurposed it into 2 blog posts here and here)

So many people responded that it was inspiring to them and that they got a lot of value from it!

A couple of you asked me “how” I’m able to write like that.

One of my clients responded and suggested I should teach on this.

And call it How to Write Heartfelt Emails To Your Soulmate Clients So That They Stick To You Like White On Rice and Mentally Commit To Spend 40% Of Their (Future) Earnings On Your Coaching Packages” šŸ˜¹šŸ˜¹šŸ˜¹



That suggestion made me a giggle… So here’s my best way of answering the question of “how to write heartfelt emails that convert” (for FREE... I'm not even putting this into a course and charging for it):


1. Have a practice of getting into a flow state.

To me, that means doing something I enjoy or something that gets me into my body, and makes me feel alive, empowered, and free.

I did a workout right before I wrote that last week's email.

I wasn’t planning on writing after my workout, but I've committed to writing an email every Wednesday, and I trusted something would come through that day, because I had intended it to.

But I didn’t force myself to sit down and write because I “had to”. I just committed to living my life and taking care of myself and knew that if I was doing things that brought me joy, or got me out of my head, that I could get an inspired idea… which I did.

Right after my workout, I felt the idea for the email just “drop-in”.

This brings me to my second point… 


2. Take inspired action as soon as you can.

While the idea is fresh and alive, I do whatever I can to sit down and bang out the content right then and there. (In this case, I was still all sweaty and out of breath in my gym clothes!).

I'm not perfect at this, sometimes I need to write a note on my phone or something. But for the most part, I do what I can to get it down.

I find that while it’s still really fresh, I'm less in my head about it.

It feels more like I’m just documenting my thoughts, instead of trying to make something “perfect” and “highly valuable”.

I find if I wait too long, sometimes (but not always), that I “forget” the idea or story I wanted to share, and then miss the opportunity to get it out there. 


3. Put it out without second-guessing the message.

Next, I pretty much just let it flow through me, and do MINIMAL editing.

Similar to morning pages (if you’ve ever done the Artists Way), I try to just let the message come through without editing.

After I’ve written the whole piece, I’ll take a step back from being the "Creator", and I’ll become the "Editor".

I edit best by just reading it out loud.

I’m looking for any glaring spelling/grammar mistakes, and also just listening to see if it sounds like how I talk.

But I’m not really going in there and changing things massively. Just little tweaks.

For the most part, I’ve committed to trusting what wants to come through. And trusting that it's the exact message my clients and audience need to hear (and honestly sometimes the message I need to hear too!).

So I don't see why I'd need to change much unless I was second-guessing myself.

And I choose to be the messenger, not the critic.

I’ll admit, not everything I write is perfect. Or even makes sense to everyone on the planet.

But I trust it will make perfect sense to my ideal soul mate people, so I write it just for them.


4. Then send it off with a blessing of love!

I'll send it out right then and there, or if I’m writing a social media or blog post, I'll schedule it to be published at a later date.


And that’s it! Here are those steps again: 

1. Get into flow and do the things that bring you joy.

2. Take action when an inspired idea arises.

3. Trust what flows through you as the creator, and but your editing hat on after.

4. Then send it off with love or schedule it right away!


That’s basically “how” I create every piece of content in my business. 

Doing it in this way feels fun and energizing for me. It's when I get too stuck in my head trying to "get it right" that it doesn’t flow as well.

And I do notice that there’s a certain time in the month where I’ll have A LOT of creative ideas flow through. It's usually right after my period in the follicular and ovulation phase of my cycle.

During this time it can feel like I can’t stop, won't stop, and just need to keep creating.

And when I’m in these moods, I create a lot more, and then just do my best to schedule it out for the rest of the month. 

Because I know they’ll be times later on when all I'll want to do is rest, and I won't really have much to say.

And that’s okay.

So hopefully sharing my process with you helps!


Here's some journal prompts to help you find your own flow and creative rhythm for yourself:


  1. What activities light you up and get you out of your head?

  2. How do you feel after these activities? What are your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and energetic qualities?

  3. What would it look like for you to create more time in your life to do these activities?
  4. What does it feel like in your mind and body when you get an inspired idea?

  5. What would it look like for you to commit to creation when these ideas hit?

  6. What structures and systems can you set up to allow you (or someone else) to create and press publish/schedule quickly and easily?


I hope you enjoyed this article and have fun practicing more ease, pleasure, and flow in your content creation! 

Be sure to send this to anyone who you think might help!


With love and pleasure,

Amy "it gets to be easy" Meraki

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