What I Learned About "Good Vibes Only"


What I Learned About "Good Vibes Only"



This message has been coming through really powerful for me the last few days:


Anything taught in the extreme can be unhealthy.


There were times in my life where I only focused on “high vibes” and “love and light” and you better believe that a wave of suppressed negative thoughts and old traumas came crashing to the surface causing chaos and havoc in my life…. And I wondered why weren’t my affirmations working? Why was my life so hard when I practiced so much positive thinking and “good vibes only”? 


Then there were times when I dove only into shadow work and trauma healing. For years and years and purged and healed and felt my feelings. Only to get to a point where it felt like I was on a never ending cycle of digging deeper and healing more never ending layers of pain and suffering, and my life was still not functioning and I didn’t feel any better. I just started thinking I was super broken!


Practicing both LOA and Shadow work taken to the extreme created unbalance for me.


Looking back I can see how I was approaching both from a place of wanting to “fix” my life and business.


Now I know better. I can see that both LOA and Shadow Work are two sides of the same coin.


And work powerfully when paired with each other as needed!


Yes in Law of Attraction it’s important to focus on your vision, get into a high vibration of love and abundance, be open to receive, and embody the next level version of you now, but the shadow work is needed for any fears, doubt or old unintegrated traumas blocking you from believing and feeling that it's possible.


It wasn’t until I let go of trying to fix myself, and learned to dance between these two inner tools, that things started to flow in my life, business and bank account.



I was able to create an inspiring vision to pull me forward AND hold space for pain and fear in my nervous system along the way, while still take action towards ease and joy daily.


It was no longer either/or light and dark. It became both/and.


Which felt much more liberating to just allow myself to be all of who I truly am!


Which is exactly how I approach the inner work with my clients.



We get super CLEAR on the vision of where you're heading, and work some magic to integrate, heal and process the fears that come up on the journey.



So that you can TRULY become a vibrational match to your high vibe desires, but not from a place of superficially bypassing the sticky parts.



Do you know someone who may need to hear this? Share it with your people to spread the message!



With so much love!

Amy Meraki

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