Sometimes Growing a Business Looks Like This




I'm writing to you today with a big day ahead of me.


I'm planning on curling up with a hot water bottle on my womb, sipping tea, reading fantasy books, watching my fave shows (right now it's The 100 + Outlander!), and maaaaybeee editing a few videos for my course Uplevel Your Brand... if I feel like it.


Today's theme: do as little as possible.


I just started my luteal phase, and if you've been in my world long enough, you'll know that PMS hits me hard.


Sometimes I'll make massive business plans at the start of my cycle, I'll map out all my goals, I'll set my intentions, I'll get clear on what I desire... then this week hits... and I let it all go.


It's like a forced reset. I can't do anything but surrender.


I had planned to open my coaching books this week and start booking in Free Soul Work Strategy Calls with the ladies who are interested in working together long term, but honestly... all I want to do is curl up in a ball and rest with zero pressure to be anywhere or show up.


So that's the new game plan! I'm giving myself full permission to surrender, rest, reset, and let go.


We get so caught up in the hustle and on doing things on the perfect timeline that we forget it's US that actually created those timelines in our minds.


No one said I "had to" open my books this week.


There was no "rule" written in stone that said this week was it, and if I didn't then I'd fail.


Naaaa... all that's just bullshit. It's all made up.


The truth is, most things can wait while we take care of ourselves first.


I'm a firm believer in divine perfect timing and I practice honouring my body.


So why on earth do I think that everything will crash and burn if I take a few days off to listen to my soul and nourish ME??


Here's why...


Conditioning. Patriarchal Capitalist White Supremist bullshit that I no longer choose to live my life by.


I choose rebellion. I choose to do things my way. I choose freedom.


So for me... that looks like resting and putting the bare minimum into my business this week.


It means choosing to put my "launch" on pause, while I curl up and honour my body.


I means trusting the flow of life, honouring the cycles and seasons, and letting go of how I think things "should" look, when I KNOW I'm ultimately divinely supported.


It means being honest. And letting you see that you have permission to rest too. That perfection is an illusion. That we all go through waves of energy levels and that you don't have to be "high vibe" all the time in order to show up and serve.


I think that anything coming from love is high vibrational anyways.


Even if I feel like a grumpy sad panda, I hold myself with love. ūüźľ


I write this blog with love.


I show up and take care of myself with love.


And commit to being a walking permission slip for you to choose your own way too.


Allowing things to get easier and easier because you don't have to be anything other than who you are.


So if you're catching yourself forcing, pushing, controlling or falling into old perfectionism - then I get it. 


Allow this to be a reminder that you don't have to "do" anything to receive and be worthy of love too.


I think that's the core of what wanted to come through me today.


So may you have the best weekend ever... whatever that looks like for you.


And if you need the reminder to be gentle with yourself, here it is. 


You're worthy and deserving of rest and pleasure too.


With love and warm blanket cocoon cuddles,

Amy "Rest is Best" Meraki

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