Using Feminine Energy Gifts to Build an Online Business

Feminine Energy Gifts to Build an Online Business

How feminine gifts can help you build an online business is a question I get asked often. The answer lies in learning to harness the feminine energy that we all possess, but often neglect or deny. When we are able to see and accept our feminine gifts, they will flow into every area of our lives including work and relationships!

This blog post is about how I am using my feminine gifts to build an online business.


Feminine Gift #1: Self-love

One thing I know to be true about entrepreneurship is that it brings up all our insecurities and wounds. I remember when I hit publish on my first blog post in 2015, I had a full-blown panic attack.

So many stories come up. Like is this good enough? Will people judge me? Will I be misunderstood? What if I lose friends and family?

And what I learned was that I could either shut down and hate myself, or I could learn to practice self-love.

I could hear my inner critic and see the scared inner child under it. And learn that I needed to reparent myself so that I could have a safe, healthy, and nurturing relationship with myself.

This allows my inner child to thrive. It silences the harsh narratives of inner judgment. And helps me feel safe to express myself fully.

This brings me to the next feminine gift I use to build my online business...


Feminine Gift #2: Full Self-Expression and Flow

Our feminine energy is our soul. It's our unique blueprint. Our inner world. Our original essence.

And when someone is tapped into this part of themselves, and give themselves full permission to express who they truly are, they become absolutely magnetic to the right people for them.

The feminine part in all of us is unlimited pure potential creative energy, and it can flow like a river when we don't damn it up with rules and conditioning.

So I practice allowing myself to say the words that are in my heart. The words I feel. The words that come through me without second-guessing myself.

I share these words in my content. On social media. In emails. And in ads. And trust that my fullest expression is all I need to create the success, joy, and connection I desire.

Creating from this flow gives me so much energy. And it's imperative that I create time, spaciousness, and practices that help me nurture my creative flow.

Some of these practices include dancing, journaling, movement, painting, dressing up, and meditating. 


Feminine Gift #3: Intuition

I use this gift in my business by following my inspired ideas and trusting my inner guidance system to make decisions, even if it doesn't make logical sense sometimes.

Because here's the honest truth, the perfect strategy doesn't exist and there are a million and one ways to grow your business.

And to help me decide what to do, I tune into what turns me on and lights me up. I tune into what feels expansive versus contractive.

I channel programs, pricing, offerings, content, and strategies from what wants to come through my higher mind.

And trust that as long as I'm clear on my intention, know my vision, and know my desired outcome, then the ideas that come to me are serving me on the path to manifestation.

And if I happen to be guided to a challenge that appears to not be working out in my favour, and ask myself "What's the lesson here?"

And work on healing that pattern y shifting my beliefs and feeling my feelings (which comes back to gift #1: Self-Love).


Feminine Energy Gift #4: Slowing down and trusting divine timing

In our modern masculine world, we've placed a high value on getting to the top the quickest and most efficiently, with very little regard to whether we caused harm or eroded our health on the journey to get there.

The path of feminine business means slowing down and taking care of yourself along the way. It means practicing self-care and enjoying the journey.

The feminine within us all understands that community, connection, relationships, the land, and our bodies matter just as much as success, money, and status.

And that by taking our time, and trusting the process, we don't need to hustle till we burnout to be successful.

We don't need to sacrifice our values in order to have a thriving business.

We can have both. We can be highly successful businesswomen AND enjoy our life to the fullest with lots of fun, ease, rest, and play.

Because it's these actions that fill our cup first, and the feminine in us needs to receive first in order to have something to give to others.


Feminine Energy Gift #5: Following my YES and DESIRES

The feminine thrives when she follows her turn-on. So in my business, I give myself permission to want what I want and say YES to my most ridiculous desires.

I believe I can run and create my business exactly how I want to and know no matter what, it will work out and be successful.

All I have to do is give myself permission to do things my way.

And learn to decern when I'm taking action because I think I "should" versus when it feels in alignment too.

Because here's also what I know to be true...

Business gets to feel good. It gets to be pleasurable. And it gets to fill our cup first.

And the fewer rules I make around how things "should" be, the more fun I have expressing my wild creative calling. And guess what, FUN sustains me energetically.

THAT to me is the beauty of running a feminine soul-led business.

I get to decide how things get to work. And have freedom, fun, ease, and play as part of my soul work.


Feminine energy is a powerful force that can be used to create change in your life and business. You may not have been aware of it, but you are using this power daily. It just so happens that by embracing these gifts, we also unlock our true selves. And when you serve others from a place of authenticity and self-love, amazing things happen for you and others!


So what does all this mean? Simply put, if you want more joyful success with your business or career path then embrace the “feminine” side of yourself and live from a space where self-love and pleasure rule supreme.



With love + pleasure,

 Amy Meraki

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