Feminine Business Strategy Journal Prompts

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I caught myself doing it again. Trying to fit into the masculine mold of how a business "should" be run.


I got into my head.


I started thinking about how can I scale? How can I reach more people?


And there's absolutely nothing wrong with those thoughts and goals, and I believe they're absolutely a vital part of the entrepreneurial journey, but when I focus my energy there and on "scaling" versus "helping", then I tend to notice my creative energy just shuts down.


I felt blocked for days.


I felt disconnected.


I felt uncertain.


Anxious even... which is pretty rare for me (in the past I've had more of a pattern with depression instead of the anxiety end of the spectrum).


I noticed myself start to research what everyone else was doing in the industry to see "what's working".


I went down the rabbit holes researching strategy.


Maybe I need to do more SEO. More YouTube. More Pinterest. More FB lives.


Maybe I need to show up more consistently all the freakin' time.


Maybe I need to write more structured content that's more easily re-purposed across all social media platforms.


Maybe if I just do what they tell me, then I'll reach more people. Then I'll make more money. Then I'll be more successful.


Down the rabbit hole I went.


Focusing on DOING more.


Until I caught myself doing it again.


Looking outside of myself for my next aligned business steps.


And focusing on all the wrong things for me.


And so I paused.


And went within.


What did my higher self have to tell me?...


"There's nothing wrong with any of those paths. But that's what's worked for others and not yourself. What will work for you is following what feels good. Following what lights you up. And if you don't want to do the masculine strategy stuff... then hire someone to do it for you who loves that shit."


So that's that.


I believe I get to create a soul-led business exactly how I want it.


Pinterest feels fun for me. So that's where I've decided to focus most of my energy moving forward. (come follow me there).


I don't care about doing keyword research and "optimizing" my boards and structuring everything because I'm more into the visionary, flow-based, creative work in my business.


But I recognized that part of growing a business is important. We need masculine structure, strategy and systems to support the feminine to flow and be creative.


And there's plenty of people out there who LOVE that shit!


So I hired someone to do that for me, so I can work in my zone of genius.


And let me be clear... this was NOT a "comfortable" action to take. 


It stretched me financially.


It felt scary and risky.


But on a deeeeeeeeep level I just knew it was the next step. 


Because my own inner guidance system lead me there.


And then I started seeing people all over the 'gram who helped with exactly what I was looking for (yay for niche marketing! haha).


Maybe it was the Universe (or maybe it was algorithm lol), but when I landed on someone's profile I just "sensed" she was who I was looking for.


So I booked a free call, and signed up to work with her.


I knew right away it was a yes and had DECIDED it was happening, but it took about a month to actually begin because I was waiting for the go ahead from my own intuition around divine perfect timing.


And my message for you today is allow this to be a permission slip for you too. You can create you business exactly how you want to too.


When it's time, you don't have to wear all the hats.


If it's the next aligned action for you (and you KNOW it because soul is guiding you), then let people help you.


I'm not saying it's easy to hire help, or to give up control a little, or that it's the next aligned action for everyone right now, but what's I'm noticing for myself is I have MORE energy to give to my people when I'm not depleted from doing stuff that drains me. I can focus on service instead of scaling. 


And the scaling can just happen automatically from someone else doing that strategy and analytics stuff for me.


And I can create more magnetic content because I feel filled up on pleasure.


I see the value in bringing on team members to support my mission in helping intuitive entrepreneurs do things their own way.


The Divine Feminine thrives when she's supported by the Divine Masculine.


When I'm energically aligned, then the next aligned actions get downloaded from my higher guidance.


There is no "right way" to create a business, and if you're trying to follow all the people and all the rules then be prepared to feel confused a lot of the time (don't even follow my advice or guidance blindly).


Instead, I like to look at it like there's a buffet of options out there. It's helpful to know there's several maps to success, and the basics of marketing, messaging, and promoting your services. 


But at the end if the day, learn the rules so you can break 'em. Let your intuition tell you which way to focus your energy.


And trust that every decision you make is teaching you something you need to learn on your unique path to success in your soul work.


So check-in, what's your next aligned action in your business?


For more clarity, you can journal on this:


1. If I were being fully self-expressed right now, what would that look like?

2. As my fully expressed self, what actions do I feel guided to take now?

3. If I could run my biz exactly how I wanted and I knew with complete certainty that it would work and be successfully no matter what, what would I now be doing? And what would I now stop doing?



Trust your soul to guide you.

Trust your soul to lead you.

You are your own leader.

You are your own wisdom keeper.


I freakin' adore you.


With love and sparkles,

Amy "you know your next step" Meraki

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