End of the Year Journal Prompts to Integrate the Past Year

End of Year Journal Prompts


Use these end of year journal prompts to help you reflect on the lessons, blessings and take-aways from this past year.


There's something so powerful about finishing a year with clarity, and intentionally creating the new year moving forward.


I like to start by journaling on this sentence stem:


This was the year I ________________________________.


Journal on how you'd finish that sentence.

What were your biggest lessons?




For me...

This was the year I lost two day jobs due to COVID, and honestly felt so free and inspired because of it.

This was the year I experienced Disneyland + Star Wars Land with the love of my life right before lockdowns.

This was the year I learned to see people smile with their eyes, and open their hearts to strangers.

This was the year I hired a coach that light a fire under my ass and helped me quantum leap in so many areas.

This was the year I went full time in my business.

This was the year I experience more ease and flow by working at home than ever before.

This was the year I realized how much I thrive as a homebody and sensitive introvert.

This was the year I learned more about privilege. 

This was the year I quarantined with my partner for 6 weeks, and fell even more deeper in love than I thought possible.

This was the year I deepened into sisterhood and established a weekly ladies night either on Zoom or in person.

This was the year I experience a felt sense of belonging in an intimate core bubble community.

This was the year I reconnected with my long distant bestie and had a phone date every Tuesday.

This was the year I fell in love with video games and paint by numbers again and my inner child was so excited.

This was the year I learned to cook for PMDD and hormonal imbalances.

This was the year I reached out to my long distant family.

This was the year I moved into a luxury apartment over looking the ocean, five blocks from the forest.

This was the year I launched my first course, hired team members, and felt so proud of myself.

This was the year I reconnected to my purpose and saw clearly my soul work.

This was the year I could creative and serve from overflow and abundance.

This was the year I let go of trying to please everyone and be perfect.

This was the year I blossomed and thrived, even with so much uncertainty happening on the outside.


2018 and 2019 were really hard on me. Dark nights of the soul. My Saturn Return. Healing trauma. Money and debt anxiety. Worthiness wounds. Relationships ending. Extreme health challenges where I felt scared for my life.


And this year, 2020, felt like a breath of fresh air from my personal vantage point. So much was resolved.

Which I'm so so grateful for.


A deeper part of me must have know that this would be a year of expansion for me after a challenging few years of contraction, depression and anxiety.

Because at the start of 2020, the theme word that came to me was JOY.

And this year joy, ease and flow were undeniably present in my personal reality.


Now, moving forward, the words that have come to me for 2021 are LEADERSHIP + CREATIVITY. They popped into my awareness in the shower and I just knew it. 


What about you?


Use these end of year journal prompts to help you integrate this year:


  1. Any theme words coming to you for this upcoming year?
  2. Any insights coming to you intuitively?
  3. What stories do you want to tell looking back on this year?
  4. What stood out the most in your personal experience?
  5. What impacted you the most?
  6. What do you want to take with you?
  7. What memories are you ready to let go of?
  8. And how did this year make you a better person than you were before? Even if there were challenges and fear?


Use those question as journal prompts for more integration and clarity moving forward.


With love and reflection,

Amy Meraki


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