Declutter These Areas to Attract More of What You Want


Spring has sprung! And it’s time to transfer some of that juicy vibrant energy that radiates new beginnings and abundance into our homes and lives. I’ve been dreaming (both day and night) about purging and decluttering my home and life with a solid Spring clean. So I decided to go all out.


Why have I felt so obsessed with this lately?


Essentially everything is our life carries a subtle energy field to it in our minds— items, clothing, people, jobs. When we want to attract new opportunities, or a fresh start, we have to actually make room for them to flow to us by getting rid of all the energetic clutter we already have going on.


We must create space to attract our desires.


Or as they say, out with the old in with the new!


There’s a few other good reason to do this Spring clean practice at least once a year. When we have an overload of things on our plate it actually pulls our attention in too many directions and we lose the ability to focus on what’s actually important to us.


And allowing clutter to build up is a form of procrastination— we see something that we know we should do or should get rid of, but put it off till another day (until we’re swimming in an overload of tasks!). For this reason clutter can create stress and anxiety in our lives and businesses when we know there’s things we are giving our time, energy, and space to that isn’t serving us for our growth.


Want some suggestions on where to start? Here’s what Spring clean areas I’ve been working on:



This is the biggest physical areas to Spring clean hands down, but it will feel so freeing once you’ve let go of everything that no longer serves a purpose, hasn’t been used in years, or no longer brings you joy.

Some places that I especially focus on are my closet (seriously… if you’ve only worn it once in 3 years let it go!), my bathroom (get rid of all those toiletries samples you are “saving” for the right time… or use them now), and desk/office (are you really going to need all those business cards, old textbooks, or stacks of random papers?).

There can feel like an endless amount of spaces to tackle sometimes but just make a list and start somewhere. Practice crossing off your list once a day or once a week until it’s finished. Or make an entire weekend of it and have crazy-solo-dance-party-breaks as you go!



I’m not saying completely cut people out of your life (unless you really do not feel like it is an aligned friendship or partner), but do take time to look at your social calendar to make sure that you are feeling balanced. Our schedule and calendars can get cluttered quickly when there is so much fun to be had. This especially feels true as the sun starts shining and the weather heats up.

I know that personally as someone who identifies as an extroverted-introvert (it’s a thing I swear), I need a lot of quality alone time to recharge but still love people and love seeing my friends. One of my favourite ways I clear clutter my from social life is by doing one or two group events a week where I get to see a ton of people in one sitting! Like book club or weekly beach bonfires. Then when it comes to one-on-ones I make sure my friends know that I need lots of solo time, so coffee once a month (or every other month) isn’t unusual for me and they know it doesn’t mean I don’t love them, it’s just that self-care and me-time is fundamental to my well-being.



Hobbies are a great way to pass time and it’s so important that we create the space to play and be creative. But if you’re anything like me then you’ll notice that your hobbies and obsessions change and evolve over the years. I had boxes and boxes of old craft supplies, fabrics, jewelry making tools, and yarn that I hadn’t touched in years. Even old costumes from dance performances and festivals that were just taking up space…because you know “I might one day need this”.

What about old books that you no longer care to read?

Haven’t touched that paint set in years?

Used to love camping and now you never go?

Ice skates starting to rust?

Seriously let it all go!

There are even ways to make some extra cash or give to charity if you are having a hard time parting with things you no longer use. I found a women’s group here in Vancouver that takes old yarn donations and knits them into baby clothes, scarves, and mittens for those in need. And you never know how much that old sewing machine from your grandma might go for on Craig’s List (that you said you’d use but it sat there collecting dust).



Even the small spaces we don’t think of or see often can clutter our energetic field. I feel so much lighter clearing out my wallet and purse of receipts, old cards, or expired gift certificates.

Also don’t be afraid to hit the unfollow or unfriend button on social media. Be selective on who’s energy you let influence you and how you feel when you see someone online.



Sometimes we join classes, groups or programs that feel like exactly what we need at the moment but once we begin we find out it’s not for us and we are no longer excited to be spending our time there.

You are allowed to stop right now!

Think of all the time and money you’ll be saving by clearing the space in your calendar for the activities that you are truly next level stoked on.

*Side note: check in if this is resistance to something that’s actually good for you first though. Especially if it’s something that’s pushing you outside of your comfort zone to grow.



It might sound like a lot and a complete remodel of my life but truthfully since I’ve started this “Spring Clean” I’ve felt so much lighter physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’ve been half-joking to my friends that I’m “quitting life” and I’ve never been so ready or excited about it. There’s no need to fear change when we believe that something better is coming along, and with such an intense desire to complete this purge I trust that something massive is on it’s way.


When we can let go of our attachments to things, the past, or obligations that no longer light us up, we are able to step into the present moment and expand. We create voids or spaces in our lives that can be filled with new beginnings, growth, and a sense of lightness.


Check in with yourself, what you do need to let go of now?


Rise & shine,

Amy xo

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