How to Create Content with Ease by Shifting Your Identity

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As you may or may not know, I don't "force" myself to create content in my business because I "should" (in fact, I don't do anything in my business or marketing because I "should").


Instead, I create from desire and inspiration. I create what wants to come through me.


But how do I do this (and how do I do it pretty damn consistently if you ask me)?


I'll tell you how, I've decided it's part of my IDENTITY.


It's who I AM.


As I was walking to the gym this morning, I was reflecting on how easy it's been for me to go to the gym almost daily for the last 6 weeks (with very little resistance) once I decided it's just who I am.


Even when I used to struggle with it before.


I was thinking about the practice I used around "shifting my identity" that helped me create such an easeful desire and habit to go.


And how I also use that exact same practice in my business.


As I was walking, I felt inspired to talk about it.


So I pulled out my phone and just filmed it right then and there on my walk.


Then I thought, "Hey, why not share this in all the ways that I know so other people can benefit from this practice?".


So I posted it on IG, FB, and my blog.


Now I'm writing this email from the bath while I soak in Epsom salt and Saje Moon Cycle essential oil.


As I was talking on the video about the powerful results that can come from an identity shift, I let people know that this is something I use in my coaching toolkit.


Then it made sense for me to mention that "Oh ya, and I have a few 1:1 spaces opening in January for my Superstar Mentorship Program"... just in case someone was ready for the next step in working together and wanted to know what that looked like.


But I didn't create that video to sell coaching.

I didn't create that video because I "had to" and it was on my "content schedule".

I didn't create that video because I "needed to" post on social or write this MuseLetter.


I created it because I felt called to share and be of service.


I thought someone out there could benefit from this practice.


And... I've CHOSEN, and DECIDED, that I AM someone who creates, shares, has something to say, is great at marketing, and does so with ease.


This is exactly what I dive deeper into in this video.


If you're curious to get a deeper look into HOW to create identity shifts and new behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and habits with ease, so you can show up and do things smoothly with very little resistance, then I invite you to WATCH THIS VIDEO on this page to learn more about this powerful practice and why it works.


Hope it helps!

With love and pleasure,

Amy Meraki

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