Afraid You'll Run Out of Things to Say in Your Content?

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Sometimes the weirdest creative blocks come out of no where. I’m sure others can relate. A big one popped up for me after launching my blog and business.




It sounds so silly writing it right now, but in the moment it felt pretty damn scary.


I know the fear definitely stemmed from making a massive leap and putting myself out there. It could hear myself saying “Oh shit, now what?”. I definitely jumped off the cliff before I learned to build my wings and fly.


But that’s kind of the point of creativity isn’t it? To jump with reckless abandon into the unknown mysteries of your soul. In order to fully unleash your creative energy, you have to be okay not knowing where it’s going to take you.


Which is certainly the purpose of this blog. My intention is to share my journey with you as I understand what it means to be freely creative and fully self-expressed. And the best way to actually do that is to live it- even if it’s scary. You can’t let your inner critic hold you back.


Almost every entrepreneur, creative, or exceptionally skilled person I’ve ever met has told me they didn’t start off as an expert. It’s a pretty big secret actually. A lot of people have no idea what they’re doing and just figure it out as they go.


Shocking I know. Now that you’re in on the secret, don’t you feel like it’s more possible than ever to follow your dreams? You just have to take the first step. Your destiny is already waiting for you, but life is tricky sometimes. It won’t show you the whole map. You get small baby steps and clues as to what to do next. It will come as a feeling, a desire in our hearts, or a loud calling in your intuition.


To get your life moving in the direction you want, you just have to follow three simple steps; imagine it’s possible, take action, and let go of control. Have faith and trust that the Universe truly does have your back.


And sometimes that’s terrifying. I don’t want to paint a picture of perfection. Sometimes you’ll fail, but you’ll always discover something about yourself in the process. It will become a crucial baby step in the big picture that we just can’t see yet.


It doesn’t come naturally or without effort for me to put myself out there either. Truth is, I desired to create a blog for years before finally finding it within myself to actually follow through. I realized there was never going to be the right time. That I wasn’t going to just one day wake up an amazing writer with all the skills necessary to start. I just needed to start somewhere.


The months leading up to my launch felt like a tornado of emotions. One day feeling empowered and vibrantly alive with inspiration and ideas, and the next feeling insecure and unsure of anything that I was creating. This cycle was exhausting and keeping me stuck.


A big fear for me was thinking that “it’s all been done before.” Which is true. Everything created was inspired by something before it. It’s just been remade with a twist. It’s that twist that makes it special and new though. And that something special can only be created by you. Because the one thing that will always be original is YOU. There is no other human out there just like you. And when you create something from your heart, your authentic message can be received. And guess what… it might just inspire someone else to build their own wings to fly too.


I’ve learned that our fears want us to play small. The more you’re “out there” the more chance you have at being judged. I know my inner critic has good intentions. It just wants to keep me safe. But when I hear the part of me that is trying to hold me back in fear, I gently tell it “Thank you for your input, but I think I’ll try anyways,”


Because at the end of my days I’d way rather live a life of oh-wells than what-ifs.


This is my dream and I’m sharing it with you. I want to create. I want to feel in flow, and inspired, and playful in my life. I want you to feel inspired to feel however you want to too.


The only way to find your voice is to use it. The only way to be creative is to create. And the only way to follow your bliss is to actually take action and follow it.


Keep an open imagination because inspiration is everywhere. It won’t dry up on you. In fact inspiration can come from anywhere… like the creation of the post which came from feeling completely uninspired.


Rise & shine,

Amy xo

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