Most Coaches will Tell You to be "Consistent" - Not Me

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Wowza... that was a wild week for me! 


If you read my last blog you'll know that PMS fuckin' gets me. Every month, for about 7-10 days before my period I go through a pretty wild personal journey.


And before you offer suggestions to heal this... trust me I've tried it all, and have spent a pretty penny over the last 4 years trying to balance out my hormones after going off the pill.


So I've gotten to the point where: YES - I'm doing some amazing protocols, but I've also just had to learn to accept this is part of my reality right now. And had to learn how to embrace the different gifts each part of my cycle has to offer. While also not letting the hard times stop me from creating my own destiny in this lifetime.


But this PMS got me thinking - I was writing in my journal about the pressure to show up "consistently" as an entrepreneur. 


And I really want to reframe that.


Fuck "consistently" showing up.

How about just "regularly" showing up.


Because here's why...


I'm a fuckin' female with ALWAYS changing hormones!


I literally embody a different archetype each week out of the month.


And I freakin' LOVE being a woman! (which is not something I used to feel)


I love having access to darkness.

Having access to light.

Having access to grief.

Having access to joy.

Having access to aliveness.

Having access to the void.


I love feeling deeply.

I love being.

I love doing.

I love being reborn monthly.

It's like a built in evolution accelerator system!


I love it all.

It's all me, baby.


There's nothing more "me" and authentic then being consistently inconsistent.


And if "showing up consistently" in my business means I need to be "on" all the time, then fuck that noise.


It doesn't work for me.


Does it work for you?


I'm not a robo-prenuer. I'm a soul in squishy fleshy meat suit that has ups and downs just like the ocean.


I have a say for sure in which way I paddle my boat, but I don't always have a say in which way the current flows or what kind of waves or weather I'm in store for.


(I mean, if we're getting technical here... there's a part of me that is actually the ocean too #oneness... but from my human vantage point that feels like a lot to grasp all the time... ya feel me?).


It's my job then to just trust when it's time to row, and trust when it's time to let go and flow with where to Universe wants me to go.


Because honestly, sometimes I don't have a fucking clue, and that's okay too.  Which is why I let soul lead the way. ⁠


Any one that tells you they have all the answers is lying to themselves and is lying to you.


I'm here to be all of me. And you are too.


The powerful and messy divine human that I am.


I own that my energy, body, and insights change weekly.


I own that if I show up consistently, you'll get something different daily.


I own that I'm a wild woman.


One that can sit in chaos.


One that does what she wants.


And I'm so over people not talking about what it's like being a woman in business who has distinct energy shifts throughout the month.


So allow me to be an example. A permission slip as someone who walks through the fire each month, and still shows up for her soul work no matter what.


There's always a way to honour and work with the energy that's present and coming up.


What you desire is so possible. You've just got to get clear on exactly what it is you're willing to keep going for.


Even when the waves aren't as smooth sailing as you want.


With love and radical acceptance for all of who you are,

Amy "Consistently Inconsistent" Meraki 

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